Diary: Hinshaw pays a visit

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A few of Tennessee's football commitments have agreed to work alongside InsideTennessee.com to diary their senior seasons and final year of high school.

Nathan Peterman and his parents were among the first who volunteered to share some thoughts about the quarterback's life with our readership.

Read below to see what the Peterman family had to say after Bartram Trail (Fla.) High School beat Pedro Menendez 35-14 last week. Peterman completed 15 of 27 passes for 188 yards and two touchdowns. The 6-foot-2, 205-pounder also ran in a score. Coach Darrell Sutherland's Bears (3-0) host Englewood on Friday night.

Chuck Peterman

Coach Hinshaw was at the game this past Friday night. Tennessee played Florida on Saturday and I imagine a few Florida recruits got some good attention from all the Vol coaches this weekend. We were all excited to talk to the QB coach. He's full of positive energy and enthusiasm for the game and for Nate. We were disappointed with the Vol loss Saturday, but know they'll be stronger because of it!

Bartram started out with their usual fire and focus this week, moving quickly to a 21-6 score by mid-second quarter. The first play from scrimmage looked like something off an NFL highlight reel, as Nate threw a 40-yard pass down the sidelines to hit Jared Crump in full stride and he raced the rest of the 23 yards into the end zone. It was an electric way to start the game!

There were some great plays to follow and some unusual dropped passes. I felt that "smart" summed the game up for Nate. He ran at the right times, made the athletic moves when needed to extend the play, and threw it away when he had to. I also saw him trying to encourage his teammates on the sidelines. That kind of play can only come from intensity toward excellence, with little regard for past successes.

All in all I was proud of Nate and the team, but there is still a lot of work to do in order to remain on top at the end of the season. Once again Nate and most of the starters did not play the whole game, coming out in the third quarter.

Nathan Peterman

It was great to see Coach Hinshaw again this week. He was very encouraging and very pumped up to see the game.  I was also pumped up to see Tennessee play against the Gators the next day.

Our game went pretty well and we got the "W" again. WE had a lot of great spurts of good, but were just a few details away from being great.

I think although perfection is a great thing, the pursuit of perfection is what it is really all about.  The feeling that you are never perfect enough and that there is always something to get better on is what I believe makes great players and is what I strive to do. Now I think there are times to celebrate and be happy when something goes right. But as far as the outlook on the future, I think it is imperative to always want to be getting better. Something that I really took to heart this week that Coach Hinshaw mentioned to me before the game was not getting too high when things are going good, and also not getting too low when things are going bad. I thought this was great advice and really tried to put it into practice Friday night. 

It was also good to watch the game on Saturday against the Gators; even though the Vols didn't win, it was good to try and picture myself in that type of crazy SEC environment. It excites me even more to imagine the day I get to Tennessee.  However, I have to remember to just focus on my senior season and like Coach Hinshaw and my dad have been relaying to me… "just enjoy it."

Dana Peterman

It was an honor to have Coach Hinshaw with us at the game this week. I so enjoyed being able to talk with him and welcome him to "Bartram Bear" country! It was fun to introduce him to several of our friends and we are so thankful he was able to visit while in Florida. His warmth and leadership are so natural.  It makes our family all the more excited to be Tennessee Vols!

It was a memorable game. This is the first time I ever remember the Bears starting with a touchdown pass on the very first play of the game! It was beautiful to watch and definitely got the crowd on their feet early. There were great plays by many players as well as moments to learn from. Most of all, the Bears are focused and continue to build on the pursuit of excellence. We continue to pray for the team and remember Proverbs 16:3, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed." 


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