Eugene Nike Camp Top Players By Position

With just over 200 participants, the Nike Camp in Eugene (Ore.) held on June 14th was one of the smallest camps of the 2003 tour, but was large on talented big men. David Faaeteete of North (Medford, Ore.), who has already committed to the University of Oregon, earned honors as the camp's top defensive lineman. Click here to see the rest of the best from Oregon!


Matt Tuiasosopo (Woodinville WA)
6-2, 205 lbs Did Not Test
Looked great throwing the ball and will likely be our choice as the top quarterback prospect on the West Coast. Has really matured physically and is beginning to look more like his older brother Marques. Can make all the throws, has great feet and threw a tight ball every time. Very tough and competitive with a great work ethic. A natural leader who other players will want to follow. Loves baseball and will do both sports in college. Has offers from Washington, UCLA, USC, Nebraska, Northwestern and Washington State and favors the Huskies, Bruins and Trojans right now.

Jacob Bower (Meridian ID)
6-3, 217 lbs, 4.82 40, 18 reps, 4.65 shuttle
Has a live arm and although he's still raw mechanically, has a very nice upside to him. Great kid who really wants to learn and get better. Likes to be coached. Has a college body, big, strong kid who moves well in the pocket. Has offers from BYU, Oregon State, Boise State, Utah and Utah State and BYU leads over Oregon State and Purdue.

Others who impressed:
Paul Kruger, (Timpanogos, Orem UT) – 6-4, 238 lbs, 4.91 40, 15 reps, 25.6 VJ, 4.40 shuttle
David Johnson, (Southridge, Beaverton OR) – 6-1, 187 lbs, 4.90 40, 6 reps, 28.2 VJ, 4.44 shuttle
• Kyle Miller, (Evergreen, Vancouver WA) – 6-2, 185 lbs, 4.97 40, 9 reps, 25.4 VJ, 4.45 shuttle


Jonathan Stewart (Timberline, Lacey WA)- JUNIOR
5-10, 206 lbs, 4.57 40, 23 reps, 37.1 VJ, 4.19 shuttle
Had a great showing and earned Camp MVP honors, the only underclassmen to earn the honor in any of the camps this year. Slipped when he ran his 4.57 40 and would have likely been in the 4.4 range on any other surface other than the field turf we tested on. Is built like a tank, has a great burst and seems to explode in and out of his breaks. Was a Student Sports Sophomore All-American a year ago and could be the top back in the West right now.

Jon Shepherd (South Kitsap, Port Orchard OR)
5-8, 183 lbs, 4.59 40, 20 reps, 33.6 VJ, 4.44 shuttle
A major sleeper who had a strong camp. Stocky kid wit a nice burst and very strong. Has good quickness and is a shifty runner who could end up being a solid mid-level Div I player. Also catches the ball well and is tough in the open field. Listed his top schools as Ohio State, Oregon, Washington and Brown.

Others who impressed:
• Utrillo ‘Dale' Morris, (Marist, Eugene OR) –5-8, 168 lbs, 4.66 40, 14 reps, 31.5 VJ, 4.36 shuttle
• Stan Jackson, (Sheldon, Eugene OR) – 5-10, 179 lbs, 4.75, 12 reps, 25.1 VJ, 4.35 shuttle
• David Shields, (Lafayette, Wildwood MO) – 6-1, 199 lbs, 4.72 40, 8 reps, 31.9 VJ
Jordyn Jackson (Columbia River, Vancouver WA)- 5-9.5, 160 lbs, 4.58 40, 10 reps, 28.4 VJ, 4.18 shuttle


T.R Smith (Jefferson, Portland OR)
5-10.5, 177 lbs, 4.49 40, 19 reps, 30.3 VJ, 4.29 shuttle
Great all around athlete who also looked good playing cornerback and could play on either side of the ball in college. Good speed and is still learning the position. Is not a natural pass catcher yet but didn't drop many balls this day. Still raw but has big upside and is not even close to reaching his full potential. Oregon State has offered and Oregon, Arizona State and Michigan State have offered.

