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Recruiting is too nebulus at this time. The mind games of 18 year olds are afoot. If you want, let me ask about early signees. Is it too early to know if any of our top prospects are far enough along to even be eligable to be EE's next year? With spring practice upon us, are any of this year's EE's looking, in the weight room, etc, like they can be of significant help this fall. We learned this past year about freshmen and trying to pull the load? Do you feel that any of our signees will have a significant impact in the fall in the special teams area? Can any of them field a punt or a kickoff?

James' Answer: Cross will enroll early. Look for Vincent Dallas and Marcus Jackson to benefit the most from enrolling early this past spring. Jackson has moved his way up already and may compete for a starting roll. Dallas also has a chance to be a returner for the Vols.

Hampton's Answer: I think Imani Cross is planning on being an EE. I think Marcus Jackson is gonna see alot of playing time this season. He was running at LG with the 1st string last I heard. I think Devrin Young will be both our main PR and KR.

TE prospect Ricky Parks is listed at 6' 3" which is a few inches shorter than the big schools seem to prefer in a tight end. So what makes him so attractive to Alabama, Georgia, Florida and others who have offered? Will Tennessee offer?

James' Answer: He had great hands and good speed. Has the frame to put on good weight and has really good feet. You never know he could grow an inch or two.

Hampton's Answer: He is just a really good TE and could create mismatches against slower defenders. I think we will offer.

It seems that DT, DE and LB will be our main needs in this class and Dooley can afford to be choosy. How many of each position do you expect Dooley to sign. Do you think any of them will be 5* players?

James' Answer: At least four defensive linemen with three of them needing to be inside guys. Need two to three linebackers. Yes Dooley can afford to be picky, and probably needs to be. The Vols will have an easier schedule this upcoming season and could be looking for an eight or nine win season. This could be a great year for recruiting returns for the Vols. I have a feeling they will pick up at one five star, maybe two or three.

Hampton's Answer: I would expect to see us sign at least 3 at each position. I have no idea if they will be 5stars.

Who will be our next commit? Do you think we can land any 5*'s this class?

James' Answer: I have a good feeling that Humphries will be a Vol, when I'm not sure about. Look for an instate guy to possibly pull the trigger, like Drae Bowles or I'tavius Mathers.

Hampton's Answer: I'll go with Gerron Borne sometime in the late spring or early summer. I'm not sure if we will get a 5star, but D.J. Humphries is one to watch.

Name 5 recruits who you think will be a VOL?

James' Answer: Danny O'Brien, D.J. Humphries, Drae Bowles, Jordan Jenkins and Brian Kimbrow.

Hampton's Answer: Brian Kimbrow, Drae Bowles, Danny O'Brien, Gerron Borne, Jordan Jenkins.

Who is someone to watch for on DL to pull the trigger to be a VOL?

James' Answer: I wouldn't be surprised if Danny O'Brien is the next DL to commit.

Hampton's Answer: Gerron Borne may do something in the next month or 2.

What do you think will be Imani Cross ranking star wise?? And when could we expect him to be Ranked by scout?

James' Answer: The fact that he is coming off a major injury could be one reason he is a little underrated by He is a high three star now and if he has a good start early for his senior season you could see that move to a four star.

Hampton's Answer: I'm not sure what he will be on Scout. He is a 4star and a top 250 player on another site.

Who is are biggest target in the state of Tennessee?

James' Answer: This is a tough question. There are three athletes that could vie for the top spot. Nate Cole, Brian Kimbrow and Jovon Robinson.

Hampton's Answer: Brian Kimbrow.

Have any recruits given an indication they'll be in Knoxville to see Spring Practices? Who has said they'll be there for Orange and White game?

James' Answer: The Orange and White game will have a lot of key prospects in attendance. Look for the Vols to have several top guys each weekend between now and then.

Hampton's Answer: Corradelle Patterson was here for practice on Tuesday. I think UT is trying to have a mini Junior Day for on of the Saturday practices. I know Drae Bowles is going to try to be here for it. I think Danny O'Brien is going to try to make to the O&W game, but I can't remember anybody else at the moment.

Are we looking at the 5 star WR Dorial Green-Beckham in Missouri ? Is there interest in him? Does he have any interest in us?

James' Answer: Tennessee has recruited the midwest area a lot better with Jim Chaney and Charlie Baggett. It will be interesting to see if Beckham returns the interest or not.

Hampton's Answer: I'm sure we would have interest if we thought we had a chance. I haven't seen him give any interest in Tennessee.

Just saw where Louisiana RB/WR Davante' Bourque was blown away by visit to Texas A&M. When does he plan to visit Tennessee?

James' Answer; Over the next six to eight weeks.

Hampton's Answer: I would guess he will be here this summer.

Does Tennessee still lead for Michigan defensive tackle Danny O'Brien?

James' Answer: Yes at the current time I'm pretty certain they do. Now the big question is, can the Vols withstand the very big push by instate Michigan and Michigan State.

Hampton's Answer: Yes.

What do you guys think of Caleb Azubike? Do you have any idea of his interest level? Who's on the list for a second rb? Any chance or interest level with Vincent Valentine? If we have to choose between Voytik or Robinette at qb, who do you take? How good is Cordarelle Patterson? Is he a definite take or more of a wait and see with our limited spots?

James' Answer: I have personally seen Azubike in action. He is a big talented athlete and I believe his stock will rise a lot between now and the summer camp circuit. Look for his offer list to explode. He loves Tennessee. He will be at the Orange and White game and will participate in the InsideTennessee Combine and Skills Camp. Chad Voytik is probably the better signal caller. How good is Patterson, I'm being told by several college coaches he may be the best overall JUCO player in the country. Jim Chaney loves him from what I have been told, so yes he is a definite take for Tennessee. He is also very good friends with Justin Worley.

Hampton's Answer: Azibuke is a quality DE but very raw. He would be a Vol if we offered. I believe our 2 top targets at RB are Brian Kimbrow and Beniquez Brown. We have a chance with Valentine. He plans to visit this summer. I would choose Voytik. He has all the skills you want in a QB but is just a little small. The staff feels Patterson is one of the top 2 WRs in the country. He is a definite take.

Will Dooley ever sign a 5* recruit?

James' Answer: How quick people forget that Da'Rick Rogers was the overall No. 1 player in the state of Georgia. Looking back you probably would have good argument that Justin Hunter should have been a five star. Yes he will probably get a five star in this next class also.

Hampton's Answer: DaRick Rogers was a 5star recruit.

Do you think Dooley will be the first person to coach both football and basketball?

James' Answer: No he won't ever coach basketball, lol. I don't see Dooley being named AD, don't get me wrong I think he could do a good job, but he has his hands full getting this football team to the next level.

Hampton's Answer: Maybe he will be the first at UT to both coach football and be the AD. This is just a complete guess, but if my life was on the line and I had to pick someone, I would say Gregg Marshall will be our next basketball coach.

Is the Vol for Life program open to all athletes in all sports, male and female and if not, is the school looking at doing so?

James' Answer: It's something that Dooley implemented but I'm sure Pat Summitt and others will use the phrase some. Hampton's Answer: I am not 100% sure, but I was under the impression it is just for football players.

Based upon how you see things today who are the top DL that the Vols have the best shot at. Who do the Vols lead for? ,p>James' Answer: Hampton pretty much nailed this one.

Hampton's Answer: We lead for Danny O'Brien, tied as the leader for Quinteze Williams, lead for Gerron Borne, are in Jonathan Taylor's top 3 if not higher, in Jafar Mann's top 3, in James Deloach's top 3 if not higher, and are towards the top of Jordan Jenkins' top 5.

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