Diary: Peterman rallies team back

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A few of the Tennessee football commitments have agreed to work alongside InsideTennessee.com to diary their senior seasons and final year of high school.

Nathan Peterman and his parents were among the first who volunteered to share some thoughts about the quarterback's life with our readership.

Read below to see what the Peterman family had to say after Bartram Trail (Fla.) High School beat Atlantic Coast 42-7 last week. Peterman completed 13 of 20 passes for 171 yards and three touchdowns. Coach Darrell Sutherland's Bears (6-0) host Stanton College Preparatory School on Friday night.

Chuck Peterman

I was very "keyed up" about Atlantic Coast because they were touted as "the team to beat" besides St. Augustine (who has made a playoff run every year for the last 10). Added to the emotion was the fact that a "Nor'easter" would be hitting us right about the time the game started. The wind and the rain would make ball control essential. We did end up getting a lot of rain and some whipping wind in the second and third quarter.

I was more proud then ever of the whole team's response to adversity, self-control and ball-control in the 6 years I've watched Bartram play.

On our first possession and series we failed to convert a fourth down, risky try giving them the ball on their 30-yard line. Eight short plays later they converted the turnover on downs into a touchdown. This is the first time all season we've ever been down. And this was a hard-hitting, talented team. I was sure it would be a long nail-biter of a game.

But those nerves were laid to rest in short order as the Bears did business! They were focused. They were intense. And while the home team "Stingrays" press-box and sidelines did all they could to distract and secure their lead, the team stayed intent on excellence in everything (the motto for this season).

By the end of the first quarter it was 21-7 us. End of second quarter it was 35-7. And then… as in every previous game, by mid-third quarter the decision was to pull the starters as we had amassed a 42-7 point spread! 

Nate was more joyful than usual after the game even though he took some hard hits. Also that night Jared Crump committed to Wake Forrest. We were so excited for him!

Dana Peterman

I had the opportunity to hear Coach Sutherland's pre-game speech to the players as I was helping serve the team meal before they left school for the game Friday afternoon. It was a quick meal (15 minutes) as the team needed to hurry to special team meetings and load the buses for the away game.

I will never forget Coach Sutherland's powerful words:  "Play with purpose…play with the pleasure of God!" …

…and the Bears took those words to heart! It was a triumphant game amidst a sea of rain poncho-wearing BT friends and family! The stands were full and no one seemed to mind…we were there to cheer on the Bears for the mission they were called to fulfill.

We were very proud of the entire team's strong sense of purpose and passion. Let the journey continue….onward!

Nathan Peterman

Well this week was definitely a fun one for our whole team.

Atlantic Coast is one of the top teams in our district and we knew it was a must-win. We went into the week of practice with a lot of focus and intensity and it only carried over to the game. 

They were very excited and pumped up for the game because they knew the weight it had on their season, also. 

Even though we went down 7-0 at first, there was no panic or nervousness in our team at all. We saw the first drive as just simply a fluke and took to the field again to prove it was. I think we proved our point fairly well as we scored six every series until we were pulled out. I was very proud to see how our team responded to this momentary challenge and think it was that we were given the opportunity to face some adversity. 

It was also a joyous night as my other receiver, Jared Crump, committed to Wake Forest later that night. I am very happy for him and hope it will be a great fit for him. He is a very talented athlete, and just further demonstrates how blessed I am to have such great talent surrounding me, also.

I also enjoyed watching the Tennessee-Georgia game this weekend all the way up until the end. It was good to see them battle back and forth, but very unfortunate to see the injury to Tyler Bray. I know that is one of a quarterback's worst fears to come down on a helmet like he did and injure your throwing hand.

It will be interesting to see how they do against LSU this weekend, though. I will definitely be pulling for them to upset the Tigers. 

Anything can happen in a conference as tough as the SEC.

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