Diary: Time flying by

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A few of Tennessee's football commitments have agreed to work alongside InsideTennessee.com to diary their senior seasons and final year of high school.

Nathan Peterman and his parents were among the first who volunteered to share some thoughts about the quarterback's life with our readership.

Read below to see what the Peterman family had to say after Bartram Trail (Fla.) High School beat Robert E. Lee 58-8 last week. Peterman completed 20 of 23 passes for 315 yards and three touchdowns. In the first road game in weeks, coach Darrell Sutherland's Bears (5-0) travel to Atlantic Coast on Friday night.

Dana Peterman

Week 5 of football season brought another great victory for the Bartram Trail Bears. Enjoying a pleasant fall Friday evening with no rain, the Bears were in great form. Scoring on the first play of the game for the third week in a row was exhilarating.

Nate had a strong game finishing with 20 of 23 passes, 315 yards and played until just after halftime. Touchdowns were scored by Gabe Johnson, Jared Crump, Bobby Walker and Gabe Davis. 

The highlight of the week came Thursday evening when several of the BT players came over to our house for a typical "hang-out" night with loads of laughs and video games. This time; however, Channel 4 tagged along, too, so they could film "Reality Recruit" for Bobby Walker.

We were all celebrating Bobby's decision to commit to Troy and as always, the laughter was loud and the appetites were strong! It always amazes me how the guys can put away food as quick as I can make it! It's so much fun having them all at our house. Great team…great friends.

Nathan Peterman

Another game in the win column always feels great. The season really seems to be going fast for me, though. It feels like just last week we were in the middle of summer going to our team FCA Camp and scrimmaging other teams and here we are now already one third of the way through the season (my math isn't wrong I am just planning on a long postseason).

I am very excited for the upcoming games we have this season as we are starting to get into more challenging district play, which I know will only bring out even better things in our team. Just like (Tennessee) coach (Jim) Chaney told me when they offered me, "competition always brings out the best in people," and I am very confident it will bring out the best in our team.

It has been almost two and a half months since I committed to Tennessee and it is crazy to think that I will be there in just three more. I truly feel so blessed by God to be given this opportunity to be going there on Jan. 6. The closer I get to that day, the more of a reality it becomes, and more importantly, the more I thank God for all His blessings in my life.

Chuck Peterman

Nate played another really good game this past Friday against Lee. Still a little disappointed he gets taken out after the first series in the third quarter each game. Smart decision from the coach, just a sentiment from a Dad who is trying to cherish as much of his son's high school career as possible. 

Hunter, Nate's cousin, played a flag-football game on Saturday. Don't even need to shut my eyes to remember those initial special flag-football moments that got Nate started at the QB position. I'm imagining my nephews soon to be wearing the pads and helmet as well!

Nate and I were got tickets to go to the Jags versus Saints game on Sunday. We were in the northwest corner of the end zone in Section 116. Pretty good seats! Nate has a poster of Drew Brees up in his room and true to form was studying his every move and imagining himself in the situations of every snap.

The ride home in traffic afforded much needed connection time. I love discussing mental strategies for success in the remainder of the season. We both know the time is short to make a few more memories before workout time at "The Power T."

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