UT's 09 Recruiting Class ranking in question

The Tennessee Recruiting Class of 2009 was ranked No. 8 overall by Scout.com. Vol Nation is asking for that ranking to be changed. Out of 24 signees by Lane Kiffin only 14 remain. Go "Inside" for the Vol's latest departures and find out who is really to blame.

Attention all media and recruiting services.

Vol Nation and it's entire fan base are putting you on notice. Tennessee fans everywhere wants a recount of the 2009 Recruiting Class of the Vols.

No there isn't hanging chads causing the controversy, it's the fact that most of Lane Kiffin's No. 8 overall class is no longer in Knoxville after just two years.

Yes Kiffin left in the middle of the night last winter two weeks before national signing day, but lets take a look at their work while they were still on Rocky Top.

Kiffin bragged about stealing recruits from Urban Meyer, when the Vols landed four star Florida athlete Nu'Keese Richardson. By the way Richardson has been a member two other teams since and working on his fourth.

The Kiffin staff which he proclaimed was the best coaching staff in the country and the best recruiters in the nation, pulled the No. 1 player in the country when Brice Brown decided to be a Vol in late spring.

Brown is some where back in Kansas, no longer a part of the Vol's football team.

Janzen Jackson, who earned pre-season SEC honors after a stellar true freshman season, is also gone. It was announced Monday by UT officials he has withdrew from the University due to personal problems. There goes another four star.

Let's not forget four star athletes Mike Edwards now at Texas Southern and Jerod Askew who both were dismissed from the team, one for his part in the Pilot fiasco and now Askew for violating a team rule.

Are you kidding me.

Out of the 24 prospects that Kiffin and Company signed, only 14 remains.

Please don't blame Derek Dooley for this mess. It isn't his fault, it's the work of a head coach that sold these recruits the world and gave them a pretzel in return. Kiffin promised them the world and left in the middle of the night.

It might be easy to blame these young men for their departures, and some you can, but how can Kiffin not take some of the responsibility?

He took the No. 8 overall ranking before leaving town.

Others who have departed from this class includes four star running back David Oku, three star quarterback Nick Lamaison, and four star safety Darren Myles.

This mess wasn't created by Dooley but now its easy to understand why Dooley has done some of the things he has done since arriving in Knoxville.

Such as creating the Vol's for Life Program.

Dooley doesn't want a quick fix, he wants young men who will stay the course not waiver or flinch under fire.

Don't believe me, look at these stats from Dooley's first recruiting class.

Out of 40 official visitors he brought on the UT campus this fall, 28 became Vols.

Out of over 20 commitments heading into January, only two took official visits after making their pledge to the Vols. One with permission and one who surprised the Vols coach.

While fans may be panicking over the departure of three more Vols this Monday evening, remember that Dooley has a plan and will stay the course. He has already proven that.

This program is headed in the right direction.

Also recruiting services please readjust those 2009 rankings, it's evident that class isn't as good as a lot of people first believed.

Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman, Kiffin should have to give back that Class' ranking.

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