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Another edition of the's Recruiting Mailbag has arrived. This is a weekly feature, where you the fans ask the questions and our experts answer the tough questions. Go "Inside" and enjoy. Happy Holidays.

Rome is down to UT and UGA per ESPN. How do you feel about him and clear fitting in this class and is it likely?

James' Answer: I think that we have a better chance with him than many might think. Sapp has done an outstanding job with his former teammate and the UT coaching staff has made big gains with him. This one isn't over by any means.

Hampton's Answer: He is an UGA lean and I don't think it is too likely we sign him.

On Wright, Dooley seems to have done a good job keeping us in there, he is now talking NSD instead of preseason bowl for getting committed. Do you think he can contribute immediately if we get him?

James' Answer: From what I was told he was the most dominant player on the defensive side of the ball at any UT camp this past summer. Unless Hughes has a major transformation during spring ball, yes he could start right away. He is definitely a big difference maker.

Hampton's Answer: He won't be a starter, but yes, he will be in the rotation and get some reps from day 1.

Everything still looking good on Richardson and Clear?

James' Answer: Very good with Richardson, I think good with Clear.

Hampton's Answer: Yes.

What do you think of the Marcus Jackson and I. Lanier situations?

James' Answer: A lot is going on behind the scenes with Lanier. I'm hearing that he is being pushed to Ole Miss, and I have heard Ole Miss has no room for him. If he isn't careful he might miss the Dooley Train as well. Even if he isn't a mid term guy, I still think that he is a take since he has three years of eligibility. I still think that Jackson will be a Vol, I will be surprised if he isn't.

Hampton's Answer: They are tougher pulls than they were a week ago. I'm not sure we will take Lanier with him not being an EE now. I think we still get Jackson at the moment, but everything hinges on his visit to Miami.

Who are the top seven prospects in order of importance left on Tennessee's board? What are our chances of closing the deal with each of them?

James' Answer: 1. Gabe Wright 75% 2. Antonio Richardson 99.9 % 3. Lamar Dawson 40% 4. Byron Moore 55% 5.Cameron Clear 90% 6. Jeremy Hill 52% 7. Marcus Jackson 62%

Hampton's Answer: 1. Antonio Richardson - 95% 2. Cameron Clear- 90% 3. Gabe Wright- 55% 4. Lamar Dawson- 45% 5. Byron Moore- 40% 6. Marcus Jackson- 60% 7. Jeremy Hill- 40%

What do you think our chances of landing the following recruits? DE Jermauria Rasco, Gabe Wright, Ray Drew, Brandon Fulse, Cameron Clear, Antonio Richardson, Mickey Johnson and Lonnie Gosha. Also are we being more selective?

James' Answer: Rasco-60%, Wright 75%, Drew 5%, Fulse 38%, Clear 90%, Richardson 99.9 %, Johnson 50%, Gosha 5%. Very much on being more selective.

Hampton's Answer: Rasco- 5%, Wright- 55%, Drew- 10%, Fulse- 25%, Clear- 90%, Richardson- 95%, Johnson- 40%, Gosha- 10%. Yes, we are being very selective on the DL. I think we could get in on Gosha and a guy like Quinton Pompey if we really wanted to.

Should we expect any commitments in the near future (rest of December) or will the earliest we start hearing about anything be at the UA and Army All Star games and after? If any would be this month,who do you project?

James' Answer: Lanier could happen, maybe Moore, but not sure other than that. Hampton's Answer: If there is any this month, it would be Lanier. I doubt he announces though.

If Dooley cannot recruit a top RB will he stand pat or take a lower rated guy just to have another RB for depth? We need a top RB bad in this class.

James' Answer: Running back is a high priority for the Vols, wouldn't be surprise if they find a new name before all is said and done.

Hampton's Answer: They will not take anybody. They would take a guy they like such as Jeremy Hill or Romar Morris.

Alright, its been a few weeks, predict UT's finish for 2011.

James' Answer: Richardson, Clear, Wright, mystery NO. 1, mystery No. 2, Marcus Jackson, and maybe Lanier.

Hampton's Answer: Antonio Richardson, Cameron Clear, Gabe Wright, Marcus Jackson, Izuaea Lanier, and Lamar Dawson.

Do we have any silent commits at the moment? If so, how many? And are they currently committed to another school?

James' Answer: At least two, possibly three, doubtful on four.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know of any silent commits.

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