Red-zone woes

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Jim Chaney's offense has scored 31 times in it's 37 trips to the red zone in 2011, 24 of those scores being touchdowns, but as of late the Tennessee offense has struggled far more than those statistics indicate.

With Tyler Bray (thumb) back at the helm of the Volunteers offense Chaney's crew found a little bit more success in their win over Vanderbilt, but they still aren't where they want to be.

"Details and assignments show up all the time when you get inside the 10-yard line," Chaney said Wednesday. "As you can see, we have struggled so much down there and we are a victim of details and assignments.

"We have probably tried to do too much down there and we don't execute anything. I think in red area we are O.K. until we get down there and then it has been a nightmare for us."

A new wrinkle in the Volunteer offense, the pistol formation, was able to aide Tauren Poole to his third 100-yard rushing performance of the 2011 season and also enabled Poole to score from two yards out in the contest.

"I think the disguise of where the ball is going was better and new, so they probably didn't get a lot of reps working against it," Chaney said of the success in the formation. "Your play-action passes off of it tended to be a little better. Obviously if frees up Tyler (Bray) from having to be under center and damage the finger. That benefited us I think."

Bray, while still shaking off the rust after missing five weeks to injury, still managed to pass for 189 yards and two touchdowns in the contest. Now the question becomes will the Vols look at using the pistol even when Bray is able to take a snap under center.

"I don't know," Chaney said. "Right now we will keep rolling with it because it is working right now. We will study it in the off-season a little more, which we have already.

"We will just see how it evolves and how it grows. For my own personal good I will look at it more just for my own knowledge so if this happens again I will be a little bit more prepared."

Bray, Poole and Chaney will need to bring their A-game for this week's contest with the Kentucky Wildcats play-making defense in order to get eligible for Tennessee's 50th bowl bid in school history, second only to Alabama (58).

Watch as Chaney addressed the media Wednesday afternoon:

Bray met with reporters at Haslam Field on Tuesday morning. To see what the signal-caller had to say, click on the video below:

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