Vol Nation just relax

Everyone is wondering what to expect in the next six days. Will the Vols end up with a Top 15 recruiting class or better? Will they land that surprise five star that some fans are dreaming about? Which four or five players left on the board will they end up signing? Relax Vol Nation, Derek Dooley has this under control. Go "Inside" to see why.

Derek Dooley has 23 commitments for his 2011 recruiting class.

Tennessee is expected to sign 27 or 28 prospects in 7 days or less, National Signing Day is six days away.

Dooley and his staff has borrowed a page from UT Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl, and is using a full court press to secure a top 15 or better class in the country.

The Vols coaching staff probably isn't getting much sleep right now, going from town to town, flying, driving, calling and emailing everyone from prospect, mom, dad, grandmother and girlfriend of the prospect (don't want to start any rumors.)

How many will they sign?

Will the Vols sign 27 or will it be 28?

There are more what ifs surrounding the Vol fan base right now than it has been in a long time.

What if two five stars call Dooley Monday night and say they want to come to RockyTop? Will he make room for them?

While Dooley probably wouldn't admit it at this point, he and his staff is headed for a number crunching situation.

One thing I have learned about Tennessee's Head Coach in the last year is the fact that he has an answer and a plan for every situation.

He doesn't leave any stone unturned, he doesn't go into anything without a very detailed oriented plan.

He is a former lawyer, you think he would ever go into court unprepared?

With six days left before National Signing Day it appears that Dooley and his staff's hard work is beginning to pay off.

Some of the nation's top elite athletes are beginning to listen.

Dooley said from the onset of his career at Tennessee that he would recruit a little differently than his predecessors. He would not only recruit quality athletes but quality young men first and foremost.

He began building this class filling positions of need with solid athletes and great young men.

Why is this so important?

Look at the recruiting class two years ago. Yes whats his name signed the No. 1 player in the country, yes he signed multiple four star athletes, but where are they now.

There isn't a Bryce Brown on Rocky Top anymore, David Oku is leaving, NuKeese Richardson is probably currently shopping at a Pilot or your local Wal-Mart.

The point is that all those star studded athletes are not always what they are cracked up to be. If you care more about the ranking than you do the young man, your going to get burned in the process.

Tennessee star gazers were confused. "How can we have a top 15 class with just three star guys" one fan posted on a message board.

"This is the SEC, we can't survive or win with such a class"

Guys relax, Dooley has this under control. He has proven the last few days that he can recruit with the best coaches in the country. He isn't allergic to four star athletes, as some may have accused him of being.

Dooley knows how to build a championship team. He knows how to win, he has done it a lot in his career. He has had some very good guys to learn from. His father Vince Dooley is legendary, his former boss for over seven years Nick Saban is headed for legendary status (please don't throw something at your computer screen).

Signing Day 2011 and apparently the day after will bring a lot of smiles to Vol Nation.

Will there be a shocking surprise on Wednesday?

Don't rule it out, with Dooley and his staff working as hard as they are, the sky is the limit.

Stay tuned.

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