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Do you still feel confident with whew we stand with Gabe Wright? How about Mickey Johnson?

James' Answer: I have been drilled on the Gabe Wright question more than the ground in Texas for hopes of oil hits. Yes I still feel good about him. Could he be just saying the things Auburn wants to hear right now, maybe if he came out and said UT, everyone would wonder why etc. He may indeed end up in Auburn, I checked with a few people this week to see if anything had changed. I know his family really likes UT, no I'm not crawfishing or backing up on the issue. Would I still bet a steak dinner on it, absolutely, but probably a sirloin now instead of the porterhouse. I said before if Johnson didn't make it in, he will might be signed and placed or just placed.

Hampton's Answer: Right now, I don't think we will get either. Johnson may not have the grades to make it anyway.

Am I right to think we need one more DE? What names do we have a legitimate shot at landing?

James' Answer: I think it will come down to UT and one other school for Pagan, if UT gets a visit from Carridine we will have a chance there.

Hampton's Answer: We have a great shot with Pagan.

LB recruiting seems to be narrowed to Paul and there any other possibilities out there such as Townsend?

James' Answer: Paul and Dawson and Dunaway are the best shots along with one other committed player. Especially if his coach leaves for another school.

Hampton's Answer: I think they'd like to get in with C.J. Johnson if Mullen leaves. Dunaway may be an option as a sign and place.

Ray Drew has put UT in his final 6. Any chance UT gets a visit? Will Anthony Chickillo take an OV?

James' Answer: Drew will be a long shot at best and I think that UT has moved on with Chickillo. So no on him visiting, things might change there, but I don't expect it to.

Hampton's Answer: I guess Tennessee has a shot to get both on campus for a visit, but I don't expect much to happen with either of them.

Everyone is still wondering about a running back. A new name appears to be Marlin Lane. Do we have a chance? Any news on Grooms? Huggins? Who do you feel is our best shot for a stud running back at this time (granted this changes second to second with 17 yo)?

James' Answer: We are in better shape at running back recruiting than everyone realizes. I can't say a lot more than that, other than I think we are good with Bigelow and there are three to four guys that UT feels good about, Morris being on that list.

Hampton's Answer: I have not heard much on Lane. I do think there has been some unrest with rumors of the staff changes coming. I don't think we are going to take Grooms. I think we will get Huggins in for a visit. Bigelow is our best chance. I foresee us taking a fallback RB like Caffey or Pierson. We would love to get Romar Morris, and it is great news he will be visiting again.

Are we still recruiting Carradine? Barron Dixon?

James' Answer: Carradine is a hard guy to get to. If UT gets a visit, then they will have a chance. Dixon is a guy like Hampton said, a fall back guy if other names fall through.

Hampton's Answer: We are trying with Carradine, but I don't think much is happening there. He looks like a Nole. Dixon is a fallback guy we may want if we miss on the other DL.

Do you see us getting another TE in this class? Who, if yes?

James' Answer: Yes I think so, we might even end up with two. If Jay Rome wanted to come the Vols would take him, I feel really good about Cameron Clear as well.

Hampton's Answer: Yes. Cameron Clear.

Most of the visits this week seem to be to solidify current commits or is this just the ones we hear of?

James' Answer: Every committed player gets a visit, if you didn't someone could get their feelings hurt, that is really standard operating procedure for most college coaching staffs. They went and seen the top 50 on their board, whether committed or not.

Hampton's Answer: They have visited a lot of uncommitted guys. Off the top of my head, they have been to see Dawson, Paul, Jackson, Richardson, Moore, Bigelow, and Clear. I'm sure there have been a lot more.

Odds for commitment for the following (10) ........

James' Answer: Clear 93% Richardson 98% Marcus Jackson 76% Brendan Bigelow 52% Jeff Pagan 50% Lamar Dawson 51.8 percent and rising Gionni Paul 56% Izaeua Lanier 89% Byron Moore 54% Eddrick Loften 100% on commitment 50% and dropping if he arrives here.

Hampton's Answer: The way I do my odds is that if they are over 50%, I think the Vols land them.

(1) Cameron Clear - te 90% (2) Antonio Richardson - ol 95% (3) Marcus Jackson - ol 65% (4) Brendan Bigelow - rb 30% (5) Jeff Pagan - dl 55% (6) Lamar Dawson - lb 40% (7) Gionni Paul - lb 49.9% (8) Izzy Lanier - db 90% (9) Byron Moore - db 49.9% (10) Eddrick Loften - db 100% (he is already committed)

Do you have a tentative list of those who will be enrolling early?

James' Answer: See Hampton's answer below

Loften, Coleman, Worley, Crowder, Downs, and Dallas. Lanier and Jackson are both EEs if we get them.

How many LB's do we sign in this class?

James' Answer: At least 2 and possibly three. I think we have a decent shot at Paul, we will know more after this weekend, you have Harris already and I think Dunaway if he qualifies will be a Vol. Chances with Dawson are improving.

Hampton's Answer: I think 3. I like where we set with Paul and we seem to be looking better every day with Dawson.

Who do we have the best shots with on the defensive line, either end or tackle?

James' Answer: See answers up above, expect one or two new names to appear, maybe lesser known guys if the other guys don't work out.

Hampton's Answer: We have a great shot with Pagan. I don't think we will get Wright or Johnson, but we have a shot.

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