College Station NIKE Camp Top Players By Position

Better late than never, here are the top performers from each position at the Nike Camp in College Station, Texas on May the 3rd. Overall the camp had quite a bit of speed and most of the top-level talent was found at the offensive and defensive line positions.

Here are the top performers from each position at the Nike Camp in College Station, Texas. Overall the camp had quite a bit of speed and most of the talent was found at the offensive and defensive line positions. The evaluations were made by both the position coaches and Student Sports' staff.


Kirby Freeman (Brownwood TX)
6-2, 188 lbs, 4.62 40, 13 reps, 31.5 VJ, 3.94 shuttle
Had the best day of what was an impressive group of quarterbacks. Didn't come in with a lot of hype but showed off a very live arm, the best of the day and was very accurate. His arm seemed to get stronger as the camp went along. Also is a fine athlete who tested very well. Didn't have a big junior year completing 86 of 159 passes for 1,315-yards and nine touchdowns while rushing for 1,121-yards. Favors Texas A&M, Purdue, TCU, Texas Tech, Colorado.

Robbie Reid (North Shore HS, Houston TX)
6-3, 216 lbs, 4.46 40, 16 reps, 35.2 VJ, 4.48 shuttle
An absolute stud. Physically reminds us of Donovan McNabb. Is a big time athlete with a great arm and a huge upside. We were told how raw Reid was but we didn't see it. He's a very skilled player who looks great on film and has run a 10.7 in the 100m. Has offers from several schools including Arizona, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Arkansas, Iowa State, Wisconsin and Nebraska. Has a top five of Florida State, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Texas A&M.

Taylor Bennett (Lafayette HS, Wildwood MO)
6-3, 185 lbs, 5.15 40, 7 reps, 26.1 VJ, 4.35 shuttle
Was an absolute revelation. Played behind a senior last year and only got in for three plays all year. The lefty can really spin it and looks like a definite Div I player. Threw a tight ball every time, has good feet and is a very coachable kid with a great attitude. Has plus arm strength, a quick release and knows where to go with it. Didn't run a great 40 but moves around well. Isn't well known since he doesn't have any junior film but he's definitely worth watching. Likes Florida, Texas, Mizzouri, Stanford and Oregon.

Others who impressed:
Conor Rauschelbach, (Mullen HS, Denver CO) – 6-3, 204 lbs, 9 reps, 28.3 VJ, 4.29 shuttle
Colt McCoy (Junior), (Jim Ned HS, Tuscola TX) – 6-0.5, 160 lbs, 4.75 40, 26.0 VJ, 4.22 shuttle
Turner Wimberly (Junior), (Westlake HS Austin TX) – 6-0, 173 lbs


Sampson Taylor (The Woodlands HS, The Woodlands TX)
5-11, 200 lbs, 4.34 40, 21 reps, 37.1 VJ, 3.97 shuttle
Was the Camp MVP after a great showing in the drills, one on ones and tested off the charts. Has good size, a good burst and shows nice quick feet. Our RB coach said Taylor was at the same level as Pennsylvania running back Andrew Johnson who was the best back we had seen this year so far. As a junior, carried the ball 115 times for 707 yards but should be featured as a senior. Has big time ability and boast offers from Northwestern and Texas A&M despite not getting a ton of touches. Favors Florida State, Miami, Texas, LSU and Penn State.

Brandon Roberson (Pearland HS, Pearland TX)
5-8, 178 lbs, 4.62 40, 12 reps, 38 VJ, 4.32 shuttle
Small but compact and very shifty. A good all around athlete who looked great in the drills and showed good hands catching the ball. Has a nice burst and is more quick than fast. Also plays defensive back and could make a solid cover corner at the next level although he prefers running back. Likes Texas, UCLA, Texas A&M, Miami, Florida and Tennessee.

