All personnel decisions to be made Monday

Who will be your starters in this Saturdays match up against Memphis. While Derek Dooley probably knows those answers, he wasn't ready to give out that information Halloween evening. Go "Inside" to hear what Dooley had to say about the QB situation and his thoughts on true freshman Jacques Smith getting arrested.

With November just around the corner could also mean that there may be some personnel changes coming for the University of Tennessee Football team.

Derek Dooley admitted Sunday afternoon that he was aware everyone wanted to know about the quarterback situation for the Vols, he promptly delayed announcing any decisions he and his coaching staff has made until they get a chance to sit down and discuss it with his team.

"We haven't had a chance to visit with the players or the team yet in regards to any changes that may be forth coming," Dooley said Sunday afternoon. "Until we discuss things with the team, we won't say anything publically."

What direction will the Vols go in regards to the starting quarterback for Tennessee's next game against Memphis?

Will Tyler Bray make his first start?

Vol fans will have to wait until Monday to find out that answer and it appears that might not be the only other changes the coaching staff may make.

Dooley was asked if James Stone not playing Saturday was by designed by the coaching staff.

"Not by design," Dooley said. "We moved him to center and center is one of those positions that you worry about putting a new guy in with the snaps and everything. We will see what direction we move on this week and will discuss it more tomorrow."

If Dooley's Vols win their remaining four games in November Tennessee will still have a chance to go to a bowl game.

He was asked about Tennessee's history of being good in November.

"UT has had a lot of success in November but those teams were pretty good in the other months too," Dooley said. "We have to find away to finish out this month, continue to improve and continue to get better with our execution of our game plan."

Dooley was asked about the arrest of one of the Volunteer's true freshman Jacques Smith.

"Smith was involved in a scuffle last night with another UT Student over a girl," Dooley said. "Jacques made a poor choice in judgment. His teammates did a good job defusing the situation. The other student and his other decided to file charges today. We will deal with it internally."

The Vols first press conference in November appears to have just got a little more interesting to follow stay tuned.

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