Day in the life with Chris Price is giving you the unique perspective of a week at the Music City Bowl through the eyes of me, staff intern Chris Price. I hope you guys enjoy this unique look into bowl week. Happy Bowling! Be sure to come to for all your Vols Bowl coverage.

Sunday – Day 1 of Bowl Week

Sunday meant it was time to abandon the couch, set the fantasy football roster and hit the road on the way to Nashville while shuffling to find NFL games on the radio. After enjoying one last breakfast with the family and topping off the windshield washer fluid I hit the road to the Music City Bowl.

I arrived in Nashville around 3 p.m. local time to find that I couldn't check into my room quite yet due to the fact the boss hadn't squared away everything with the room. (Thanks Josh, kidding boss) After a few minutes in the lobby I had enough time to set my things down and head over to Vandy for practice. Coach Dooley decided to get moving a little early so after a quick glance of Janzen Jackson I headed back to the hotel for some R&R.

After basking in the glory winning my third straight fantasy football title, yes it is already over, I had to get back on the road to Opryland for interviews at the team's hotel. Never having been to Opryland, it was a site, they have obviously done a spectacular job cleaning up after the flooding that struck Nashville so terribly earlier this year.

Derek Dooley greeted both members of the Nashville and Knoxville media and after a quick chat we got a chance to talk with some players, then I headed to Wendy's for a late night feast.

After returning to the room I started in on a lengthy practice report, which you can access HERE, and I also uploaded coach Dooley's press conference video, which is also included in today's report.

10:24 local time and it's about time to once again relax and recount the amazing accomplishment that is three straight fantasy football titles. Happy Bowling!

Monday – Day 2 of Bowl Week

Well day two here in Nashville. I wish that free breakfast wasn't so darn early. On top of closing at 9 a.m., that is 8 a.m. at home. I am a college kid, which inevitably means I missed the free breakfast by about an hour.

I was sleeping far to soundly to wake up for breakfast or maid service. Last night I was able to take some Michael Phelps-like laps around the pool followed by a dip in the hot tub – props to the boss for putting me up in a nice hotel.

This morning I woke up around 10 a.m. and had about 30 minutes to make myself presentable before heading off to practice. The Vols kicked things out right on time around noon. The air was crisp, but a few rays of sunshine kept things much warmer than yesterday evening.

After about 20 minutes of practice I had just enough time to come back to the hotel and cut up a quick video for you Orange and White diehards. After completing that I headed off to Opryland for interviews with Derek Dooley and a few select players.

Derek had a lengthy press conference with both Knoxville and Nashville media, which can be seen HERE in today's practice report. I also got a chance to talk with Tyler Bray, Eric Gordon and a few others. You can tell the team is excited about the approaching game.

After typing up some notes and uploading the video from Derek's presser I settled in for a marathon of Band of Brothers on Spike. I actually own the series, but haven't seen it in a while due to the fact that Dave Hooker hasn't managed to watch it since spring practice when I let him borrow it. He's got a few more days before I break into his home and snag it back, kidding of course, kind of.

It's 10 p.m. local time and I am bouncing back and forth between the idea getting out with a few Nashville friends or finishing off the Band of Brothers marathon and watching Monday Night Football. It's pretty much a win-win. Happy Bowling!

Wednesday – Day 4 Bowl Week

Well folks, welcome back, Derek Dooley closed the doors and chained the gates to Tuesday's practice so what did I do? Took the day off. Besides a bunch of TV and a trip to the local Ruby Tuesdays I didn't do a thing yesterday.

Today meant it was time for my first look at LP Field. Never having been to Nashville I was impressed with the stadium. Just being an intern I haven't seen a lot of stadiums and I am always anxious to get a look. I am excited to experience the press box tomorrow evening.

During today's press conference both coaches were extremely complimentary of each other's teams as was expected from two class coaches. Unfortunately we have gone the entire bowl week without a Dooley-ism. Maybe we will catch one after the game. We shall see.

James showed up today, I guess he decided like doing a little work here at the end of the week. (Only joking). After the press conference James threw up a few videos before we headed over to the media party hosted by the Tennessee Athletic Department.

Kudos to Bud Ford and the people in the Athletic Department for a great media dinner. We went downtown to Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant in downtown Nashville. That place can pull some pork. They had some great food for what turned out to be a big crowd of media.

I must say I am about ready to kick this thing off tomorrow. It's nice to get out of Knoxville for a minute, but after a while you start to miss home. I am anxious to see how the Vols match up with Carolina, especially on both the offensive and defensive line.

There is also always that hope that we will see some kind of trick plays during the game. It's always fun to watch one coach or the other get aggressive on the big stage. Anyways I will talk to you all tomorrow. Happy Bowling!

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