Pat Summitt speaks to Tipoff Club

Pat Summitt spoke to the Big Orange Basketball Tipoff Club on Wednesday. Go inside with Inside Tennessee for video coverage of the event.

Tenenssee Coach Pat Summitt opened her remarks at the Tipoff Club by holding up a pair of shoelaces - a gift intended, as a joke, for Assistant Coach Mickie DeMoss, who fell on the California road trip last month and broke her arm after Summitt stepped on her loose shoelace while the staff walked to dinner.

During her remarks Wednesday, a gentleman slid closer to the edge of his chair to take a photo of Summitt, and he toppled to the floor. Summitt joked that he wanted to join her staff.

Dean Lockwood also shared a story about a man he met at a gas station who tried to get a date with Summitt.

Inside Tennessee was on hand for video coverage of the event.

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