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With National Signing Day less than three weeks away, recruiting at Rocky Top is heating up. Go "Inside" this week's Recruiting Mailbag to get the answers to all your recruiting questions. If it regards the University of Tennessee recruiting, we have it covered.

Currently have 21 commits including Loften. That leaves 5 available spots. It has been stated in the past that you are confident about Clear, Richardson, & Wright. Still have confidence in those 3? Who do you see getting the remaining spots?

James' Answer: The clock is ticking persay on Loften. If he doesn't overcome several obstacles I'm not sure what they will do with him. Probably either prep school or junior college. I was told this week that UT will definitely sign 27. Clear, Richardson and Gabe Wright are very important. I have been one of the few that have had a lot of confidence in Wright being a Vol, I was even saying it when it wasn't popular to say it. I know that his mother likes UT a lot, family is important to him and I still think he ends up at UT. I don't have as much confidence in Dawson, it should be interesting to see how things play out.

Hampton's Answer: I have never had much confidence in Wright. I think he goes to Auburn. I am feeling good about Richardson, Clear, and Dawson.

If Moffitt decides to stay at LSU, who is the most likely candidate for S& C coach? Please no orange tinted picks.

James' Answer: I have done a lot of research on this. I have three names from the Moffitt tree but was told those guys probably aren't the guys Dooley is looking for. I have four new names. I was told this week that Dooley wanted another Bennie Wylie type. That brings good and bad news. The good news is that Wylie was really good, the bad news is that there isn't a lot of other guys like him. I have also been told that Dooley may go the NFL route or if he can't find the right guy he might go his own way on this one. Here are four new names I have come up with. Bills John Gamble, who was Dooley's strength coach at Virginia and they were also together at Miami, Mike Barwis formerly of Michigan, and Orlando Smith of Texas Tech.

Hampton's Answer: I really have no idea.

We're down to the last 3 weeks.... What does the crystal ball say about our last 7 or 8 commitments? Any thoughts from the all-knowing? Also, who heads up our conditioning program? Moffit would be a great hire but doesn't seem to be happening...

James' Answer: Richardson, Clear, Lane, Wright, Moore, Lanier, and two TBA's .

Hampton's Answer: I think we are sitting good for Richardson,Clear, and Dawson. We should get another DL, a RB, and a DB to go along with those 3.

What have you heard about Loften? Does he make it in?

James' Answer: There was a lot of confidence he would make it in this week, and then some admission obstacles apparently appeared. Now the question is can they overcome those obstacles with a little more time, four months. If not he will probably end up prep or at a Junior College.

Hampton's Answer: He didn't make it in this semester. He is going to try to be here in the summer. I think he gets in, but who knows at this point.

Word last week was CJ Johnson out of Mississippi wanted to hear from UT coaches and he would most likely visit. Has anything happened yet or is anything likely to happen with us offering this kid?

James' Answer: Probably too little to late there.

Hampton's Answer: I haven't heard of us making any progress there.

Is Brian Kimbrow the #1 priority for the 2012 class? (i.e. next year's Antonio Richardson) If not, then who is?

James' Answer: He is the speed that UT is missing. He is a little undersized but a great athlete and a great young man. Is he the top prospect overall, that's tough. instate probably. I would have to say that Gunner Kiel is one of the top targets, and big defensive tackles and linebackers also.

Hampton's Answer: Yes, I think he is.

This is apparently what remains on our board for the Dline. Wright, Mackey, Johnson, Rasco, Maggitt, Pagan, Jernigan sums it up. Anyone else going to pop up? Who do you feel is our best shot on this list? Do you think we get at least one from this list? Do we keep our current Dline commits?

James' Answer: I think we will keep all the current commitments, Hampton is pretty much on spot on this one.

Hampton's Answer: That is pretty much the list. Mackey, Johnson, and Maggitt are our best shots and I think we get at least 1 of those 3. Hopefully, Wright proves me wrong. Yes, we should keep all of our commits.

Do you feel the staff is still going after Pagan? Especially with other players out there that do not have to redshirt due to an injury.

James' Answer: I have heard several things on Pagan, its hard for me to imagine getting him.

Hampton's Answer: We are still recruiting him but I don't know how hard. I think he near the bottom of our DL board now.

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