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So much Tennessee recruiting information we couldn't fit it in a single room. The Recruiting Mailbag is where our members get to answer the questions and our experts give you the answers. Go "Inside" this edition to find out who the final seven commitments are going to be.

Fans voice concern about JC players due our ability the past couple years to get our JC recruits into school. I understand Maurice Couch's JC requires the math course for graduation. Can you confirm and do you know if any other JC's are requiring this course?

James' Answer: It's a SEC rule. This is why guys will sometime opt to go to Louisiana Tech or Conference USA schools to avoid the extra classes that the SEC requires.

Hampton's Answer: All JUCOs that want to play in the SEC require this course.

I see one service's rating for Allen Carson has fallen recently. With the rumor that he is considering at least one other SEC school and the appearance that his performance this year may not be as competitive as expected, will the Vols continue to recruit him?

James' Answer: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, add that to the need that the Vols have at DT and Carson appears to be a perfect fit for UT.

Hampton's Answer: Yes. The Vols want him in this class. He is a player.

It appears to me some of the recruits at the top the list for UT (not yet committed to UT and have a strong interest in UT) are C Clear, T Richardson, G Wright, M Bellamy, G Paul, M Johnson, I Lanier, M Jackson. Who else would you add to this list?

James' Answer: I would take off Bellamy and add Pagan, I see Dawson going to Kentucky. There are a couple of other names off the radar that will be added later.

Hampton's Answer: I would throw Dawson and Pagan up on that list.

How hard are the Vols recruiting Savon Huggins and what is his level of interest?

James' Answer: Yes the Vols want him, but he would be a long shot. If we can get a visit from him we might stand a chance.

Hampton's Answer: We want him badly, but it looks like it's going to be hard to get into the mix.

The Vols are after some top notch RBs, ex. Bellamy, Crowell, Bigalow, Wasonga. Which 2 highly rated RBs appear to have the highest level of interest n UT?

James' Answer: Several names have been thrown around, one new name is Anthony Pearson, and I would also still consider Bigelow a possibility. Don't count out Bellamy just yet, I would consider him a long shot, but you never know what might happen if there is a coaching change at Clemson.

Hampton's Answer: Bigelow has the highest interest of those elite guys. We can get Wasonga if we want him, but we may want no part of that. Kevin Grooms is a name I'd watch.

What names make up the top 10 on our recruiting board, regardless of position?

James' Answer: Richardson, Clear, Wright, Lanier, Jackson, Pagan, Dawson, Bigelow, Carradine, Paul.

Hampton's Answer: Antonio Richardson, Cam Clear, Gabe Wright, Mickey Johnson, Lamar Dawson, Jeoffrey Pagan, Marcus Jackson, Izauea Lanier, Brendan Bigelow, Mike Bellamy. I think you can consider Huggins, Newberry, Rasco, Carradine, and Rome in this group. Those are all guys we really want.

Is it possible/plausible to think we will sign Moore and Lanier?

James' Answer: Lanier for sure, Moore a decent chance.

Hampton's Answer: It's possible, but I don't think it will happen. We would take both given the opportunity though in my opinion.

What are our chances with Rasco, Carradine, and Newberry?

James' Answer: Rasco no chance, Carradine 35 percent chance, Newberry a 50 percent chance

Hampton's Answer: They are all long shots. I would be very surprised if we got any of them.

Who do we have best shot at LB? I know Dawson tops board but who are next 2 on board?

James' Answer: I agree with Hampton on this one, only other thing, don't be surprised if they find a big time JC linebacker and there is another LB committed to another SEC they aren't giving up on either.

Hampton's Answer: Gionni Paul and Jaiari Dunaway. I think we can get Paul. Dunaway is a Vol if we want him.

With the visit of Bellamy (Clemson) last week, it got me thinking about Eric MacLain (4 star TE/OT). He was an early commit that got lost in the shuffle from Kiffin to Dooley. With the uncertainty with the coaching staff at Clemson, is he back in play?

James' Answer: If Brooks leaves Clemson then UT might have a shot at MacLain, I spent a lot of time with him and his family over the spring. Brooks was the key reason he is going to Clemson.

Hampton's Answer: We have no chance with MacLain.

You don't have to say a name, but the secret 5 star visit that is now a silent commit: did it happen?

James' Answer: The two names I heard I confirmed 100 percent they were not here, of course someone could be telling a fib.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think he visited.

JB and Hampton, who in your opinion is the next Volunteer?

James' Answer: Either Lanier or Marcus Jackson

Hampton's Answer: Izauea Lanier.

I'm very interested on the linebacker's issue - any chance on Dawson? How about Curtis Grant, what are the latest rumblings on where he might be leaning? Any top linebackers we have a decent shot at landing?

James' Answer: Our best shot is Paul and Dunaway

Hampton's Answer: We may have an outside shot with Dawson. He has already visited once and we should be able to get him back for 2 more visits. He is going to be in Knoxville on an unofficial for the Kentucky game. We have no chance with Grant. I don't care what he is rated, but Gionni Paul is a top LB and we have a real shot at pulling him.

Best guess at who fills the remaining (7) scholarships?

James' Answer: Richardson, Clear, Lanier, Loften, Wright, Paul, Jackson

Hampton's Answer: Antonio Richardson, Cam Clear, Eddrick Loften, Izauea Lanier, Mickey Johnson, Gionni Paul, and Kevin Grooms.

Do you expect any of our commitments to receive a bump from 3 star to 4 star?

James' Answer: I'm hoping to see Couch bumped up, maybe Tom Smith, and of course Worley's numbers show a lot.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know if they will be bumped in Scout's ratings but A.J. Johnson, Brian Randolph, and Tom Smith are 4stars.

Have we tried to recruit Clowney or is he a lock at SC?

James' Answer: NO CHANCE

Hampton's Answer: I'm sure we inquired about him, but there was never a chance. I think he ends up at USCjr.

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