Vols open final week

Derek Dooley praised his entire team for their focus in the first day of the final week of spring practice. Read this edition of the practice report for all the latest concerning Tennessee football.

Derek Dooley and the Tennessee Volunteers started the last week of spring practice on a good note.

For the first time during spring camp Dooley praised his entire football team on their concentration.

"We had an excellent practice today," Derek Dooley said. "This is always a hard one because you are now into that last week of spring football."

Dooley told his team to develop personal goals in order to stay focused as things wrap up heading into summer.

"We only have two practices left, two real ones, we are in helmets on Thursday, so it was important to come out here get a lot of work and get some improvement," Dooley said.

"I felt like every player needed to pick one thing that they could improve on these next two days. It kept us pretty focused and I was proud of how the team responded."

While each player may have needed to reach goals for themselves, Dooley only had one goal in mind for his football team – improvement.

"I don't really have a place where I want them to be after three weeks," Dooley said. "All I really evaluate is, are we getting better each day and how much better really doesn't matter as long as we are getting a little better. I feel like we have gotten better so I am happy."

One welcome improvement Dooley saw during the teams scrimmage this past Saturday was the development of the young skill players on the offensive side of the football.

"I saw a lot of improvement in our intangibles. I felt like our young offensive "talented" guys performed like we are expecting them to perform. The trick now is we have to do that on a consistent basis."

Dooley and the Volunteers will return to the practice field both Wednesday and Thursday before heading into Neyland Stadium for the Dish Network Orange and White game. Be sure to stay tuned to InsideTennessee for all your spring practice coverage.

Injury News

Austin Johnson (sprained knee), Greg King (concussion) and John Propst (hamstring) all suffered injuries during last week's practice.

All of their injuries are being considered minor and Derek Dooley says they are all day-to-day, but baring any setbacks all are expected to participate in Saturday's game.

Choose Wisely

The Tennessee seniors will be split up and then be given the opportunity to draft their teams for Saturday's game. Dooley says you can learn a lot about your team through the draft.

"You learn a lot about the team when those guys are picking. It is no different than being in the yard. The bad draft guys tend to draft their friends, not the best players.

"They want everyone to be happy and they usually get their tales whipped. The good draft guys take it for what it is, its business, we are trying to win a football game and even though my best friend is on the board there he stinks as a player"

Dooley says the seniors will draft everyone from players to managers; the whole organization will be on the draft list.

Praised Aggressiveness

Safety Brent Brewer's hit on Channing Fugate during the first scrimmage of spring has put his name high on the list of performs throughout the past three weeks, but Dooley says Brewer needs to be careful.

"He stroked him pretty good. I think it would have been a penalty, unsportsmanlike like, I think it was a launch above the shoulders. He took him out pretty good, I love the aggressiveness, so I didn't really get upset, but we have to make sure we don't push the edge on that in the game."

Volunteer fans may remember a similar hit that Janzen Jackson laid during the Music City Bowl costing the Vols considerable yardage during the final drive of regulation.

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