Tiger On The Prowl

Early "Tiger" Doucet will play his last season this fall at quarterback and oh what a season it should be. Doucet is just an incredible athlete and may be Louisiana's most exciting high school player since Kevin Faulk.

If you are a fan of Saint Martinville (La.) High School you are one lucky person. You get to see Early Doucet play. He just may be the most exciting high school football player that the Bayou State has produced since Kevin Faulk (from Carencro). Doucet, like Faulk did at Carencro High School, is playing quarterback at the high school level. But Doucet wants to change positions as the next level.

"I want to play wide receiver in college," Doucet said. "I will be done at quarterback and I just feel that will be the best move for me. I played wide receiver as a freshman and I play it sometimes at camps. Plus, playing QB for a few seasons will help me at that position."

Until then, the Saint Martinville fans get to see a Tiger under center. Tiger is Doucet's nickname given to him by his father at a very young age. Doucet, 6-1.5 and 210 pounds, runs in the 4.4 range and this cat is the quickest and most electrifying signal caller in the country outside of the one that resides in Atlanta (Mike Vick).

"My goal is to take what the defense gives me but sometimes things break down and I use my God-given ability. It's funny you say that I remind you of (Kevin) Faulk because a lot of people around here say that. Sometimes I watch myself on film and I say ‘how did I do that.' I guess a lot of what I do is just instincts."

Last season as a junior, Doucet led his team to a 10-2 record. He passed (39/70) for over 600 yards and six touchdowns and rushed for over 1,200 yards and 22 scores.

Recently, I got to watch Doucet's highlight film from his freshman, sophomore and junior seasons. You could see how much of a better quarterback and passer he became with each year. What also jumped out at me was the pure football instincts this kid has. As a quarterback, he really reminds me of watching Anquan Boldin in high school. Doucet is unbelievably quick, has great speed, vision and is one of the most elusive quarterbacks (just like Boldin was in high school) I have ever seen at the high school level. Quite simply, he is almost impossible to bring down in the pocket. Doucet can break tackles, make the defenders miss and has superior vision. It's like he can sense something is going to happen before it happens. In addition to all his athletic ability, Doucet has great size. But the best part of his game is when things break down and his athleticism just take over and he turns into one heck of a running quarterback.

According to Doucet, he has 12 to 13 scholarship offers including some from the big boys of college football – LSU, Miami, Florida, Florida State, Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, USC, and Tennessee.

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