Early QB Rankings for 2004

Though still very early, here is an initial look at the quarterback list for April of 2004, inclusive of all draft eligible prospects. This list will be worked throughout the summer as we make our way back into the film from the 2002 season. More will be added and these prospects will be covered in-depth throughout our team previews.

Full Name School Year Scouting Report
Ben Roethlisberger Miami-Oh 4Jr Young signal caller with a tremendous amount of upside potential as he matures both physically and mentally.
Eli Manning Mississippi 5Sr Smart, instinctive signal caller and the next great quarterback from the Manning household.
Andrew Walter Arizona St 4Jr Big armed pocket passer who could shoot to the forefront.
Luke McCown Louisiana Tech 4Sr Combines brains and a big league arm to dominate a lower level of competition.
JP Losman Tulane 5Sr Fire ball thrower who needs to iron out the rough edges.
Casey Clausen Tennessee 4Sr Needs a big season after an injury riddled 2002 campaign.
David Greene Georgia 4Jr Very underrated but knows how to win and lead an offense.
Jared Lorenzen Kentucky 5Sr Erratic but big armed passer with a good amount of upside potential. 
Philip Rivers North Carolina St 4Sr Great team leader but lack the arm and has an unorthodox motion
Matt Schaub Virginia 5Sr Could move up with a big season.
Gino Guidugli Cincinnati 4Jr A lot of skill and developing rapidly.
Cody Pickett Washington 4Sr Athletic and makes plays with his legs.
Ryan Dinwiddie Boise St 5Sr Does not pass the eyeball test but has a lot of Rex Grossman in him.
Derek Anderson Oregon St 4Jr Fizzled after a quick start but has the physical skills teams want in a big pocket passer.
Rod Rutherford Pittsburgh 4Sr Great athlete that could make a big leap north if he has a good season as a passer.
Ryan Schneider Central Florida 5Sr Efficiently leads the offense.  Lacks the great size but coming off a terrific spring.
Timmy Chang Hawaii 4Jr
Jason White Oklahoma 5Sr
Jason Fife Oregon 5Sr
Zack Mills Penn St 4Jr
Chris Lewis Stanford 4Sr
Jon Van Cleave La-Lafayette? 5Sr
Chris Rix Florida St 4Jr
Craig Krenzel Ohio St 4Sr
Robert Kent Jackson St 5Sr
Matt Kegel Washington St 5Sr
Matt Mauck LSU 4Jr
John Navarre Michigan 5Sr
Nathan Chandler Iowa 5Sr
Adam Hall San Diego St 5Sr
Nick Eddy Houston 4Sr
Dan Orlovsky Connecticut 4Jr
Bradlee Van Pelt Colorado St 5Sr
Josh Harris Bowling Green 5Sr
Scott Hall North Texas 5Sr
Josh Fields Oklahoma St 4Jr
Jeff Smoker Michigan St 4Sr
Paul Troth East Carolina 4Jr

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