Eights weeks and counting to signing day

Santa Claus is coming to town. So is Derek Dooley and his coaching staff. If the last two days are any indication of how things will go in the next eight weeks, Vol fans fasten your seat belts you're in store for one heck of a ride. Go "Inside" this comical but true recollection of last year's events as well as the bright future for UT in Recruiting.

The next eight weeks will be very, very interesting.

No I'm not talking about my Christmas shopping, or what or won't be underneath the Christmas tree. (Although that is still very important)

With a little more than eight weeks away until National Signing Day in College Football things are about to get very interesting heading down the home stretch.

Tennessee currently has 19 commitments already on the board; everyone is wondering and asking exactly how many will the Vols sign.

Is there an exact number? Could it vary?

Of course it could, but I expect UT to sign at least 26 in this recruiting class, and possibly as many as 28 or 29. Coaches always over sign it has become a part of life in the SEC.

Will Tennessee still have all its current 19 commitments in tact when they reach signing day? Will there be some changes? Will Tennessee grey shirt anyone?

These are the type of questions hitting the recruiting message boards every day, in almost every recruiting market in the country.

There has been more Derek Dooley sightings in the last two days than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and it isn't even December yet.

No one knows exactly how things will shake out completely, the man that knows better than anyone is Derek Dooley and the NCAA rules prevent him from talking about it to the media.

So no wonder there is so much speculation at this time of year.

Not many football fans in general thought Tennessee could match its record from last year, this probably one of the major reason's Little Kiffy left on the midnight train from Knoxville, how poetic would it have been if he had been coaching in Athens?

Last year at this time all was good with the UT Football program, the team had just completed a 7-5 record and was going Bowling for the first time in a couple of years. Everyone thought that Coach (Now out West) had righted the ship and had great things in store for Rocky Top. (Little did they know or realize what was in store before National Signing Day arrived)

I guess the moral and point to my story is that a lot of crazy things could happen between now and National Signing Day, if you don't believe it just rewind your minds to last year. But I have a feeling instead of looking for a new head coach in late January; this year's Vol team will be headed in a much more positive direction. ,p>Play sweet music in Nashville in December; win a game that everyone one thought you were scared to play next season. Match last year's 7-6 record, have a bigger and better signing class than you had last year.

Expect this coaching to staff to finish strong.

If their first two days on the road recruiting is any indication of what's in store the next eight weeks, things are definitely headed back in the right direction. You can also count on a few surprises from Dooley and his staff in February.

By the way you still can ask Santa for a few four stars, a five star perhaps, you never know what might happen with the holidays just around the corner.

Stay tuned.

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