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A. Will Greg King, Nigel Mitchell- Thornton have any impact at Lb? B. Who will be the receiver that surprises us? Z. Rodgers, Arnett, Dallas, A. Jones or Anderson C. Any word on the two missing opponents for the 2012 football schedule, now that A+M seems at least out of the picture for next year?

Hampton's Answer: A) King will be in the rotation if he can stay healthy. He is one of the more talented and bigger guys we have back there. I would not expect NMT to make much noise. B) It sounds like Anderson may be the surprise with what others are saying about him. C) I have not heard anything.

Josh's Answer: A) Nigel should help on special teams and I agree with Hampton on King, he will play and play a lot. B) Anderson has made as smooth transition to receiver and has looked really good. Arnett will be hard to keep off the field. The big knock on Z. Rodgers is can he stay healthy. If so, he can help this team. I believe Jones is having a hard time adjusting to the SEC level. C) Not Sure

Which of the Miami DE commits do we stand a better chance of swaying to the Vols? Both?

Hampton's Answer: I think we have a decent chance of turning Trent Taylor. He seems to really like us and will be here for the Montana game.

Josh's Answer: I believe they have a great shot at Trent Taylor. Darin Hinshaw made it a priority to give him a visit even before he leaves to come on an official. Jelani Hamilton is looking at LSU and North Carolina.

Whats the latest on Marion Grice?

Hampton's Answer: Nobody has talked to Grice in months so it's hard to tell really, but the feeling is the Vols are in pretty good shape and will get an official visit.

Josh's Answer: I'm not sure he is that big of priority right at this moment. They need defensive lineman in a big way.

1. What do our 2013 football needs look like by position? 2. What is the current state of b-ball recruiting? a. How many will we sign in 2012? b. Who are the primary targets that we are in good standing with?

Hampton's Answer: 1) I would rank our first 4 needs as LB, DT, DE, and TE. We have filled the LB need. 2) I think we are looking to get 3 or 4 guys in this class. Montay Brandon, Charles Mitchell, and Ryan Rosburg are 3 guys I'd keep an eye on.

Josh's Answer: 1)I say Tight End, Safety, Linebacker , Wide Receiver and Running Back. Also look for Tennessee to start looking for a big time QB. 2.)It still early for Cuonzo and crew in basketball. They do have an up hill battle. They are in good shape with Montay Brandon and are keeping tabs on 12-15 more guys.

What are our real chances with D O'Brien, and what is your guess on getting him?

Hampton's Answer: We are sitting good right now and the feeling I have is that he will be a Vol.

Josh's Answer: O'Briens father told Chris Price that they compared ever school to Tennessee when taking visits. This bodes well for Tennessee. The thing I would be concerned about is he is a Michigan kid. Michigan I believe leads at this point, but not by much.

Who and when will be our next commit?

Hampton's Answer: I will say Andrew Jelks after the Cincy game. Trent Taylor is one to watch though.

Josh's Answer: I say Taylor or could be a 2013 kid. Tennessee is way ahead on 2013 kids.

What are our chances with the JUCO recruits Patterson, Jackson, Grice, Autry, and McCullers?

Hampton's Answer: Right now, I think we get Autry and Patterson. We have a good shot with the other 3 as well. Miami getting in trouble helps us alot with Jackson. If Bama doesn't have room for McCullers (which some think they don't, the Vols may be the team to beat for him. And as I said above, we are definitely in it for Grice.

Josh's Answer: Tennessee leads for Autry and Patterson has said Tennessee would be in his top 5. Jackson is an Arkansas lean to me, but he does like Tennessee. They may not have room for McCullers or Grice.

Do you feel, one, that we need Paterson or any other new '12 receiver now, and, second, that he really wants to be a Vol? If he does why hasn't he already pulled the trigger, we seem to be filling up fast.

Hampton's Answer: I don't think we need one, but we really want him. He is a big time talent. I do think he wants to be a Vol. I don't think this staff puts pressure on kids to commit fast. And Patterson knows how the staff feels about him and that he can commit whenever he wants.

Josh's Answer: Patterson is a big time receiver, but I agree with Hampton they will be fine with out him.

What is your best guess for the number Tenn signs this year?

Hampton's Answer: We will sign somewhere in the 22-25 range. I'll say 24.

Josh's Answer: 25

We are hurtin at DT. Please list the DTs that you think we have a good chance with.

Hampton's Answer: I think we will get O'Brien. The last time Ryan Watson named a leader, it was the Vols. We are in for McCullers, Tomlinson, Sentimore, Valentine, and Kirven as well.

Josh's Answer: Danny O'Brien, Ryan Watson, Korren Kirven, Darrington Sentimore, Dalvin Tomlinson are my names.

What freshman will play a lot this year that no one is talking about?

Hampton's Answer: Brian Randolph is a guy I would watch out for. He has been really impressive so far, but you don't hear alot about him. I think there is a chance he could be starting at Safety at some point this year.

Josh's Answer: I think Cameron Clear is someone to watch, he is really athletic for his size and they need more than one tight end.

Is David Blackburn interviewing at Boise State?

Hampton's Answer: I have not heard that.

Josh's Answer: I say Blackburn goes somewhere else if the Hart takes the job. Not sure on Boise State, I have heard Clemson though.

Any visitors for the Montana game?

Hampton's Answer: Trent Taylor and LaTroy Lewis are the only ones I've seen say they will be here.

Josh's Answer: Hampton is correct.

How many sides does an isosceles triangle have?

Hampton's Answer: 3 because it's still a triangle. I feel I am getting tricked here somehow.

Josh's Answer: 3

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