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Will there be a surprise on National Signing Day for the Volunteers? Will UT sign the Big three as many expect? Go "Inside" this week's recruiting mailbag for those answers and many more.

Are you still predicting a "big surprise recruit" that you have been quiet on?

James' Answer: I think there will be at least one surprise.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know of anyone.

I've arguing with a BAM all week. Clarify if you can? How come Alabama signs 28-30 kids a year? Last year Auburn signed 32. I looked back at ours from 07 18,23,24,25 How come they can sign so many more with a full depth chart but we only sign 25 max with depleated #'s??

James' Answer: I can't answer that either, I have a hard enough job keeping up with Tennessee's numbers.

Hampton's Answer: I literally have no idea how they did that.

Who do y'all think will be our next committment?

James' Answer: I would have to agree and say Marlin Lane or Byron Moore.

Hampton's Answer: Marlin Lane and it should come in the next 4-5 days.

I've seen positive posts on where Tennessee is with Dawson the last few days. Has your opinion of our chances to land him changed?

James' Answer: I have always thought it would be a long shot for Tennessee to sign him. I think he ends up staying at home in Kentucky.

Hampton's Answer: I think we still have a good shot. We get his last visit plus Dooley still has his in-home saved for him. Obviously, Kentucky is the team to worry about here.

Obviously, everyone feels pretty good about our chances with Richardson, Clear, and Wright. So rate our chances with the following: Lamar Dawson, Marlin Lane, Byron Moore, Brandon Fulse, Kent Turene, Leon Mackey, Jermauria Rasco, Mickey Johnson, Andrew Buie, Curt Maggitt, Nicklas Brassell.

James' Answer: I have been saying Wright for several months now. Lane 65%, Moore-55%, Fulse 50%, Turene-45%, Mackey-51%, Rasco- 25%, Johnson 52 %, Buie-15%, Maggitt-20%, Brassell 10%.

Hampton's Answer: I don't feel great about our chances with Wright, but I do after this weekend. He told alot of people he's coming here. Lane- 70%, Moore- 60%, Fulse- 40%, Turene- 25%, Mackey- 49%, Rasco- 1%, Johnson- 49%, Buie- 25%, Maggitt- 35%, Brassell- 1%.

Please work out the scholarship #'s for us: You say we can sign 27. Does that include Loften? If no Loften, can he be replaced by someone else and still sign 27? You say we have 21 commits. Obviously, that doesn't include you think we've moved on? Bottom line, will we sign 27 with or without Loften? (or, wild card...could Loften make 28?)

James' Answer: Yes I think loften would make 27 or be replaced by someone else. I'm being told we sign 27, of course it could end up being 28, but I doubt it.

Hampton's Answer: We can only get in 26 new players. Yes, that number includes Loften and yes he can be replaced by some one else and we would still be able to sign 27. No, I don't think we have moved nor will we move on unless we sign both Moore and Orta. I think we will oversign by a couple giving us 27 or 28 in this class, and I do believe Loften will be one of them.

Do we take Cam Clear and Fulse if they both want to commit to TN?

James' Answer: Most definitely yes, they would.

Hampton's Answer: Yes. We need TEs and he has the possibility of playing DE as well.

Excluding Richardson, Clear, and G Wright, do you feel the Vols currently have any silents?

James' Answer: Probably not with the exclusion of those guys.

Hampton's Answer: I don't know of any.

Any news on a DT from the Northeast mentioned in an earlier chat?

James' Answer: I know they are recruiting him hard. Now we will have to wait and see if they can get him in on a visit or not.

Hampton's Answer: JBs info.

Do you predict any major surprises for the Vols, positive or negative, on signing day?

James' Answer: I think there will be at least one surprise on signing day. I think it should be a positive one.

Hampton's Answer: I don't see any major surprises. We know of everybody we are in it for so we know to expect. I don't know if you'd consider them surprises, but Wright and Dawson are the guys I'm going to be watching.

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