InsideTennessee's Monday Evening Premium Chat

For those of you that missed our premium chat on Monday night, here is the transcript. will be having another premium chat next Monday at 8pm EST. Be sure to join us.

NickGrinnell:: he ran the ball very well
GridOrange:: Anyone got the MS State game on in the background. It's on CSS right now.
Vol12:: Larkins is his own worst enemy
SandmanUT:: 21-7
NickGrinnell:: Ced looks great running the ball dont he
JefferyStewart:: He's a good change of pace back and that's a big reason Tinsley is slated for D
tnvols4life:: I hope Banks isn't the next huge talent who languishes due to lack of a home position
raiderdj:: hehe, that broadcast doesnt quite make it to cable in Arizona
NickGrinnell:: JB will be all-SEC, im just not sure where
Vol12:: Are they serious about moving Tinsley to D?
NickGrinnell:: no CSS in 'Zona?
GridOrange:: You mean you don't have CSS
tnvols4life:: I keep hearing that Tinsley hates the idea of playing D, is that true?
raiderdj:: but they still replay ASU kicking Nebraska 16-0 a few yers ago on a regular basis hehe
NickGrinnell:: if he doesnt work at WR, im not sure what else they can do
SandmanUT:: Mrs Sandman says hello to the room...
JefferyStewart:: He hates idea of sitting on the bench even more
Vol12:: Tinsley told me he hated it
GridOrange:: Tell her hi back.
DrBill:: Tinsley won't be playing D! He is going home for the 4th.
NickGrinnell:: since you said that Ron, i got the same message
JefferyStewart:: there's not enough carries for TBs if Riggs comes back
tnvols4life:: Tinsley is leaving the Vols?
NickGrinnell:: if Riggs is cleared, the carries will come off of Larkins I would guess
raiderdj:: it will be interesting to see... if Weyman makes the team, it will be in Banks best interest to help Weyman become #2 so he can focus on WR... Banks obviously has the athletic ability to play WR
DrBill:: No, no! Just going home for the 4th.
NickGrinnell:: he loves fireworks
NickGrinnell:: DT
SandmanUT:: Dar's a brewwwwwwwwwww happen wift dat dar. Brett...
GridOrange:: I love fireworks too
Volette:: Grid...........not sure if you said earlier, but why are your messages showing as a lighter color than the rest
NickGrinnell:: DT's mom is a great woman
GridOrange:: Are they Orange
NickGrinnell:: grey
tnvols4life:: So what does going home for the 4th have to do with not playing D, if anything?
JefferyStewart:: Tinsley will have to get tougher and hold on to the ball to play at UT
GridOrange:: They are Orange on mine
Volette:: no.......light blue/grey
DrBill:: She flat has a tough row to hoe. Working full time, going to school! Just have to admire her for doing all she does.
GridOrange:: Hmmm, just me?
raiderdj:: how late will the chat run Nick? I need to head home... takes me about an hour
Vol12:: Yeah, Michelle does a lot for her kids... super lady though
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DrBill:: Jeffrey, same thing they said about Travis Stephens. Some said it even after he became the leading single season rusher in UT history.
NickGrinnell:: oh just until everyone gets tired of me, or i would say 9:00 or so
SandmanUT:: Raider where u's beees in Ariz
Volette:: yep..............just my messages are highlighted in orange when I see them
raiderdj:: I'm in Phoenix Sandman
CHVol:: Any idea on when the DA will say something on the alledged rape case?
JefferyStewart:: You're right and Tinsley could still turn it around
Vol12:: Personally I think Fulmer is just trying to motivate Derrick with the threat of moving to D
raiderdj:: gotta run, see you guys in a bit
NickGrinnell:: that is very well the case
SandmanUT:: Brother out there couple weeks ago
GridOrange:: I've been to Tempe and parts around... Actually Phoenix too.
raiderdj:: ill login from home actually from remote and scroll to catch up
raiderdj:: biab
GridOrange:: Oops, 21-14 TN
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NickGrinnell:: see you dj
volfan911:: i was really expecting more of DT by now
volfan911:: but i understand his setbacks
NickGrinnell:: his lack of injury stamina has hurt him
NickGrinnell:: badly
GridOrange:: Ouch. I don't think that will work. Not sure how this thing does on re-entry
volfan911:: sure has
NickGrinnell:: nice article on the front page Jeff
GridOrange:: I'll be right back.
