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It's time for another InsideTennessee Recruiting Mailbag, a weekly feature for our premium members. Where you get to ask the questions and we supply the answers. Go "inside" for this week's edition.

How many in-state players will we take in this class? More than usual, less?

James' Answer: I think there will be as many D1 offers in Tennessee this year, whether Tennessee gets as many as last year will be determined by position of need. Sheldon Dawson just picked up an offer, I expect maybe one or two more possibly before all is said and done.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we will match the 7 we took last year, but it will be pretty close. I expect us to sign around 5.

Now that it looks like Miles won't visit and Kelly has eliminated us, do you see us waiting for '13 to take a QB?

James' Answer: I'm a little split on this one. With the number crunch being what it is and the definite need at DL and LB, I don't see Tennessee taking a QB unless its the right one. That being said. Remember two years ago, Tyler Bray didn't hit the recruiting services radar until after summer camps and the Elite 11, the same may be the case this year.

Hampton's Answer: I think we will end up taking one this year. We just have to find one we really like and eventually we will. Kelly never held a Tennessee offer.

Name 3 LB's and the chance we have of getting each one.What are chances of landing Humpries?

James Answer: I think the best shot right now is with Nick Dawson and Otha Peters. I think we have a great shot at pulling Humphries.

Hampton's Answer: Nick Dawson, Kaiwan Lewis, Otha Peters. We are 2nd for Dawson behind Clemson. If they struggles, which I think they will, he could be ours. His dad loves UT. Lewis really likes the Vols, and we are hitting the NJ area pretty hard this year. We will have a really good chance of getting Peters if LSU does not offer. His stock has soared ever since the Vols offered.

Any official word on who will make it into the first summer school session? If some don't make this session should we begin to worry? And are there any guys who are actually targeting the second session or later?

James' Answer No official word out yet, but a lot of rumors and speculation. Loften has to be a concern if they haven't released news on him yet. Still some time, but that may be a tough one. I think and hope Martin gets in.

Hampton's Answer: I haven't seen a list put together of when everybody will be here. I can remember some guys saying they won't be here until 2nd session. No, them not being here 1st session is nothing to worry about. It appears the only guys who may have trouble getting in are Pat Martin and Eddrick Loften, and things aren't exactly looking bad for those 2 guys.

When are UT's summer camps, who is most likely to commit after the camps based on current knowledge?

James' Answer: I think Bowles is the best shot, Borne expected to commit July 18th if visit goes well and a guy like Jelks or another instate guy could pull the trigger.

Hampton's Answer: There are 3 or 4 different camps in June and July. I'm not sure on the exact dates. I think guys like Bowles, Borne, or Tyrone Pearson could commit after a camp visit.

What are our chances at landing Eddie Goldman?

James' Answer: Not sure on this one, I think the coaching staff is pushing hard for him.

Hampton's Answer: Our chances are pretty bleak at the moment. We would absolutely love to get in with him, but we may not be able to. We are trying though. I know we visited his school a couple weeks ago.

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