Thursday Spring Scrimmage Report

The Tennessee football team went though one more practice session before concluding their spring with the Orange and White game on Saturday. The unseasonable weather forced the Vols indoors to workout.

"(We) got a good dose of indoor workouts today … I guess," Coach Phillip Fulmer said this afternoon.

The team had a very good day on the field despite being indoors. The offensive side of the ball in particular looked like they were executing very well. "I'm anticipating the first team looking sharp and making plays," Fulmer said.

The Orange team has been designated as the frontline players. The White team will be more second and third teamers accompanied by walk-ons. There are several players that will play on both teams on Saturday. James Banks, C.J. Leak, Gerald Riggs Jr., J.T. Mapu and Chris Hannon are just a few that are slated to line up on both teams.

Mark Jones, yeah I know shocking, made a tremendous reception over Antwan Stewart this afternoon. Casey Clausen sent a floating pass down the sideline and Jones simply beat Stewart for the touchdown.

Coach Fulmer is talking about getting a look at Derrick Tinsley as a safety. Obviously he won't see much time with spring winding down, but could possibly see a play or two in the game Saturday. Don't put money on it though.

Mapu appeared to be very intense and focused today. He looks to have a big game on Saturday. With all the competition at defensive end, he will need a good performance to stay in the running for a starting role. Currently Karlton Neal and Constantin Ritzmann have jobs in their pocket until someone proves otherwise.

Cody Douglas was named the Most Improved Offensive Player of the Spring honors today. Jason Hall and Antwan Stewart will split the M.I.P. Defensive Players of the Spring award. It should be noted that all three players are currently in their second year at Tennessee and all came in together in the 2002 Signing Class. It is amazing to see the amount of talent and depth that class will bring to the table this year. In addition to the aforementioned three, Gerald Riggs Jr., James Wilhoit, James Banks, J.T. Mapu, Omar Gaither, Marvin Mitchell, Parys Haralson and Rob Smith are all locks to contribute this coming season. There is a lot of talent in that class to say the absolute least.

The hay is in the barn for the team. They will sign autographs and take pictures on Saturday before kicking off at 3pm EST for the last time until August. There should be some great competition to see.

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