SandmanUT:: Hey dat dar Vol12 had big do'ns at BK...home made Ice Cream...did U'ons get any of dat dar Ice cream
GridOrange:: test
JefferyStewart:: thanx nick
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NickGrinnell:: i want to hear some seasonal projections for 03
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SandmanUT:: 10-2
NickGrinnell:: ive heard mine about as much as I want
tnvols4life:: 10-2
me4ut:: Do ya'll think Brooks sees the field this year beyond special teams and is it Simon or Peace at MLB?
SandmanUT:: yes on brooks
raiderdj:: okay guys, connected on the home box, now to run home
tnvols4life:: I am certain Brooks will get some playing time
Vol12:: I think there's been something of a contest of wills between Tinsley and the coaches about moving to WR
NickGrinnell:: Peace at first and maybe Simon after FL
raiderdj:: see ya in a bit, ill be AFK
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NickGrinnell:: dee ya dj
JefferyStewart:: Brooks is too legit to sit
NickGrinnell:: too legit to sit.. awesome
GridOrange:: If you leave, you lose the history.
SandmanUT:: he's a young Al Wilson
me4ut:: too legit to sit so we will be rotating a TON of backers??????????
SandmanUT:: and a nose for the football
Volette:: Bed time story time for little Volette............back later.......
GridOrange:: I'll see if there is anyway I can archive the chats
DrBill:: Naw! Brooks is much, much bigger than Al ever was.
SandmanUT:: I know Bill but he's got that drive
JefferyStewart:: Agree Al was a safety in high school
SandmanUT:: that want to be there for the kill ..on every play
NickGrinnell:: If DB is half the leader Al was, we are in for a treat
DrBill:: Yes, but he doesn't like to be compared to Al! So let's not do it. We don't want to p.o. a guy that big and fast:-)!
NickGrinnell:: very true
tnvols4life:: It appeared from the article in the KNS recently that he has the leadership
JefferyStewart:: I don't know that he'll be a great leader but by example
DrBill:: Sandman, what time did y'all get back to Powell yesterday?
NickGrinnell:: he will have to earn it
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JefferyStewart:: Al would get in your face
SandmanUT:: Al grew into a MLB..but had that drive ...I know ..and he will make his own mark..but, he will be compared by most fans to see if he does have that drive or the eye of the tiger
NickGrinnell:: Simon, Gaither, Mitchell and Mitchell will have that respect for most of DB's career
me4ut:: ok, next big topic: which of the big "3" receivers see significant time and what's the deal with Grimes?
NickGrinnell:: even money on Meach and Swain
SandmanUT:: about 8 PM
JefferyStewart:: Grimes becomes an H Back
SandmanUT:: Jason Swain at first
JefferyStewart:: swain makes the best start Meach comes on later
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DrBill:: Wow, y'all stayed all day. I was home and had washed both cars by 5:00!
SandmanUT:: then MEACH
GridOrange:: Evening Huntmann
Huntmann1:: how are yall doing
me4ut:: Meach gonna get qualified????????
SandmanUT:: yes
JefferyStewart:: It looks good
Huntmann1:: what about grimes
NickGrinnell:: Hunt you have any problems
tnvols4life:: any news on the DB from Rock Hill, Heffney I believe, is he gonna qualify?
SandmanUT:: it looks like everyone now but Hefney and McDaniels
DrBill:: Sandman got to talk to Spurrier Sat. night.
