2004 Recruiting Profile- Steve Rehring (OL)

At 6'8'', 320 pounds, Steve Rehring is, physically, one of the biggest recruits in the state of Ohio. However, Coach Larry Cox is quick to point out that "Steve is not fat; he is just an overall big kid." Coach Cox also added, "Steve's work ethic is second to none. A lot of kids work as hard, but none work harder. I'll put him on the line any day of the week."

Steve has good but not great feet. However, Coach Cox explains, "A 6'8'' guy that moves good is a 6'6'' guy that moves great. Defensive linemen usually find themselves having to run around Steve."

Steve has received offers from Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana, NC State, Duke, Maryland, Cincinnati, and all of the Mid-American programs. Schools that are showing a high interest in Steve but want to see him camp first include Ohio State, Michigan, Miami (FL), and Tennessee. Miami offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski (a Toledo, OH native), is really interested in his talent.

Steve's favorites include Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Michigan, and Ohio State, with Ohio State being the forerunner since his teammate and best friend Brandon Maupin has signed with the Buckeyes.

Coaches like Steve's athleticism coupled with his size. Coach Cox explains, "You have to be athletic when you are that size. That is the only way a player will be successful." Steve's size in combination with the way he moves reminds Coach Cox of St. Louis Ram and former Ohio State Buckeye Orlando Pace.

In terms of improving to achieve success on the college field, Coach Cox feels Steve needs to work on speed and strength. However, Coach Cox adds that every player must work on speed and strength because the college game is so much different than the high school game.

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