High-IQ QB

With college offenses becoming increasingly complex, a quick mind has become just as important as a quick release at the quarterback position.

That's what makes R. Joshua Dobbs, a rising junior at Wesleyan School in Alpharetta, Ga., a prospect worth watching. The 6-foot-2, 175-pounder exhibited a nice blend of intelligence and athleticism during the recent InsideTennessee combine at Knoxville's D-1 Training Center.

Dobbs produced a 33.5-inch vertical leap, ran a respectable 5.02 in the 40-yard dash and a 4.38 clocking in the 20-yard shuttle at the combine. Given his emphasis on academics, the top school on his early college shopping list should come as no surprise.

"I'm interested in Stanford of the Pac 10; not only for football but also for academics," he said. "I make straight As, and I have a 3.9 (grade point average). Hopefully, I'll graduate at the top of my class in a couple of years."

Dobbs also sees himself potentially fitting well with a couple of Southeastern Conference programs.

"I like Florida," he said. "I love watching them play and I love their style of offense. Closer to home, I like Georgia because of the campus. In the ACC I like Georgia Tech and Virginia."

Dobbs describes himself as "a pocket passer," adding: "I have good arm strength but I'm also able to tuck the ball and run when I need to."

In addition to good velocity, Dobbs exhibits good accuracy as a passer. In fact, he believes that's his greatest attribute.

"I feel like what I do best is that I'm consistent in the passing game," he said. "I play my hardest on every down but my strength is my consistency and my accuracy."

Although Dobbs sees football as a way to further his education, he also appreciates the game on its own merits.

"I enjoy the overall atmosphere of football," he said. "It's a confidence builder. It builds manhood and it builds strength in a person. I just enjoy playing the game and getting involved with my teammates."

Given his enjoyment of intellectual pursuits, Dobbs' fondness for the quarterback position is easy to understand. He sees the gridiron as a giant chess board, filled with moves and counter moves aimed at maximizing strengths and exploiting weaknesses.

"It's always a challenge," he said. "Once you know you have your opponent (beaten) on the mental side, the physical side comes that much easier."

In addition to academic excellence, Dobbs is interested in schools who will provide him a shot at becoming the No. 1 quarterback.

"I'm looking for a coaching staff that will not only help me become a better player but also give me a chance to compete for my position," he said. "Also a good atmosphere at the school and good academics."

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