SandmanUT:: nope on Hefnye
NickGrinnell:: Hefney is going to have trouble
Huntmann1:: no, i wasnt logged in
SandmanUT:: Yes I got to Steve
NickGrinnell:: ah
JefferyStewart:: Heffney not likely from what I hear
SandmanUT:: at the Garden Plaza last night
Huntmann1:: what QB do you think that we will get this year
tnvols4life:: We gonna place Heffney?
Huntmann1:: i say one of the top 3 and wolke
me4ut:: shame about Hefney......small but special!
SandmanUT:: he was in town for the 40th JCScience Hill HSchool reunion
SandmanUT:: Hefney is a whale of a punt returner
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JefferyStewart:: A good cover man too
NickGrinnell:: we needed him for special teams
lgvol:: Good evening gents
DrBill:: Hello lg!
NickGrinnell:: lg how are you
GridOrange:: Howdy LG
me4ut:: Any word about who might commit prior to September?
SandmanUT:: the people I talk to in Rock Hill think he's a Big Deal and when he makes it back to UT..we are going to be please big time
lgvol:: Well but wet up here in Kingsport
NickGrinnell:: i am expecting a QB to make a jump in Sept or early Oct
lgvol:: any idea which QB?
NickGrinnell:: we need a great, electric punt returner
NickGrinnell:: Patton i hope
NickGrinnell:: he has the skills
volfan911:: i always thought Greer had the footwork to be a great return man
Huntmann1:: what are the chances on brohm
lgvol:: Great
NickGrinnell:: David Wolke wouldnt be a bad pickup either
tnvols4life:: It appears from the front page article that Wolke has the tools
NickGrinnell:: Brohm- if Bush comes on at Louisville, he will look to ND
volfan911:: i played against him in high school and he juked me on a 70 yard TD run so i know first hand
me4ut:: I thought early on we had no chance at Brohm.......hope I'm wrong!
NickGrinnell:: if he passes up ND, hey here we are
NickGrinnell:: we are a solid third on Brohm's list
lgvol:: Have you guys head about Lamon Williams a Jr Wrfrom up here at Dobyns-Bennett
JefferyStewart:: Vols may have shot at Xavier Lee no matter what you hearothewise
DrBill:: Xavier is from Florida, isn't he?
NickGrinnell:: X sounds like he is serious about being "wide open"
NickGrinnell:: yes he is from FL
lgvol:: Sounds like we are in Decent shape with the QB's
SandmanUT:: no but I have heard of Lamont Williams from Rock Hill High School, in Rock Hill SC
JefferyStewart:: Right the Daytona Seabreeze
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me4ut:: Is AS " toast" or is everything gonna work out ok?
lgvol:: This kid was a sophomore all-american in Student Sports last year
NickGrinnell:: help me, who is AS
volfan911:: antwan?
lgvol:: Antwan Stewart?
SandmanUT:: Atwan Stuart
NickGrinnell:: my bad
me4ut:: AS = Stewart ! and no, I don't mean Jeffery!!!! LOL
SandmanUT:: Stewart.
SandmanUT:: ok
DrBill:: I see where Warner Agee rated our DEs as 4th in the SEC. Hopes they rise to the top. What do y'all think?
JefferyStewart:: Thanks Althnough I have been in trouble at a college dorm before
NickGrinnell:: things should be okay if .... things should be fine
JefferyStewart:: just not the same trouble as Antwan
lgvol:: Do tell!!!
Huntmann1:: xavier lee goes to high school near my high school taht i graduated from a year ago
tnvols4life:: haven't we all
Huntmann1:: we played him in the playoffs last year
me4ut:: I think Parys will be AA before he leaves!
volfan911:: i agree me4
NickGrinnell:: Hey Hunt what do you think of X
volfan911:: he's got that drive you like to see in a player
JefferyStewart:: Is X man the real deal Huntmann
SandmanUT:: Hey who do you guys think other than our own the best at really knowing what's what in the SEC.,,Athlon's, make the call..who has the SEC down and really knows their stuff
volfan911:: and he certainly looks the part
NickGrinnell:: Parys has a tremendous amount of intensity
volfan911:: a little small right now, but he's all muscle
volfan911:: and he's cat quick
volfan911:: got that instict about him on the field
DrBill:: Some are comparing him to Leonard!
