New Kid On The Block

One great thing about the May Evaluation period is finding out about new prospects that have flown under the radar screen so far. Todd Smith is such a prospect that you will be hearing a lot about this fall and recruiting season.

A new name on the radar screen when it comes to recruiting in the state of Florida is Todd Smith. Smith, 6-4.5 and 285 pounds, plays offensive guard and defensive tackle for Hollywood (Fla.) South Broward High School.

"He has really good feet," South Broward Head Coach Alan Held said. "Todd just ran a 5.0 forty and he's faster than that on the field. He gives 100% on every play until nothing is left. I think he is a little better on offense. On defense, he can take over a game. He's such a good athlete."

Coach Held is a new addition to South Broward. He recently became their new head coach. Another keen observer of Todd Smith is Larry Blustein, from and

"I really believe that he could play for any school in the country and I mean that," Blustein said. "Todd is so athletic and he has great feet for a big man."

Smith is good enough to play on either side of the ball at the next level. So what position does he want to play?

"It doesn't matter to me," Smith said. "I just want to play and get on the field. "I think I am quick enough on both sides of the ball and I have good agility."

The question now is how big of a commodity Smith will become over the coming months. Things really started to pick up for Smith towards the end of the May Evaluation period.

"Nobody has offered Todd yet because he was such an unknown quantity," coach Held said. "Nobody knew about him. That to me is amazing. But LSU should offer soon. Georgia and Florida have been by and they both seem very interested."

At this point, Smith has a favorite team but he is pretty wide open.

"I really would like to play for Miami," Smith said. "They are like the home team and they are so hard core when it comes to football. But that may not happen and I know that. I just want to play. I would love to find a run oriented team and pick a place I feel comfortable. Right now, I don't know what will happen but Wisconsin, South Florida, Iowa, Florida, Georgia, LSU, and Nebraska are all showing me a lot of interest."

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