InsideTennessee's Recruiting Mailbag 2011

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1. Will we get a commitment after the first junior day? 2. Will there be a second junior day and if so when? 3. Will we sign 5-7 instate players this year? If not less or above? 4. Will we land in the top 5 in recruiting this year? 5. Most importantly how many can we sign as of right now (after the recent departures of meline and askew)? (If you can tell us with out brewer and jackson, with one, and with both that would be great too)

James' Answer: Not sure, I truly expect this staff to be slower to accept commits this year due to numbers and especially waiting to see what the NCAA says. (2) Yes either for the spring game or during spring practices. (3)I will say around four or five this year.(4)Landing in the Top five nationally will be tough especially with the numbers we have to sign.(5)I have been told 17-20 that number might go up a little due to others leaving etc.

Hampton's Answer: 1) yes. 2) they used the Orange and White game as a 2nd Junior Day last year. 3) i think we will get around 5. 4) no. 5) not sure but i expect us to sign 20-25.

How many camps will we have this summer and do you know yet when?

James'Answer: I haven't seen a date set for those, usually at least two, probably three for high school age guys. Remember just because they have a kids camp, if a older prospect makes it to Knoxville he can still participate etc.

Hampton's Answer: If I remember correctly from last year, we had the lineman camp and the skill camps in June then a big camp in July.

1. Who are the recruits that we highly covet and you feel we have a greater than 75% chance of signing based on what you know today? 2. Which current recruits are top priorities? 3. Which 2-3 positrons are top priorities? 4.For which positions will we look for JC recruits?

James'Answers: (1) Kimbrow, Bowles, O'Brien, Gunner Kiel.(2)Defensive Tackles, Defensive Tackles, oh did I say Defensive tackles. (3) Defensive tackles, linebackers and running backs(4) A couple of defensive tackles, linebackers and running backs.

Hampton's Answer: 1) Brian Kimbrow, Drae Bowles, Danny O'Brien, Imani Cross. 2) Kimbrow, Bowles, and O'Brien. 3) DE, DT, LB, TE. 4) DE and DT.

Brian Kimbrow. What type of ranking will he have and where do we stand with him?

James' Answer: I agree that he should be a top 100 player. Some of our experts may not like him as well I do, should be interesting to watch this play out. Some may think he is fast but may question him being a football guy compared to a track guy. He is by far the fastest guy in the state, playing against the competition he does, doesn't help him.

Hampton's Answer: He should be a top 100 player, and we are in good shape.

2 questions: At what point do the services ramp up evaluations of 2012 recruits? Any word on how hard UT is pushing for a commitment from Drae Bowles (WR - Jackson Christian School)?

James'Answer: There are a lot of camps and combines during the spring and early summer. There will be a lot of new guys show up out of no where, they always do. Bowles is one of the top prospects in the state, you always have to target and make the top players in the state a top priority.

Hampton's Answer: They do alot of evals at camps which really get started in June. We want Bowles badly.

Will this be a down year for tight end prospects?

James' Answer: I promise you that Derek Dooley will find some tight ends out there. Some more will appear after combines, camps etc.

Hampton's Answer: I'm not sure. We seem to be in on a couple good ones early in Justin Meredith and Ricky Parks. Romond Deloatch is another guy to watch here.

Why were the vols so late in offering Keith Marshall?

James'Answer: It just shows that Derek Dooley doesn't take other's evaluations, but puts a lot of credit and he and his staffs. Marshall is very good and now has an offer. I wouldn't consider this late in the process.

Hampton's Answer: Not sure. He is a good one though.

Who are the most important guys in the state that are our top priorities (ie 2012's Tiny Richardson, Cam Clear)?

James'Answer: Nate Cole and Jovon Robinson may be the top two in the state overall. Should be interesting to watch how all the services shake out on the top four or five in state are.

Hampton's Answer: Brian Kimbrow and Drae are as highly coveted as the 2 guys you mentioned.

Are we currently interested in any other qb besides Kiel?

James'Answer: The two that have offers and are on top of the UT Board are Kiel and Pike.

Hampton's Answer: Zeke Pike.

Who do you think our first commitment will be, and when?

James' Answer: Not sure on that. Always at this time of year a prospect comes out of no where, kinda like Christian Harris did last year. Just shows how good a job that his coaching staff does year round.

Do we offer Jelks? Percentage we get Kimbrow and Bowles?

James'Answer: Not sure on Jelks yet, we will be very picky at OL with the guys we already have. 60 on both at this point. Neither could be considered a lock this early.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we offer Jelks. We can be picky on the OL this year. I feel Ben Still and maybe Graham Shuler would get an offer before Jelks.

I see that 5* safety prospect Shaquille Thompson shows medium interest in Tennessee but has not been offered. Where does his interest in Tennessee come from?

James'Answer: Just shows this coaching staff are recruiting some great safeties. Just because a young man says he doesn't have an offer doesn't mean he doesn't have one. The coaching staff can't contact them yet and their high school coaches don't always keep them the best informed.

Hampton's Answer: No idea.

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