SEC coach takes shot at UT

An unidentified SEC football coach has some fairly critical comments about Tennessee's program in The Sporting News' SEC Football guide.

Here's what TSN ran under the heading: ''An SEC coach says ...''

''If games are won by how you look in uniform, these guys would be unbeaten every year. They're big, they're strong, they're fast. But they're not the smartest team. It's hard to figure out because they've got a fantastic staff over there. They make too many mistakes on offense, and they're out of position on defense. And they can still win just about every game because they'll just out-athlete you.''

The piece went on to note: ''If I'm Phillip Fulmer, Casey Clausen is a player who just frustrates the hell out of me. It's obvious he has talent, but if things aren't going well in a game, you wonder if he has enough moxie to pull you out of it.''

Among other things, the piece also said that the Vols ''don't have an identity on offense'' and ''have to use Cedric Houston more.''

The anonymous coach concluded by noting: ''They've never been that good in the secondary; they just don't cover well, especially in zone packages. If you can figure out a protection package, you're going to have success.''

The Sporting News' SEC Football guide is on newsstands now at a cost of $6.99.

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