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Some of the biggest programs have up to 10 or more already commited. What is their record of holding such early commits and why are they committing so early? Most of them are 4 & 5 star guys. We seem to be much more deliberate. As CDD moves forward the next few years, do you expect us to have quality early commits if we are winning again as I expect us to do or do you see CDD always being extra cautious and taking his time?

James' Answer: Being methodical in his approach to recruiting isn't a bad thing. Give this time to continue to build relationships and things will get better every year. This year there will be a number's crunch, so being slow is a good thing. Remember Dooley doesn't like to bring official visitors in during a game weekend because he wants them to have a personal experience. Recruiting is in good hands with Dooley and his capable staff.

Hampton's Answer: I think you will always see Tennessee start out slow. Dooley is very deliberate on the recruiting trail and the state of Tennessee does not have a high number of big times recruits like other states. Dooley's biggest months will always be December and January.

Now that the Spring game is behind us what is your expectation for the timing of the next commitment? Who are the most likely prospects to pull the trigger for the Vols?

James' Answer: UT may get one in the next few days, due to new offers being extended during the evaluation period and someone pulling the trigger instantly. If that doesn't happen look for it to the first week of June or so during the Vol's camps.

Hampton's Answer: We should have another commit in the next month or so. Andrew Jelks and Drae Bowles seem the most likely to pull the trigger.

Who are some of the "early" top guys on TN's board at DE, DT and LB for this class.

James' Answer:Dan O'Brien, Gerron Borne, Sheldon Day, Joe Bolden, Eric Striker, Jordan Jenkins, Martin Aiken, Eddie Goldman and Kwon Alexander.

Hampton's Answer: DE- Darius Hamilton, Jordan Jenkins, Martin Aiken, James Deloach, Michael Moore, Jordan Watkins, Channing Ward, Eli Harold.... DT- Eddie Goldman, Jonathan Taylor, Jonathan Bullard, Danny O'Brien, Gerron Borne, Sheldon Day, Nick James, Korren Kirven, Justin Shanks.... LB- Noor Davis, Kwon Alexander, Kaiwan Lewis, Nick Dawson, Eric Striker, Reggie Northrup, Joe Bolden.

Who is on our WR board? How's things looking with Patterson?

James' Answer: Tennessee is in good standing with Patterson. Corey Smith is also liking the Vols a lot right now. Drae Bowles is another guy that the Vols are in contention for.

Hampton's Answer: Cordarrelle Patterson, Drae Bowles, Corey Smith, Jaquay Williams, and Jody Fuller seem to be the top guys. I think we are the team to beat right now for Patterson. As long as South Carolina and Clemson keep ignoring him, he will be a Vol.

Did the coaches visit with Borne and O'Brien? Anything new with these 2?

James' Answer: Tennessee is in great shape with both of those guys. New, probably not, but the Vols continue to build solid relationships with high school coaches, families etc.

Hampton's Answer: I haven't for sure if they did. There is nothing new. We still have a big lead for both.

Is Lucas Petrullo a real possibility for a scholly offer or is he just interesting? CDD said he wants hard workers, 110% all the time. Is he athlete enough to play multiple positions offense and defense? Does he maybe have "it"?

James' Answer: Good question. I think Petrullo is definitely a guy that will play D1 football. Whether it will be in the SEC, I'm not quite sure at this point. He has good size, great work ethic and decent speed. He isn't a SEC tailback, could he play full back, yes, could he play tight end probably. Linebacker or safety is also a big possibility.

Hampton's Answer: I have not heard of us doing much there.

Rank Our chances with top players in state. Especially The QB Gross and both RB's Kimbrow and other kid. thanks

James' Answer: Kimbrow Vol, Jelks a Vol, Bowles and Mathers not sure just yet. Not sure about Gross.

Hampton's Answer: I expect UT to land Kimbrow, Bowles, and Jelks. Mathers seems to be wanting to leave the state as of now. Those are the only 4 players in TN who hold firm Vols offers at the moment. We would have good chances at getting guys like Gross, Robinson, Cole, Batey, Redmond, etc if we decide to offer. UT doesn't see Gross as a QB.

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