Diary: Hill, Dukes in recovery mode

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A few Tennessee football commitments have agreed to work alongside InsideTennessee.com to diary their senior seasons and final year of high school. Alden Hill was among the first who volunteered to share some of his thoughts and his life with our readership.

In Marlington (Ohio) High School's 35-28 loss to rival Louisville last Thursday, Hill carried the ball 18 times for 132 yards to bring his season rushing total to 677 yards.

Read below to see what Alden had to say in another installment as he and his fellow Dukes take on the Salem Quakers on Friday night at 7.

School of course is picking up, which is normal because it always does in the worst of times.

After nearly two years, the Marlington Dukes lost in the regular season to their rival, the Louisville Leopards, 35-28, in front of America on national TV.

A lot of the fans blame the officials, but personally when you are the better team, you shouldn't let the game come down to one play.

A few years ago our community and team would have been happy to sit here 3-1. This is not the case anymore.

You can ask me, my teammates or anyone in the community and they will tell you it hurts. The reason it hurts is because we have so much invested in this program. It hurts to realize that you threw away a chance to make history for the second year in a row. It hurts to know you fell short of the expectations you put in front of yourself.

What truly hurts the most is to think about where the season could head if you can't come to grips with reality and find even the slightest drop of resilience inside you. It's sad to say that after winning over and over that it became routine, if you will.

I guess I fell victim of taking it for granted and I couldn't help but feel, after some time, that our team was in invincible.

The truth is that when you think you can't be stopped, that you are invincible, you become the weakest. Then again, when you realize you have a chance to face adversity you begin to regain strength little by little.

My team now knows what must be done to save our season and face the adversity, we must hold our heads high and look for our strength.

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