Others who impressed:
B.J. Mathis, (Berkner HS, Richardson TX) –5-6, 155 lbs, 4.47 40, 14 reps, 34.7 VJ, 3.90 shuttle
Steffan Brinson, (Woodland Hills HS, Pittsburgh PA) – 5-11.5, 188 lbs, 4.41, 11 reps, 25.7 VJ, 4.42 shuttle
Ken Dunn, (Hearne HS, Hearne TX) – 5-10, 206 lbs, 4.65 40, 20 reps, 31.1 VJ, 4.30 shuttle
Ramonce Taylor (Belton HS, Belton TX)- 5-10, 181 lbs, 4.35 40, 11 reps, 37.9 VJ, 4.13 shuttle


Kerry Franks (West Orange-Stark HS, Orange TX)
5-10, 165 lbs, 4.40 40, 13 reps, 30.9 VJ, 4.27 shuttle
Very smooth wide out who catches the ball very well and has excellent speed. Can get off the line and has good quickness. Well built player drew a crowd around him all day. Committed to Texas A&M and showed why with a strong camp. Also excels in track.

Jeremy Haynes (Waller HS, Waller TX)
5-10, 174 lbs, 4.75 40, 13 reps, 30.9 VJ, 4.50 shuttle
Plays much faster than he tested and looked very strong in the position drills. Is very quick in and out of his breaks and made some of the most acrobatic catches of the day. Should be worth watching this up coming season. Favors Texas A&M, Texas, Florida, TCU and Miami.

Tory Degrate (Waco HS, Waco TX)
5-11, 175 lbs, 4.51 40, 7 reps, 31.9 VJ, 4.19 shuttle
Nice looking athlete who had a good day catching the ball. Came in to the camp with a lot of hype and we could tell a lot of the defensive backs we're really gunning for him. Has a nice burst off the line and only dropped one ball all day that we saw. Hits full speed very quickly and can get good separation once the ball is in the air. Has offers from Oklahoma, Baylor, Arkansas, LSU, Texas Tech and BYU and lists Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Penn State and Texas A&M as his favorites.

Others who impressed:
Tyrone Jackson (Waller HS, Waller TX) 6-2.5, 177 lbs, 4.78 40, 6 reps, 30.6 VJ, 4.08 shuttle
Daniel Charbonnet, (The Woodlands HS, The Woodlands TX) – 5-10.5, 167 lbs, 4.31, 11 reps, 33.8 VJ, 4.01 shuttle
Bobby McCoy (Klein Forest HS, Houston TX) 6-1.5, 171 lbs, 4.57 40, 12 reps, 29.1 VJ


Herman Johnson (Denton HS, Denton TX)
6-6.5, 360 lbs, 5.50 40, 21 reps, 17.4 VJ, 5.19 shuttle
You won't find too many players any bigger than Johnson. He's an absolute house but had a great workout and was dominant in the one on one drills. Our OL coach called Johnson as good as any lineman he worked with on the tour so far. Will be a national recruit and favors LSU, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Cleveland Johnigan (Perry Walker HS, New Orleans LA)
6-7, 328 lbs, 5.61 shuttle
Another giant lineman who destroyed everyone in the one on one drills. Very aggressive player who plays with a nice mean streak. Has long arms and showed good technique in pass protection.

Eddie Rollman (Burnet HS, Burnet TX)
6-4, 282 lbs, 5.44 40, 22 reps, 21.8 VJ, 4.99 shuttle
Had a nice day and showed good quickness in the drills. The coaches loved his work ethic and desire to get better. Is a decent athlete who can move and is strong at the point of attack. Favors Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado and Nebraska.

Others who impressed:
Paul Davis, (Livingston HS, Livingston TX) –6-1, 291 lbs, 5.53 40, 18 reps, 23.9 VJ, 4.76 shuttle
Shelby Kaiser, (Waco HS, Waco TX) – 6-2, 317 lbs, 5.72 40, 20 reps, 21.1 VJ, 4.85 shuttle
Nathan Miller, (Alvin HS, Alvin TX) – 6-2, 259 lbs, 5.06 40, 13 reps, 23.8 VJ, 4.33 shuttle
Caleb Morris, (Klein HS, Klein TX) 6-2, 270 lbs, 5.25 40, 18 reps, 23.1 VJ, 4.38 shuttle


Cyril Obiozor (Pearland HS, Pearland TX)
6-3.5, 233 lbs, 4.82 40, 18 reps, 30.9 VJ, 4.21 shuttle
Big time player who looks the part and played the part in the all the position drills. Has a great burst off the ball and the perfect frame for a high school player. Will be able to add weight with ease while keeping his great quickness. Knows how to get up the field and looks well coached. One of the most impressive prospects of the day. Texas, Ohio State, Colorado, Kansas, Texas A&M and Iowa State lead.

