AL LB was impressive at combine-Terrance Higgins

Terrance Higgins was one of the most impressive players on the field at the Baptist Sports Medicine Combine in Nashville, TN this weekend. He is a middle linebacker prospect from Tarrant High School in Alabama that has had an outstanding high school career. His coach is looking for him to build on that career this fall.

"This will be his third year starting for us this year," said Tarrant Head Coach Will Randolph. "He had 121 tackles for us last year. He's led the defense the past two years that gave up six points a game one year and seven points a game in another. He's a guy that can be full speed in a step. He's completely different on and off the field. He's a great kid and nice as can be off the field, but he turns into the exorcist on the field," added Randolph with a laugh. "Some kids that are mean on the field are just mean kids. Terrance is a really nice kid."

When I saw Higgins in Nashville, my first thought was, "That kid looks like Ernie Sims." For good reason; he measured in at the camp at 6-1 and 218 pounds, and he ran effortlessly through the combine drills.

"That was really the first time he's ever done an L-Drill or a Shuttle run. We have some agility drills, but he's never done those before."

Higgins ran through them like a natural. Who are some of the schools recruiting Higgins early?

"He's gotten a lot of mail from Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee, UAB, and Southern Miss. Auburn and Alabama haven't really shown much interest in him yet."

Higgins is an impressive looking physical specimen that gets the job done on the field. He will be receiving a lot more interest after his performance last weekend.

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