Huntmann1:: oh he is amazing, during the middle of the 1st half it was tied at 22 but then he just EXPLODED
JefferyStewart:: Parys is a perfect rush LB whicgh is another reason to run 3-4
Huntmann1:: i would compare him to the ath that banks is, however he has a better arm in my oppinion
DrBill:: Is Parys an lb or a de! Warner has him at DE!
JefferyStewart:: I know Ut thinks he's the best out there in terms of two dimensiions
Huntmann1:: oh for sure he is
JefferyStewart:: I think he's a hybird like LL
Huntmann1:: i just dont know if that will fit our style of offense
JefferyStewart:: maybe grows into DE
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NickGrinnell:: John Long has been beefing Parys up this summer
GridOrange:: Evening Vtown
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NickGrinnell:: first problem of the night
DrBill:: Yep! Parys is a little small compared to our other DEs.
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CHVol:: Don't think he can make up his mind Grid
Huntmann1:: what is j long doing to make sure we dont get all kinds of injuries again
Huntmann1:: ??
SandmanUT:: 21-17
NickGrinnell:: feeding them roids
NickGrinnell:: i think yoga was a good start
tnvols4life:: He is small but he is just a blur as he zips by Offensive Tackles, if he can play the run he will be amazing
me4ut:: What can anyone do about ligaments????? Can you make em stronger??????
JefferyStewart:: DEs in good shape don't forget McBride the best weakside end the vols have ever signed from high school
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PaVol:: Wasn't L. Little a lightweight and he smoked off the end
JefferyStewart:: Little was light but he did most of his smoking in games
NickGrinnell:: i think ligaments basically can be more flexible but not stronger
NickGrinnell:: right Doc?
PaVol:: That's what I meant <vbg>
me4ut:: Great speculation on Poe in article but do ya'll think Chavis will turn him loose???????
tnvols4life:: My physical therapist told me all I could do was strengthen the muscles around them to offer some protection, but that was back in the dark ages of knee surgery
JefferyStewart:: Just kidding Little was DE at Tn until senior year when he moved to MLB and wasn't comfortable
DrBill:: Well, not being a MD, but one who played a lot of football, baseball, basketball, & track, I believe the more you exercise them, the tougher they will be. Flexibility, however, would seem to be the best thing.
NickGrinnell:: I think the MSU game was one of the more boring in the last decade
NickGrinnell:: thats what I thought
NickGrinnell:: thanks Doc
JefferyStewart:: They're advancing surgery all the time some guys coming off Tommy John surgery are throwing 5 MFH more after surgery
DrBill:: Remember, that's just opinion from a journeyman--not an md.
NickGrinnell:: it works
tnvols4life:: yeah, 1983 was the dark ages of surgery compared to now. What they accomplish now is nothing short of amazing
me4ut:: Here's a good one: Anybody think we can find somebody besides Kesling???????
DrBill:: What if you had your cartilages removed in Nov. 1958?
NickGrinnell:: i believe there are suppliements that can help with muscle flexibility
Vol12:: J Long said they looked really hard to see if they were doing or not doing anything to contribute to the injuries and they felt there was nothing that could be specifically identified
tnvols4life:: did they have orthopedic surgery in 1958, or did they just carve on you with a sharp rock?
me4ut:: V12 - Maybe I missed it but was Long gonna share the bench and time info on Vol Access or did ya'll decide against?
