2004 Recruiting Profile: Jed Collins (LB)

The current starting linebacker corp for John Chavis' defense consists of two California natives (Kevin Simon and Kevin Burnett). Could the Chief be looking to add another West Coast guy to that mix in next year's signing class?

Jed Collins is a 6-1.5, 247-pound linebacker from Mission Viejo, California, and Jed recently took part in the SoCal Nike camp at USC. Collins is already considered one of the top inside linebacker prospects in the state of California, and he did nothing to take away from that at the camp.

Jed jumped 27 inches in the vertical jump, benched 185 pounds 21 times, ran a 4.9 40 and a 4.3 shuttle. "I thought it was very well organized camp," Collins told TheInsiders. "The best players from Southern California are here. It was awesome to see all the coaches down here from various states. I do feel the best coaches in the country were here today to teach us, some from Mission Viejo and some from other high schools and colleges and whatnot with ex-players. Overall I thought it was very well coached and all the drills worked on specific things and also on the overall football mentality."

Collins talked a little about what separates himself from other players at his position. "I'm a middle linebacker, so I head up the defense, call all the plays and make sure everything is in order," he said. "I think from an intelligence standpoint I'm a step ahead of anybody else that plays my position. I know my defense inside and out and I know where everyone needs to be. I think that, my strength and my determination are the keys to my success."

But Jed doesn't rest on his laurels. "One thing I definitely need to work on is my quickness, my 40 time," he said. "If I can get my time down a tenth or two, I think I can be the total package at middle linebacker."

The Diablos have been one of the more successful high school football programs in Southern California, and it's Collins' goal to make sure that tradition continues under his watch. "Definitely we want to continue our win streak," he said, mentioning one mark he wants to attain. "We're about 4 games away from Orange County's longest win streak, so we want to get those first 5 wins and complete that. Personally I want to get quicker and lead the team and lead my league and hopefully Orange County in tackles. I just want to continue and get a ring, go 14-0 and leave Mission Viejo on top."

In recruiting, Collins has a current Top-5 of Notre Dame, USC, Colorado, Kansas State and Oklahoma. He does not have any scholarship offers yet. Here are his thoughts on his leaders.
Notre Dame - "I'm going back to their summer camp."

USC - "I went to their junior day and they've contacted me quite a bit."

Colorado - "Their linebackers coach has shown a lot of interest."

Kansas State - "They have shown a lot of interest too."

Oklahoma - "Our coaches went back there and they spoke very highly of me."

"I'm nowhere near even started comparing schools yet. Those are just the top 5 that have contacted me. A lot of schools have been sending me letters and stuff. It'll be exciting to see in May who follows through with all they've sent me."

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