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It's time for another's Recruiting Mailbag and this week your in for a treat. Filling in for one of our experts is owner Josh Woodward. Go "Inside" to get a lot of answers to a lot of questions.

Question: Something I've wondered.  If UT offers a prospect, does that mean they will take him if he commits?  Also, do they offer a lot of them conditionally based on certain criteria?

Josh's Answer: .Recruiting is all about ebb and flow, sometimes when you get an offer it may only be good for a period of time.

James' Answer; Often coaches will give offers with strings attached, grades, first commitment taken, etc. There is a pecking order at every position, it all depends on who pulls the trigger and when they pull it.

Question: In Randy's article on QB Will Gross, Gross's coach was quoted as saying that Oregon came in and worked him out.  Is that allowed, and if so, do all schools do it?

James' Answer: Hopefully the coach was saying that the coach came by and watched him workout. It's definitely illegal for the Oregon coach to work him out, it isn't illegal if he watched him work out during spring practice or during sixth period PE class.

Josh's Answer: College coaches can't work out a prospect at his high school, he can watch him work out. I'm not saying it doesn't happen though, because it does.

Question: With our large sophomore class, and the precedent of taking  only 3 year players this year, will we take JC players if they have only  2 years to play?

James' Answer: Dooley looks at the best case scenario in each situation especially with junior college prospects. They need some experience at several positions, and they wouldn't pass up on if they are available.

Josh's Answer: Tennessee would take an impact JUCO player any day of the week

Question: How many JC's do you expect us to take this year, and at what positions?

James' Answer: I would say four, maybe five. A linebacker, two DT's, a wide out and a tight end.

Josh's Answer:  I expect 3 players from JUCO. Linebacker,Defensive Tackle and Wide Receiver 

Question: What is the one  most critical position to fill this year to meet longer term needs, and is it happening?  If yes, with whom?

James' Answer: Linebacker, linebacker, linebacker. Then Defensive tackle, tight end also is important, unless Cameron Clear is ready to play this season.

Josh's Answer: I have a 1A and 1B. Linebacker is 1A and Defensive Tackle is 1B. They are hot on all major prospects at these positions.

Question: At one time I heard GA DT Jonathan Taylor & DE Jordan Jenkins were high on  the Vols, is that still true?

James' Answer: I think Jenkins likes Georgia and Tennessee, Taylor probably a four team race with UT still in it.

Josh's Answer: Tennessee is in the thick of things with both of these guys and I bet Tennessee is showing them the depth chart.

Question: Did the Vols offer a scholly to a long snapper? 

James' Answer; Yes they have. Do you really want left handed James Stone, who is now snapping right handed to handle the chores, he is smart, he isn't Superman.

Josh's Answer: Yes and remember it is a third of the game.

Question: Are the Vols committed to signing a QB this year?

James' Answer: I'm split on this one. I think they are, but if they don't get the right one, not sure they would take just anyone. With that said. I think there will be a surprise guy that ends up getting an offer and committing right away.

Josh's Answer: Yes they seem to after a QB for this class, they probably have a number that they want to keep on the roster.

Question: How involved are we with Tommy Schutt a DT out of ill. And how much interest does the TE from Yulee Fl. have in us?  (Kelvin Rainey)

James' Answer: Not sure on these two, probably long shots at best.

Josh's Answer: I don't believe we have a shot at Schutt, he looks to be a Penn State or Notre Dame guy. The tight end Rainey doesn't have Tennessee in his top 4.

Question: Who will pull the trigger next? Name 3 players that could pull the trigger any day that is looking at UT.

James' Answer: Hunter Brown for sure if offered, I think Andrew Jelks will pull the triigger and probably Bowles.

Josh's Answer: Hunter Brown if offered at Camp, Andrew Jelks, and Gerron Borne

Question: How is linebacker recruiting shaping up?  What players make up our board and, in your opinion, what is our standing with each?

James' Answer: One thing for sure Coach Peter Sirmon is going all over the country looking for some help at the position. They will find someone, they need more than one.

Josh's Answer: Kwon Alexander- just watch his film, again Tennessee will pull out the depth chart and some him (starter from day one),David Perkins- Just made his top 5, Nick Dawson- Looks like a Tennessee, Clemson battle to me.

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