Marcus Jackson on campus

Having receiving offers from 10 universities, including four in his home state, Florida native and ex-Miami commitment Marcus Jackson has now committed to playing for Tennessee Volunteers. FoxSports/ spoke with him today about his live television announcement, in between his first classes at his new school.

"It was kind of hard to do," said the 6-4, 300 lb athlete of his decision to move farther from home. "My family wanted me to stay close to home, but they didn't really care."

The offensive guard, from Vero Beach, Fla., announced his commitment to play for the Vols live on television at last Wednesday's Under-Armour All-America game. We got a chance to see him in practices leading up to the game, which we discussed today.

"The players are very competitive," Jackson said of the athletes he was playing against. "Not only are you trying to compete and make a name for yourself, but there are TVs, reporters, cameras… you don't want to mess up. They'll catch you at the wrong time and write something bad about you."

Jackson, who received offers from Florida, South Carolina, and USC among others, was confident in his decision to play for the Vols.

"I took a visit to Tennessee around November," the athlete said of his new home. "I really liked the school and went back a second time. I wanted to be serious about my decision, and after the last of my visits I still wanted to."

Jackson described his comfort level with Tennessee, and how he got to where he is today.

"Vero is all about football," he said of his high school. "Everyone shows up, and knows what to do. I just really work hard. For the first couple of years, I was always working all the time, and barely went out. I was trying to be the best I could."

Jackson is currently moving in, beginning classes, and making Tennessee his home.

"It's small like Vero," the athlete said of the school. "I've already moved into my dorm and everything. I'm making a big family here."

When describing his ultimate reason for venturing away from home, Jackson said, "It's a great school, and they have a lot of great fans. I knew there would be a lot better things for me in my future."

Marcus Jackson

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