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After Lanier on the 3rd, who do you see being the next two pulling the trigger to commit to the Vols?

James' Answer: I think it will be Lanier, Jackson and a name to be named later. Yes I know the name, can't release it yet.

Hampton's Answer: I'm not sure. Everybody else seems to be announcing in January. Marcus Jackson will have to switch his commitment sometime in December if he is a Vol because he is an EE.

Is Moore coming the same day as Lanier, if so if they both commit, on a scale from 1-10 how huge is that?

James' Answer: I agree if Loften doesn't make it in, you definitely need both of those guys.

Hampton's Answer: If Loften doesn't make it in, it would be a 10.

Do we have any JUCO LB's or any DE's that we can consider the Vols a favorite for?

James' Answer: There is a HS LB that is committed somewhere else that is still on the radar. I wouldn't be surprise if they find a JC LB before it's said and done.

Hampton's Answer: Not that I know of.

Any news on Justice Hayes and what order would you have Hayes, Bigelow and Bellamy on UT's board now?

James' Answer: I wouldn't count Hayes out especially if there is a shake up at Michigan. Bigelow is the guy right now I think we have the best shot at.

Hampton's Answer: He committed to Michigan. He would've been 3rd on that list.

With Hayes committed to UM does this mean we have not struck out on other backs? i.e. Bellamy or Bigelow?

James' Answer: Bellamy is saying one Hampton's Answer: I don't think we are a factor with Bellamy. We have a shot with Bigelow.

JB- Has Loften received his test score back? I thought he would have received by now. Thx JR

James' Answer: No news may not be good news in this case. I'm not as confident about this as Hampton is.

Hampton's Answer: I have not heard anything about a score. I expect him to make it in.

Are we pursuing any more JC DTs?

James' Answer: We are always pursuing DT's new names may appear after they hit the road after the season.

Hampton's Answer: Not sure at this point

Do you believe we have silents that may not be publicly confirmed until at or after NSD? If yes, how many?

James' Answer: Yes at least one maybe two.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know if they are silents, but I think the coaches know that Richardson and Clear are in their corner.

At this time we have 2 defensive tackles committed (Saulsberry may be #3, could be a a DE) . How many will we sign?

James' Answer: As many as possible, especially with the staff's level of unhappiness with Hughes currently.

Hampton's Answer: We may just stick with the 3 we have. We will take another if it's a guy we want.

Any shot at Jay Rome?

James' Answer: Yes UT has a chance, I think Sapp is good friends with him and is pushing hard for Rome to join him in Knoxville. Still probably a little bit of a long shot but chances are getting better everyday.

Hampton's Answer: I think we do. He seems to be fairly high on Tennessee as of late.

Markeith Ambles is off USC's team now. Would Dooley considering letting him on the team here?

James' Answer: I am a 100 percent certain there is no way Ambles and UT has mutual interest.

Hampton's Answer: No.

Of our current commitments, who is the most likely to make an immediate impact early next season?

James' Answer: Arnett, Couch and don't count out Worley. Loften would be a big addition also.

Hampton's Answer: Eddrick Loften and DeAnthony Arnett.

I believe we need one more lb'er. Who would be the first, second, and third choices of the coaching staff of the one's left on our board.

James' Answer: I think that UT is doing well with Paul and Dunaway, I feel Dawson is a UK lock.

Hampton's Answer: Lamar Dawson, Gionni Paul Jaiari Dunaway in that order.

What is the up-to-date status on Marcus Jackson & Eddrick Loften? Is Jackson planning a return visit with his mother? Where does Loften stand with his test score and coursework in his effort to gain mid-term enrollment?

James' Answer: Jackson's mother should be making a trip after his playoffs are over.

Hampton's Answer: I have heard Marcus is coming back with his mother but that hasn't been confirmed. I expect Loften to make it in.

Any news on Gionni Paul making an official visit? I know his HS team won, so he will not be here this week. Also, any news on Barron Dixon? Are we still recruiting him? I would also like any update on Kevin Grooms. We are still needing a rb IMO. Anything new about a realistic RB? Thanks for the excellent coverage and info guys.

James' Answer: I agree that there is a chance that UT offers Dixon, if they do, he would commit on the spot. Paul might be close, I think Bigelow is probably the best shot.

Hampton's Answer: Gionni probably won't be able to come on an official visit until after the season now. Dixon is a fallback guy. Grooms had grade and attitude problems. I don't think the Vols are going to take him now. I think Bigelow is realistic. We could have a number of guys if we wanted them: Wasonga, Grooms, A. Buie, Seymour, etc. Looks like we have passed on those guys though.

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