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It's time again for another InsideTennessee Recruiting Mailbag. A weekly feature where you ask the questions about UT Football Recruiting and our experts supply you the answers.

Kimbrow said nice things in interviews about the Vols but are places like Notre Dame putting stars in his eyes. Since, I do not believe, we have offered Redman, he has said they will play college ball together. Has anyone offered both?

James' Answer: Not a lot of schools have offered both of them so far. I think you will see Redmond's offer sheet explode, especially after the summer camp cycle begins. He is very impressive in person and completely locks down his defender during one on ones out of pads. I'm a little surprise that he hasn't got an offer yet, I'm hearing one will probably happen. I expect both to be Vols.

Hampton's Answer: I think Kimbrow will be a Vol when it's said and done. Clemson and Miss St have offered both as of now. I think Redmond has a good chance of getting a UT offer before it's said and done.

Other than Cross, are there any guys we're looking at who could potentially be early enrollees?

James' Answer: That answer usually comes after they commit to a school. I think you will see several already thinking it about it etc. Cross told me soon after his commitment that he would be graduating early.

Hampton's Answer: I know the 2 JUCO guys Cordarrelle Patterson and Gerald Bowman are going to try to be EEs. I can't remember anyone else.

Are we still the ones to beat for Obrian out of Michigan? I read he recently took a visit to Michigan State and had some good things to say. I know we need big defensive linemen, is he one of our top priorities? If so, we do you think he will pull the trigger?

James' Answer: Yes Tennessee still leads with O'Brien, but the competition is going to get tougher before this one is over with. Can the Vols withstand the likes of Alabama and other schools, it will be interesting to watch. I still like the Vols chances with him, they have started out strong with him and due to that still holds that edge.

Hampton's Answer: Yes, we are still the team to beat. Bama is the team to watch with him. He is one of the top DT targets on our board for sure. He is right there in the middle of that top group with Goldman, Taylor, Shanks, Day, and Kirven. I look for him to announce at the end of summer or sometime during the season.

What do you guys think of Will Redmon? Is he a D1 talent? Is he worth an offer?

James' Answer:I have gotten the opportunity to watch Redmond in person in over four combines and camps. Yes he is very fast. Yes he passes the eye ball test, which mean he is strong and physical. The most impressive part of Redmond is his competitive spirit and how he locks down opponents. He is a true lock down corner type or even a safety type. He is very aggressive. I think he will get an offer from UT and the only reason he hasn't already is because of the numbers issues at his position.

Hampton's Answer: I like Redmond quite a bit. He is definitely a D1 talent. He already holds BCS offers from Clemson, Miss St, Cincy, and Vandy. If I was betting, I'd say UT will end up offering him. He has very good speed and can play a number of positions. Some talk is that he would already have more offers if had been playing at a bigger school. He just now has transferred to Memphis East.

Is Waldrop a take on the offensive line right now? Who would you list in order as the top three OL's on the board right now?

James'Answer: Its hard me to think that UT has offered if they wouldn't take his commitment. He may not be as high on their wish list as others, but one thing I don't see about this coaching staff is to extend offers just for the sake of doing so.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think he is, but I don't really know. It is so hard to tell what they are doing on the OL this year. Of the fairly realistic guys, I'd say D.J. Humphries, Jordan Diamond, Patrick Destefano, and Andrew Jelks are the four they want the most. We seem to like Mark Harrell and Waldrop quite a bit too.

In two (actually one and a half) recruiting classes, CDD and staff have addressed every single position on the team and improved it. Some may argue about DL and LB but those have also been improved in these classes. We have few picks this coming year ('12) and the next ('13). We have built an excellent foundation with some decent depth. With the exception of a couple of big time DLs and a scarce LB, is it time to just pick the best 14 or 15 athletes we can and go back to concentrating on the position board in '14 when we will have a full class to recruit?

James' Answer: I would agree that they have improved almost every position so far. Two that hasn't seen as much improvement and still has a lot of work to do at is DL, especially DT and Linebacker. UT is still a long ways a way from having top of the SEC caliber linebackers. Improvement at linebacker and running back is key as well as tight ends.

Hampton's Answer: No, I think we still have alot of needs to fill. We have to get more depth at DT, DE, LB, and TE. We will be able to sign more than 14 or 15 in the next 2 classes. We will sign around 20 in both.

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