Royce Campbell (St. Bernards, Playa Del Rey CA)
Did Not Test
Looks to be about 5-8, 170 pounds. Small but very shifty and caught every ball thrown his way. Is more quick than fast and could be a nice slot receiver for some team. Runs smooth routes and gets good separation from his man. Was a 2nd team All-League selection a year ago and will be the primary target for national signal caller Rocky Hinds next season. Favors USC, Miami, SDSU, Oregon and Cal.

Others who impressed:
Ryan Bagley (Russell, Great Falls MT) 6-3.5, 191 lbs, 4.63 40, 14 reps, 30.3 VJ, 4.46 shuttle
• Cory Rhoane, (Gahr, Cerritos CA) – 6-1, 184 lbs, 4.61, 11 reps, 29.2 VJ, 4.18 shuttle
Keith Best (Sheldon, Eugene OR) 6-4, 189 lbs, 4.78 40, 5 reps, 31.1 VJ, 4.41 shuttle


Andy Roof (East Valley HS, Spokane WA)
6-4, 304 lbs, 5.22 40, 20 reps, 24.0 VJ, 4.76 shuttle
The line was definitely the strength of the camp on both sides of the ball. Roof is a fiery competitor who really took it up a notch in the one on one drills. He has great size, moves well, is light on his feet and has a dominating personality. Has the mentality that he wants to bury his man on every play and never lets up on the field. Works very hard, has a great attitude and will continue to get better because of his work ethic. Has offers from Oregon, Washington State, Washington, Oregon State and Boise St and favors Oregon, Washington State, Oregon State and Washington.

Brent Russum (Lewiston ID)
6-3.5, 267 lbs, 5.31 40, 18 reps, 26.9 VJ, 4.46 shuttle
Had the best feet of any of the linemen at the camp. Has a nice frame and will be able to add another 20 pounds or so easily without losing any quickness. Well coached and is an advanced pass blocker. Was not intimidated going up against some of the highly touted defensive linemen at the camp. Very bright player who wants to be coached. Oregon State has offered and the Beavers, Oregon, Washington, Arizona State and Washington State lead.

Eddie Vickers (Columbia River, Vancouver WA)
6-2.5, 325 lbs, 5.50 40, 17 reps, 22.1 VJ, 5.09 shuttle
One of the surprises of the camp. Was rated by a few of the coaches as the top offensive lineman of the camp. Plays center in high school and definitely looks the part. Sets up quickly, has a strong base and doesn't get pushed around. Plays well in space and is a very intriguing prospect. Would love to see him on film but did earn All-League honors a year ago. Favors UCLA, Oregon and Washington State.

Others who impressed:
• Tony Boyd, (North, Salem OR) –6-1, 312 lbs, 5.75 40, 20 reps, 19.9 VJ, 5.13 shuttle
• Tyler Schlauderaff, (Shelton WA) – 6-5.5, 298 lbs, 5.75 40, 20 reps, 21.6 VJ, 4.95 shuttle
Bryan Smith, (Enumclaw WA) – 6-3.5, 281 lbs, 5.47 40, 24 reps, 24.8 VJ, 4.98 shuttle
• Adam Korby, (Poudre, Fort Collins CO) 6-2, 297 lbs, 4.75 40, 21 reps, 19.7 VJ, 4.75 shuttle


David Faaeteete (North Medford, Medford OR)
6-0.5, 275 lbs, 5.00 40, 21 reps, 25.8 VJ, 4.70 shuttle
Was the dominant DL of the camp, "head and shoulders" better than the rest according to the D-line coaches. Very quick off the ball with a low center of gravity and is a great bullrusher with his natural strength. Has put on 25 pounds of muscle in the past year, but still maintained his speed, running a 5.00 this spring after clocking a 5.03 a year ago at 249 pounds. Committed early to Oregon over an offer from Oregon State.

Cole Linehan (Banks OR)
6-3.5, 269 lbs, 5.12 40, 17 reps, 25.3 VJ, 4.60 shuttle
Very good player who could probably lineup on either side of the ball as a collegian. Has excellent size and the frame to add strength to go along with good speed and lateral movement. Was a 1st Team All-State selection as a junior and like Faaeteete, showed marked improvement in all testing categories from the 2002 Nike Camp to the 2003 event, dropping his 40 times by .16 of a second and adding nine reps to his bench. Likes Oregon State, Oregon, ASU and USC and Portland State is his only offer so far. 3.0 GPA.

