Washington NIKE Football Camp MVPs and Top Marks

And then there were none... The NIKE Football Training Camp tour, which started in Los Angeles on April 6 and included 11 events across the nation, wrapped up for 2003 with an event in the Northwest on Friday. Players came from 21 different states---as far away as Florida, South Carolina and New Hampshire---to participate at the camp held at the Univ. of Washington. Here are the top marks and the senior and underclass MVPS...

It's interesting that the two MVPS of the camp, the senior and underclassman, came long distances and both called to see if they could come in the final week or two leading up to the NIKE Football Training Camp held Friday at the University of Washington.

Lineman Gino Cruse of Phoenix (Ariz) Desert Vista may have been overshadowed by TE Zach Miller and WR Corion Cooper, both of whom shined at the L.A. NIKE Camp, but Cruse launched himself this week as he fortuitously was in town to attend the UW summer camp.

He called last week to see if he could attend the NIKE Camp and all he did was weigh in at 6-3, 312 pounds and, according to Greg Biggins, Director of Recruiting for Student Sports, "dominate the line drills. He's a major sleeper who had 18 sacks last year and wanted to get exposure. He'll get that for sure now. The great thing was he was tickled to death when told he was the camp MVP."

Coach Bernard Ivie of Mumford High in Memphis, Tenn., said he'd tried all spring to reach somebody about attending a NIKE Football Camp, but couldn't reach anybody before the events in the Southeast.

No matter... Coach Ivie brought tall, talented receiver Dennis Catalano and his son, Cole, a junior-to-be DB/WB. According to Biggins, the underclass MVP was "really, really good with the DBs in the drills and tested off the charts."

Speaking of testing, here are the top 5 marks in each of the measured tests:

TOP 40s
1) Cole Ivie (Munford, Memphis TN) DB/QB 5-7, 160---4.46
T2) Fraser O'Neil (Hansworth, Vancouver BC CAN) WR 6-3, 190---4.47
T2) Dan Schilling (Horizon, Scottsdale AZ) RB-DB 5-10.5, 190---4.47
4) Reggie Jones (Kent-Meridian, Kent WA) DB 5-11, 180---4.49
T5) Zach Fletcher (Bethel, Spanaway WA) RB 5-8, 171---4.50
T5) James Howell (Gahr, Cerritos CA) WR 5-5, 119---4.50

1) Jayson Bird (Shelley ID) RB 5-10, 216---36.7
2) Cole Ivie (Munford, Memphis TN) DB/QB 5-7, 160---35.8
3) Alex Smart (Mount Si, Snoqualmie WA) QB 6-3, 205---35.4
4) Teneil Pinkney (Kent-Meridian, Kent WA) WR 6-2, 163---35.0
5) Reggie Jones (Kent-Meridian, Kent WA) DB 5-11, 180 4.49---34.4

1) Bryan Barrett (Kennedale TX) QB/DB 6-0, 177---3.93
T2) Matt Castelo (Valley Christian, San Jose CA) RB/DB 5-10.5, 189---4.02
T2) Anthony Stewart (Garfield, Seattle WA) DB 5-6, 160---4.02
T4) Zach Cooper (Kennedy, Seattle WA) RB/DB 5-7, 172---4.06
T4) Erik Woldseth (Issaquah WA) WR 5-11, 161---4.06

TOP BENCH PRESSES (185 pounds max reps)
1) Scott Allanson (Jackson, Mill Creek WA) OL 6-3.5, 232---37
2) Brian Wilson (Paraclete, Lancaster CA) LB/DE 6-1.5, 261---29
3) Brett Pearce (Kentridge, Kent WA) OL 6-0.5, 265---28
T4) John Hamilton (Temple TX) LB 6-1, 197---24
T4) Michael Lee (Edmonds-Woodway, Edmonds WA) LB 5-10, 214---24

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