Dooley impressive "Closer"

National Signing Day 2011 ended up being a good day for Derek Dooley and the Tennessee Volunteers. Go "Inside" to get our take on how Dooley did and how he did it.

Everyone has known for a while that Derek Dooley was going to do recruiting his way.

From not having a lot of official visitors on UT Game Days, to making sure every official visitor had a great and personable experience with him and his coaching staff.

Building personal relationships with his players and his future players are important to him, it's evident from the Vol for Life program he has created.

Prospects on numerous occasions has said over and over that there decisions were based on Dooley being a man of high character. A man they could trust, someone who was geniune and caring about them on and off the field.

Tennessee Fans need to rejoice.

It was uncertain this time last year a lot about the man leading their program. Dooley was slow to reach out to the Vol fan base and to the Vol media, he was focused on his team.

It's now obvious that Dooley is the right man for this elite job on Rocky Top.

Many wondered if he could recruit with the best of the SEC, he finished with a Top 11 Recruiting Class by He finished fifth in the SEC, and answered alot of need positions for the Vols.

While this class might be a little light in a couple of positions, overall it was impressive how Dooley and his staff closed out recruiting, losing no one that had committed to them, a big reversal over the last couple of years.

Dooley took a different approach to recruiting.

He brought in only 40 official visitors to the UT campus, he signed 27 of those.

He recruited solid athletes but even higher character young men.

You might ask why this is important?

Look at the Volunteer's recruiting class two years ago. It was loaded with four and five star players. That was great at the time, the only problem is that the majority of those guys either didn't make into school, didn't stay in school and a lot of them are gone none to other places.

No Brice Brown, no Mike Edwards, no Nukeese Richardson, no David Oku, and the list goes on and on.

Dooley wants his recruits to stay in school, be successful in the classroom and on the field and most importantly be Vols for Life.

Only time will tell how good this recruiting class really is, but all early indications say it's going to be pretty good.

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