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Another edition of the's Recruiting Mailbag has arrived. This is a weekly feature, where you the fans ask the questions and our experts answer the tough questions. Go "Inside" and enjoy.

Feelings on Dawson? I just read where he dropped Mich and then the article says there are 5 left but UT isnt included in that list. Later in the article it says he will visit......What gives?

James' Answer: Yes on top three. I honestly think he ends up at Kentucky, this time I hope I'm wrong. I think UT comes in a close second.

Hampton's Answer: We are one of his top 3 at the very least in my opinion and have good shot at landing him.

What type of running backs are we leaning toward? The quick shifty type or bigger everydown type? Any names?

James' Answer: I think that Dooley would love to have the big time speed guy. Derek Milton may end up being the guy for this signing class.

Hampton's Answer: We want a home run threat more but will take an every down type guy if we can get a good one. Mike Bellamy, Marlin Lane, Jeremy Hill, Romar Morris, and Derrick Milton are some guys still on the board

What RB do you see us getting besides Tom Smith...I know D Young is a Special Teams player...How many silent commits do you see us pulling FEB 2nd...GBO!

James' Answer: Well I definitely think we will have a couple of signing day surprises. This coaching staff are working hard on some guys you haven't even heard about yet. Time will tell.

Hampton's Answer: I am thinking we may take Milton as of right now. We will get a couple of guys on NSD, but I'm not sure any of them are silents at the moment.

What are UT's chances with CJ Johnson? He says he's committed to Miss. St., but he has good things to say about UT and Wilcox. And with Diaz possibly leaving, this could encourage him to look around.

James' Answer: I know that UT had a lot of interest in him early, I know they would love to get a visit from him. This might happen now that Diaz is gone. If he is visit, he will be a Vol, simple as that.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we are after him all that hard for some reason. We could probably make some noise there if we wanted to.

What do you guys think about Dooley's recruiting talents? Do you think that he'll be as good as Fulmer was in his prime?

James' Answer: First of all I wasn't here during the Fulmer years not going to touch that with a ten foot pole. I think Dooley is an outstanding recruiter and will only get better.

Hampton's Answer: I think Dooley is an excellent recruiter. It's hard to compare the 2 because in Fulmer's prime there was nowhere near the competition on the recruiting trail as there is today. Tennessee got who they wanted.

Where do we stand with with Mickey Johnson?

James' Answer: If he qualifies they sign him, if he doesn't he may still be a sign and place.

Hampton's Answer: I think we can get him if we really want him.

How many and whom are reporting as early enrollees? Is the date next week?

James' Answer: Alex Bullard, Loften, Jackson, Posey, Worley, Dallas, Crowder and Downs. Jackson will be on the campus Friday.

Hampton's Answer: Loften, Jackson, Posey, Worley, Dallas, Crowder, and Downs. Yes, they should be here next week.

What are our chances with Rome and are they improving or is he a dawg?

James' Answer: We come in a distant second to Georgia

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we have a good shot. He is a dawg.

Is CJ Johnson opening back up his recruiting? How do the Vols stand with him? Would we take AJ, CJ and Dawson if we could get them all?

James' Answer I think we get A J and maybe one more.

Hampton's Answer: I think he is open. We are not on him all that hard right now.

You mentioned Jackson was one of the silent commits. Who is the other?

James' Answer: I think we have one more, this is a big debate with a lot of people.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know of any silents.

Three positions:




Our best shot and who we might get at these three positions.

James' Answer: Clear, Milton and unnamed player.

Hampton's Answer: TE- Cam Clear. RB- Derrick Milton. LB- Lamar Dawson.

Can you provide us with your % that Gabe is VOL. After watching the UA game I believe he is a VOL.

James' Answer:75%

Hampton's Answer: 40%

Do we have any shot at getting Anthony Chickillo? Ray Drew? Pagan? Do you see us landing a big time pass rusher?

James' Answer: We actually aren't really recruiting Chickillo. There will be a new name emerge on the defensive line in the next couple of weeks.

Hampton's Answer: No shot with Chickillo or Drew. We have an outside shot at Pagan, but I don't see that happening either.

Who is the #1 most important recruit on the board for UT? Which prospect does UT need the most, basically?

James' Answer: Gabe Wright because of the position.

Hampton's Answer: Cam Clear. His ceiling is as high as ANYBODY'S in this class and he could project at a number of different positions.

We currently have 5 DBs (Randolph, Coleman, Martin, Thomas, Loften). Assuming all sign, how many more, if any, do you think we sign in February? Would we take Lanier and Moore to make it 7 in this class?

James' Answer: I think we take Moore and Lanier.

Hampton's Answer: I think we will take 1 more with Moore being our preference.

What are the chances Marcus Jackson will be a DT in college?

James' Answer: 35 percent

Hampton's Answer: 1%

What is your confidence level we add at least one more true DT to this class?

James' Answer: 80 percent

Hampton's Answer: 51%

Please comment on the likelihood of Tennessee landing each of the following players. JB - Is you remaining silent commit part of the list below? If not who on the list would he likely replace? Will all of these guys be signing day decisions?

James' Answer:

Clear 95

Richardson 97

Lane 50

Wright 75

Dawson 45

Moore 71

Hampton's Answer:

21) Cameron Clear- 90%

22) Antonio Richardson- 95%

23) Marlin Lane- 35%

24) Gabe Wright- 40%

25) Lamar Dawson- 51%

26) Byron Moore - 60%

I think they are all NSD guys.

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