Others who impressed:
Joe Bozikovich (Wilson, Portland OR) 6-1, 268 lbs, 5.34 40, 17 reps, 27.9 VJ, 4.57 shuttle
• Jesse Carlson (Billings West, Billings MT) 6-2.5, 232 lbs, 5.00 40, 20 reps, 32.0 VJ, 4.50 shuttle
• Travis Watson (Sandpoint ID) 6-0, 264 lbs, 5.25 40, 36 reps, 25.4 VJ, 4.65 shuttle
• Nick Schlekeway (Eagle ID) 6-3.5, 236 lbs, 27 reps, 27.9 VJ, 4.78 shuttle


Trenton Tuiasosopo (Mariner, Everett WA)*
6-1, 220 lbs, 4.59 40, 17 reps, 30.9 VJ, 4.42 shuttle
(*testing numbers from the Nike Camp in Palo Alto)
The cousin of QB recruit Matt Tuiasosopo and Raider QB Marques, Trenton has turned into a fine recruit as well, grading out as the top LB in drills. Very athletic player with good size and agility to go along with the trademark Tuiasosopo toughness. Has been a standout since his sophomore year, starting at both LB and TE. Washington has already offered and Tuiasosopo is also looking at UCLA and BYU. 3.3 GPA.

Bryan Baird (Columbia River, Vancouver WA)
6-2.5, 201 lbs, 4.79 40, 16 reps, 26.2 VJ, 4.18 shuttle
Plays safety in high school but worked with the linebackers at the camp as he projects at that position after adding a few more pounds. Already possesses a good nose for the ball and great lateral agility and despite not really having much experience at the linebacker position, looked good in footwork and coverage drills. Likes Washington State (offer), Nebraska and Oregon State. 2.5 GPA and an 820 SAT.

Others who impressed:
• Pat McKillop (Bellarmine, Tacoma WA) 6-1.5, 227 lbs, 24 reps, 28.5 VJ, 4.43 shuttle
Allen Brunner (St. Bonaventure, Ventura CA) 5-10.5, 218 lbs, 4.63 40, 47 reps, 25.6 VJ, 4.44 shuttle
• Kyle Gingg (Phoenix Christian, Phoenix AZ) 5-10.5, 200 lbs, 4.51 40, 30 reps, 30.7 VJ
Chris Anderson (South Kitsap, Port Orchard WA) 5-9.5, 211 lbs, 4.78 40, 32 reps, 30.6 VJ, 4.51 shuttle
• Vili Ngata (Highland, Salt Lake City UT) 5-10.5, 231 lbs, 4.87 40, 21 reps, 25.0 VJ, 4.75 shuttle


Thomas McKay (Palmdale CA)
6-0, 182 lbs, 4.68 40, 11 reps, 29.8 VJ, 4.23 shuttle
There weren't too many DBs that could cover the WRs consistently playing 5-7 yards off, but McKay was the exception to that norm. Has good size and instincts and probably will end up at safety in college as he doesn't really have top end cornerback speed, although he plays faster than his 40 time. Likes Oregon, ASU, WSU, UNLV and Arizona. 3.0 GPA.

T.R. Smith (Jefferson, Portland OR)
5-10.5, 177 lbs, 4.49 40, 19 reps, 30.3 VJ, 4.29 shuttle
In all likelihood was the best athlete at the camp, now just needs to find a position and learn it. Worked some with the WRs and some with the DBs, where he showed some promise with his raw natural athleticism. Plays mostly RB at Jefferson, where he was an All-League selection as a junior. Likes Oregon, ASU, Michigan State and Oregon State (offer).

Others who impressed:
• Anthony Rosso (Walla Walla WA) 5-10.5, 171 lbs, 4.67 40, 10 reps, 28.9 VJ, 4.46 shuttle
Shane Simmons (Kentlake, Kent WA) 6-1, 200 lbs, 4.59 40, 11 reps, 34.1 VJ, 4.25 shuttle

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