JefferyStewart:: They hit you over the head with a blunt rock first
NickGrinnell:: fellas the bride-to-be says hello
Vol12:: I've got most of the numbers, but haven't gotten them off paper and on electrons yet
tnvols4life:: greetings to the future Mrs.
me4ut:: Nick -- What's his name???????? LOL
NickGrinnell:: HA
DrBill:: Actually, my surgery was the prototype for removing the use of leg lenth casts and making you get up and walk on it the day of surgery. That was unheard of in 1958.
GridOrange:: Hi Wife to be of Nickaroo
volwall:: I heard DrBill performed thesurgery on himself
Vol12:: with his teeth
tnvols4life:: that was amazingly progressive back then
DrBill:: Naw! It was with my fingernails.
volwall:: Had a good nurse in Bert
JefferyStewart:: Doc I played when they believed tape was good for anything Tape him up and get him back in
me4ut:: Ok, nobody seems to want to touch my Kesling question but while he's ok for BB, he doesn't "do it" for me for FB...comments?
DrBill:: It was very progressive for that day & time. Usually, it took 5 to 6 months to get the leg back to being half way normal, but I played in a basketball game 3 weeks after surgery! But, they say one has to have a brain to feel pain.:-)
NickGrinnell:: i wish Mike Keith would have been chosen
lgvol:: I'm with you ME...Bob doesn't do IT
NickGrinnell:: i love his excitement during game, just my opinion
tnvols4life:: I was such a John Ward fan I am not sure I can offer an unbiased opinion on Bob. I know him and he is a very nice man, but I don't care for him as an announcer.
NickGrinnell:: i like Bob personally though
kddenn:: Dr. Bill, was it by any chance done at Campbell Clinic?
me4ut:: dpm
me4ut:: oops, don't get me wrong, have met and visited with Kesling may times, I just wish we'd go a different direction .....
volwall:: Do you actually think that you can get BK removed? I don't
SandmanUT:: 28-17
Vol12:: Nah, kesling will be the guy until he retires, IMO
JefferyStewart:: Ward was one of the last of a great and dying breed I guess that's one reason I like Larry Munson
DrBill:: Jeffrey, tape was great--just like duct tape now:-)! When I was in high school, I had a roll of tape on each ankle, each knee, and both elbows. I had to have our rhb button my chinstrap for me if it came loose.
me4ut:: I don't think we could ..... I do like Priest's contribution!
tnvols4life:: I can only guess the Mike Keith saw the handwriting on the wall and moved on the the Titans
NickGrinnell:: oh im sure that was it
volwall:: Priest is excellent
JefferyStewart:: great Doctor
NickGrinnell:: Mike is really exciting to watch
DrBill:: kddenn, no! Campbell was the proponent of the leg length casts. It was done by R. Beverly Ray! He was way ahead of the md times.
NickGrinnell:: listen to, man
me4ut:: I liked that old message board that Mike Keith had for a while too!
tnvols4life:: I used to love sports talk with Mike back when I still lived in Knoxville
DrBill:: Mike knew he didn't have a chance. He told me that he tried to get DAD to return his call when JW announced his retirement, but never got the return call.
JefferyStewart:: I've got to call the Graham brothers for an interview Let's do this again I loved it
tnvols4life:: That is a shame, I think Mike would have been the better choice
me4ut:: speaking of DAD, now that he's leaving, think we'll ever get that game at Bristol Motor Speedway with VT???
NickGrinnell:: ill talk to ya tomorrow Jeff
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GridOrange:: Thanks Jeffery. Cya soon.
DrBill:: Wait a minute Jeffrey! Nick is the one who should be hurrying out of here. Us old folks can stick around and talk a lot longer:-)!
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NickGrinnell:: oh come on Doc
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tnvols4life:: I think the Bristol game would be an amazing event
NickGrinnell:: it would draw a big crowd
DrBill:: Well, if I had my bride to be close by, I would want to be out to the Redbird game (Smokies in your case); the Fairgrounds riding rides; the Zoo looking at the Pandas; Tunica watching people throw their money away; or something like that.
me4ut:: It would set a record....what did they figure? over 200k??????
tnvols4life:: I am sure both schools would make a huge payday off that event
NickGrinnell:: oh yes
tnvols4life:: I really don't see a downside to a one time event at BMS
NickGrinnell:: im with you
NickGrinnell:: great money
GridOrange:: I'd pay to see it.
