Top Midwest QB's In Action

The top quarterbacks from the Midwest and Canada showed up for the Nike Camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Who was the "Top Gun"?

The (Ann Arbor) Nike Camp had several top prospects on hand this past Saturday and in my opinion, it was the quarterbacks and wide receivers that stood heads and tails above the rest.

The cream of the quarterback crop were Chase Patton, Brian Hoyer, Anthony Turner and Mike Vlahogeorge.

Hoyer, the big gunslinger from Cleveland (St. Ignatius) had the best day throwing the ball. I was very impressed with Brian's size and arm strength.

I don't know if you can tell anything by a handshake but when I met Hoyer on Saturday, he gave me a big confident smile and firm handshake. Hoyer looks like a natural leader on the football field.

Columbia (Mo.) Rock Bridge quarterback, Chase Patton, definitely had the best game film I've seen of all the quarterbacks but it looked like Chase was pressing a little bit on Saturday.

Patton wanted a shot at making the "Elite 11" camp so badly that he purchased a plane ticket at the 11th hour in order to make it to Ann Arbor.

The Nike Camp is a big event and even bigger for the quarterbacks because of the "Elite 11" camp. Even the most highly recruited of prospects has butterflies in their stomachs before these camps.

Patton seemed to relax more and he threw a better ball as the day went on.

Lafayette (Ind.) Jefferson signal caller Mike Vlahogeorge was all that I thought he would be and then some. Vlahogeorge had the height (6-4) and he was he most put together (220-pounds) quarterback at the camp.

Vlahogeorge threw a great ball and he has an extremely strong arm. I overheard several of the college coaches on the sidelines talking about Vlahogeorge's arm strength and most felt Mike would be a nationally recruited quarterback.

Last but definitely not least was Dayton (Ohio ) Chaminade-Juliene quarterback Anthony Turner. Anthony also threw a great ball and stood out as one of the top five quarterbacks at the camp. Turner threw a beautiful deep ball and speaking with the receivers after the camp, most felt that Turner threw the most catchable football.

There were two quarterbacks who definitely improved their stock at the Nike Camp. Canada's Mike Faulds and Wisconsin's Brian Brunner drew raves from the coaches in attendance.

Other quarterbacks in attendance that have D-1 ability were Dan Nicholson (Illinois), Earnest Jackson (Michigan), Ron Ball (Ohio), David Wess (Ohio) and Warren Suess (Iowa).

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