O'Brien impressed once again

Michigan native Dan O'Brien made his third trip to Tennessee over the weekend and the novelty certainly hasn't worn off yet. Read as InsideTennessee.com gives you the latest concerning Dan O'Brien.

Michigan native Dan O'Brien made his third trip to Rocky Top this Saturday for Tennessee's junior day and Derek Dooley and his staff just keep impressing the four star defensive tackle.

"They impressed me a lot, it was a great experience and I enjoyed getting down here for the third time," said O'Brien. "They just keep impressing me."

O'Brien may have grown up in Big Ten country, but after a few glances at SEC football he is starting to change his mind about football in the south.

"I was always a Big Ten kid, but seeing Tennessee versus Alabama game really opened my eyes.

"Being in the big house, they might have 8,000 more fans, but being in Tennessee it sounded like there was about 80,000 more fans here."

Derek Dooley and his coaching staff continue to sell the Vol for Life program and O'Brien seems to like the merchandise.

"Just how real they are, they get it, its more than just a five year deal. They have you for forty to fifty years after football."

It is hard to think that O'Brien wouldn't want to get in on the ground level of Derek Dooley's program, especially considering where he believes Tennessee is heading.

"They have a great program," said O'Brien. "I think they are on the rise, I think they are going to be the top team in the SEC in two or three years. As soon as they get all their recruits in and stuff like that."

O'Brien even got a chance to sit down with Derek Dooley on Saturday where they discussed schools and what the young man was looking for. O'Brien was also accompanied by his father on Saturday's trip.

"I have always been a Michigan fan," said O'Brien's father. "But, every other school we go to will be measured against this one."

While O'Brien was raised a Michigan fan his father said Dan would have a full-fledged endorsement if he in fact were to choose the University of Tennessee.

O'Brien says he will wait till the summer or possibly even after his senior season to make a decision concerning his school of choice. Distance will not be a factor for O'Brien who said if he feels at home it won't be an issue.

O'Brien also wants to travel to see Oregon and Alabama.

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