Versatile prospect

A "pretty tough rascal" with the potential to play tight end, outside linebacker or defensive end at the college level is getting a look from Tennessee.

Dakota Godfrey is a 6-3, 215-pounder who will be a senior this fall at Leon High School of Tallahassee, Fla.

"He's got a nice frame," head coach Bill Ragans said. "He plays hard and he's a very aggressive kid."

Godfrey will exhibit that aggressiveness at tight end and outside linebacker this fall after playing exclusively defense as a junior last season.

"A lot of people like him at tight end," Ragans said, "but we're kind of getting away from the tight-end set. He's playing really well at outside linebacker. He's got a good-sized frame. If he can put on some weight, he'll end up being a heck of an outside linebacker/defensive end type of player."

Asked to pinpoint the best aspect of Godfrey's game, Ragans replied: "He runs to the football, and he's in a bad mood when he gets there.

Godfrey's development would be a lot further along if not for a couple of tough breaks. He broke a thumb in 2010 that sidelined him for several games and limited him in several others.

"He played well early, broke his thumb, then struggled a little when he came back," Ragans said. "He missed three games, came back before the thumb was completely healed and still caught 15-20 balls. He's a pretty tough rascal."

Another setback cost Godfrey more developmental time in recent months.

"He missed part of offseason workouts due to a school program," Ragans said.

Because they realize Godfrey has just begun to scratch his potential, major-college recruiters are intrigued by his upside.

"He gets a bunch of mail from Tennessee and Clemson," Ragans said. "A bunch of people have expressed interest in him."

That's understandable. Godfrey has two things college coaches prize - quickness and growth potential.

"He runs pretty well for a big kid," Ragans said. "And he's got the frame to put on another 15 to 20 pounds."

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