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When will the Vols get their next commitment? We will give you our thoughts in this week's recruiting mailbag. Go "Inside" to get that answer and many more.

O.K. crunch time IMO... who do we need most and first??


James' Answer: I agree with Hampton it has to be Couch but a very close second and third would be Cornelius Carridine and Cameron Clear. I think that Clear is going to be a special athlete and I think a lot of people are under estimating how good he may end up being.

Hampton's Answer: It has to be Couch. He will be able to help immediately at our biggest position of need and will have 3 years to play 3 which are huge plus for a JUCO guy.

Are there any names out there we have not been mentioning on purpose that are "silent "..and what is the latest on d.b.'s and l.b.'s..Thanks

James' Answer: I'm convinced there are at least two silent commitments currently and possibly three. Of course I can't say who because then they wouldn't be silent anymore. I expect that everyone will know who one will be very soon and the others may be a while.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we have any silents from any guys that you haven't heard about. I do believe Arnett and Clear are in the Vols' corner. At DB we will really want Kadetrix Marcus and a JUCO CB. At LB, I think we are sitting well with Gionni Paul. We want Lamar Dawson the most, but he will be a very tough pull.

Candidate questions for this week: There are some transfer players on the roster that cannot pay this year, but could have an impact next year. Can you give an opinion on their potential for contributing next year and complementing this recruiting class? Ex. Keesen Chambers , Brent Slusher, Demario Williams, Doak Raulston, LaDarius Denson, and Travis James

James' Answer: I haven't really kept up with guys on the Scout team because of our time limits at practice etc. I expect Slusher to be a big addition and Demario may help as well. Raulston may compete in the spring at the QB position, but I don't expect him to compete for the starting role.

Hampton's Answer: I am really not sure on these guys. I don't want to give you some bad info, but I believe Slusher can be a pretty big help next year. Slusher was supposedly our #2 TE in fall camp before he was declared ineligible.

There has been scuttlebutt that one or 2 of our commits are looking elsewhere. Do you know of any commits that have softened in their position toward UT?

James' Answer: Anytime a team doesn't have great success, other teams will start rumors that commitments are looking elsewhere. If anyone is backing off it could be UT, and I don't think that's the case either especially with Johnson etc. I think that UT is stable with their current commits.

Hampton's Answer: Not that I know of. Johnson still says he is very firm to UT and I have no idea where the rumors on Carson are coming from.

Do we take another TE besides C. Clear, and if so, who are our top targets?

James' Answer: I believe that the Vols would definitely take Clear and Rome. Rome is a long shot despite naming UT high on his list. His friendship with Sapp could be keeping UT in this one.

Hampton's Answer: We would take one if it's the right guy. We would take Jay Rome or Brandon Fulse. Both are scheduled to take an official to UT before NSD.

Two months ago you identified a few of our current commits you project could increase their stock/stars with their performance this season, ex. Worley, Smith, Parker, Randolph, Posey. Now that the high school season is nearing completion, who would be on this list?

James' Answer: I think Worley should base on all the things he has accomplished, Randolph has had a great season, and it will be interesting to see how it goes there. Christian Harris has had a great season, but I don't think you will see a bump there.

Hampton's Answer: Randolph is flat killing it. I don't understand how he is not a 4star. Smith, Jordan Williams, Carson, and Worley have improved their stock quite a bit in my eyes.

With Antonio Richardson changing schools to Pearl-Cohn, do you think he will be in the Clearinghouse circus? If he does, will the staff cool off on him? Or if not, do you think we have a legitimate shot at his services?

James' Answer: He has a good test score, just needs some work on his G.P.A to meet the sliding scale etc. I think we are in really good shape with Richardson.

Hampton's Answer: I think his grades are going to be fine. Buck Fitzgerald says they are going to be fine, and I trust what he says. Richardson already has a qualifying test score and that is huge. The staff wants him very much, and I fully expect him to be a part of Tennessee's class. We have a solid lead for him.

Very important question.... Is Auburn going to offer Carson? Many think he will jet there if offered. Also, your opinion on Barron Dixon would be appreciated. Who, if you could choose, would be the next rb to commit that we are recruiting? (ie, who is number one on our list of rb's) Thanks guys

James' Answer: I think we are ok with Carson I think that we probably won't offer Dixon and they are working several backs that are committed elsewhere.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think they will offer him. They already have 1-2 DTs committed and are pursuing Gabe Wright and Terry Bell very hard.

What's the deal with Arnett??

James' Answer Remember what Pat Martin did on his facebook before making his pledge to UT, that's what reminds me of this situation?

Hampton's Answer: The deal is everything points to him being a Vol. He is just trying to put some suspense in it on his twitter.

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