One on One with UT's Anthony Anderson

InsideTennessee's and WNOX's Dave Hooker goes one on one with former Austin East standout Anthony Anderson. Go "Inside" to see what Anderson had to say about this season and what he is looking forward to in the future at UT.

There have been plenty of times for Anthony Anderson to be optimistic about his future at Tennessee. None more than now.

After various stints with the first-team unit in practice, Anderson is getting more reps than ever on Saturdays.

The former Austin East standout may even be pushing to be a regular starter in the Vols' rebuilt secondary.

Here, Dave Hooker visited with an optimistic Anderson:

Anderson: If you get an opportunity, it can be once in a lifetime. Whenever it's your time you've got to take it and I'm going to take full advantage of my opportunity right now.

Q: You've been a guy that's had some good fall camps. Has it been difficult to get through these fall camps and almost be a starter and then go through the season and get lost in the shuffle?

A: Very difficult because we are all competitive. We always want to compete and I'm a competitor. To me it's frustrating, but we've got to work through it because that's a part of life. I'm just going to keep pushing forward.

Q: Being a local guy do you hear more from people that say: "Hey, why aren't you playing?"

A: Definitely. All of the time. They are waiting to see me still and I tell them they've just got to keep waiting. Sometimes you have to wait longer than others but when my opportunity comes you'll see me stand out.

Q: Do you lean on your sister (who runs track at Tennessee Tech) when you aren't playing? Who is your support system?

A: She's my number one fan. It's my other half, like I tell everyone else. She tells me, "You keep working hard and playing and they are going to have to see it. If you get a chance, you have to prove them wrong." That's just about competing she says. That's a part of life and I just keep going with her and my father. "Stay in it. Stay in it. We never had quitters in our family so you aren't going to start now, and keep going until something is bound to go your way."

Q: What have (defensive backs coach) Terry (Joseph) and (defensive coordinator)Justin (Wilcox) said about what they've seen on you on film over the last couple of weeks that you've played more?

A: I'm getting better, making more plays. Still need to continue to make more plays, and stay aggressive. Don't get complacent, but just stay more aggressive and I guess I'm doing it each week because it's proving them something. So I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing to help the team.

Q: Is there a sense amongst the reserves that with all the injuries and issues that you guys have had in the secondary that this is a golden opportunity?

A: It's definitely a golden opportunity. I hate that it happened that way, but sometimes that's life. I'm taking full advantage of it and whatever they need me to play: left corner, right corner, nickel corner? It doesn't matter. I'm going to be ready to play and learn all the positions.

Q: What do you like about your game right now? What do you think you are doing well? A: I'm being consistent at just being in the right place. Maybe not making the play, but making somebody else be in the right position by doing my job.

Q: What would you like to improve on?

A: I can always improve on tackling and coming out of my breaks better. I think I'm a pretty solid tackler but that's one of the things that you can always get better at.

Q: When you constantly here people ask questions about this secondary's depth with all the omissions lately, is there a part of you and maybe among the backups that say 'Let's prove them wrong'?

Anderson: Definitely. We've come in and everyone's been recruited from different places...but when you get a chance you need to show it. You only get an opportunity once or maybe twice in practice or on the field. You just need to take full advantage of it. Obviously, they have to notice us sooner or later.

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