McCollins Umeh (Klein Forest HS, Houston TX)
6-2, 242 lbs, 12 reps, 26.2 VJ, 4.69 shuttle
Excellent pass rusher who dominated in the one on one drills. Very quick off the ball and looks like an excellent edge pass rusher. Is more quick than fast but has a nice burst off the ball, uses his hands well and is relentless getting after the quarterback. Will be one of the top prospects in the state. Texas, Texas A&M, Miami, Colorado and Oklahoma lead.

Brian Jones (Everman HS, Everman TX)
6-0, 261 lbs, 5.16 40, 20 reps, 24.7 VJ, 4.81 shuttle
A short fireplug of a tackle who the coaches loved. Tremendous worker with good strength. Is tough to block and is able to push back taller lineman by using his strength and leverage. Will be an ideal nose guard in the right college system. More of a run stuffer than a pass rusher and totaled 77 tackles a year ago.

Others who impressed:
William Morrissey (Silsbee HS, Silsbee TX) - 6-1, 276 lbs, 4.94 40, 30 reps, 26.3 VJ, 4.27 shuttle
William Bell, (Belton HS, New Belton TX) –6-2.5, 219 lbs, 17 reps, 30.5 VJ, 4.35 shuttle
Chris Brunson, (Paris HS, Paris TX) – 6-2, 291 lbs, 5.35 40, 19 reps, 24.6 VJ, 4.94 shuttle
Rodney Hardaway, (Chapel Hill HS, Tyler TX) – 6-2, 208 lbs, 4.81 40, 8 reps, 24.3 VJ, 4.73 shuttle


Trey Bennett (Newton HS, Newton TX)
6-0.5, 214 lbs, 4.72 40, 18 reps, 34.0 VJ, 4.27 shuttle
Good looking player who is very athletic and just looks like a linebacker. Has a strong body, quick feet and great reactions. Good closing speed and can turn and run very well in coverage. Uses his hands well to get off blocks and is a high Div I prospect. Totaled 114 tackles and four sacks a year ago and favors Miami, McNeese St, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Texas.

Rashad Bobino (La Marque HS, La Marque TX)
5-9.5, 220 lbs, 4.65 40, 19 reps, 35.1 VJ, 4.28 shuttle
is built like a tank and is very strong. The type of kid you have to try and calm down rather than motivate. Knocked several players on their backside in non-contact drills and we can only imagine what he looks like in pads. Had 135 tackles and five sacks as a junior and has all the tools other than ideal height to garner high Div I attention. Texas, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Colorado, LSU, Miami and Penn State.

Others who impressed:
Chancellor Roberson, (Skyline HS, Dallas TX) –5-11, 207 lbs, 4.84 40, 21 reps, 28.7 VJ, 4.71 shuttle
Adrian Bradley, (B.T. Washington HS, Tulsa OK) – 5-10, 203 lbs, 4.57 40, 21 reps, 34.4 VJ, 4.18 shuttle


Jeffrey Jack (Madison HS, Houston TX)
5-9.5, 171 lbs, 11 reps, 30.1 VJ, 4.21 shuttle
Very nice looking player who has good speed and quickness and likes to play tight bump and run. Runs in the 4.5 range and has good hips and knows how to cover. Is very aggressive and is strong in the air. Texas A&M has offered and Texas, Tex A&M and LSU are his top three.

Clavoris Sibley (Westlake HS, Westlake LA)
5-11, 201 lbs, 4.59 40, 15 reps, 39.1 VJ, 4.52 shuttle
Looks like a safety but covered well and could play either spot in college. Well built athlete with great leaping ability. Locked up several receivers at the line of scrimmage and is a player who could be one of the biggest sleepers of the camp. Not well known and is not hearing from many schools right now. Claims to be wide open.

Others who impressed:
Matterial Richardson, (Marlin HS, Marlin TX) –5-10.5, 183 lbs, 4.60 40, 11 reps, 30.0 VJ, 4.42 shuttle
James Lacey, (Raleigh-Egypt HS, Memphis TN) – 5-8.5, 145 lbs, 4.62 40, 4 reps, 31.4 VJ, 4.28 shuttle

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