Video Footage of "Big Baby"

It's almost not fair to have Glen Davis on the field at the high school level. See some clips of this big man in action.

When looking for offensive linemen, the first thing coaches talk about are a player's feet. Does he have good feet? Does he have quick feet? Linemen must be able to shuffle their feet quickly to stay in front of a defender once they are engaged in a block.

Coaches are going to be hard pressed to find a big man with better feet than Glen Davis of Baton Rouge, LA. Davis is one of the top basketball players in the country, and at 6-8 and 345 pounds, he has the frame to be a Top 5 pick in the NFL draft in 2007.

He plays fullback, defensive end, and defensive tackle in high school, and he has freakish agility for a player of his size. He sometimes lines up in the slot position and catches a quick tunnel screen. He looks as if he were someone's dad out playing with the neighborhood kids in pickup football.

The best way to appreciate Glen "Big Baby" Davis is to see him in action, and presents several of his video clips from his junior season.

#86 Glen "Big Baby" Davis

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