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me4ut:: How old do ya'll think littletx is?????? I'm guessing 14!
tnvols4life:: We could sign a home and home with VT and make them give us there home game for BMS
NickGrinnell:: 13 or 14
NickGrinnell:: if Dollar Doug couldn't do it no one can
tnvols4life:: Funny I was guessing pre teen, 12 at max
GridOrange:: Howdy OneUT
oneutvol:: Hello all
GridOrange:: I think Little is quite young indeed.
me4ut:: funny to see littletx and Ghengis: a teen and a fifty year old (soon to be!)
oneutvol:: Grid thanks for this board
DrBill:: Look, I made all the folks mad on the Summitt trying to talk them out of a game at Bristol. First of all, as big as that racetrack is, do you think you could ever see much down on the field. In addition, they would have to tear up the entire infield. How long do you think it would take to get all the rocks and debris out of the ground. How long do you think it would take you to get back to k'town or someplace where they have motels? Neyland is the No. 1 venue for college football. Please don't make me lose a day on the campus especially since we only get 6 or 7 of them there per year. No to Bristol Speedway.
tnvols4life:: that is the fun of this kind of format, it creates funny discussions that would likely never happen in "real life"
NickGrinnell:: i am not sure we would draw what they think would be 150 K
NickGrinnell:: that is a lot of people
me4ut:: Hey! BMS would only be considered if it was an AWAY GAME! I agree Dr Bill!
tnvols4life:: IMHO Briston only works if VT gives up their home game, I don't want to give up a day at Neyland either
GridOrange:: One You are very welcome.
GridOrange:: Obviously, everyone here is a supporter of the site and for that we TOO - THANK YOU!
DrBill:: We will have more participants when the word gets around.
lgvol:: You are da man Grid
me4ut:: Is DAD!A a premium subscriber?
NickGrinnell:: everybody spread the word for next week
NickGrinnell:: i emailed him about tonight and didnt get an answer at home when i called
tnvols4life:: This has been great fun, Mrs. vols4life (a Ga native) is not as excited about it as I am, but I will serve my penance in silence because this has been worth it
oneutvol:: Who might show up in the next few weeks?
GridOrange:: Doc - I agree. This is a cool feature and as interest picks back up, so will the traffic.
DrBill:: Would Va. Tech be willing to give up a game now that they are members of the vaunted ACC.
NickGrinnell:: this is tenative- David Wolke, me, Demonte Bolden, me, Elixx ilson
tnvols4life:: I was so hoping Miami would turn them down, that would have been poetic justice, ho well
NickGrinnell:: VA tech is going to slide in the ACC
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tnvols4life:: I am guessing that "me" will not be tentative, the others would be the tentative part
NickGrinnell:: its not like playing Temple and Rutgers each week
me4ut:: I think the ACC has screwed the pooch and have made a mess for themselves........
DrBill:: What is really ironic is VTbeing part of the law suit but then jumping as quickly as they were asked.
tnvols4life:: As bad as Clemson has been lately, they are much better than most of the Big East
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me4ut:: Who the heck is RockyTopNewsStaff???
DrBill:: Well, it is only 61 days! Soon to be 60! I'm glad Bert and I got in our preseason practice this past weekend. I'm glad you and Robin and Renee joined us.
NickGrinnell:: the boss
DrBill:: I think that is Jeffrey!
tnvols4life:: living in ACC country I have been overwhelmed with this expansion story all summer, I can't turn on local sports talk without hearing about it
me4ut:: Hey Boss! Nick is doing a great job! (Nick I expect a check in the mail!)
NickGrinnell:: that is Camille. she is the Assoc Pub at RTN
NickGrinnell:: tomorrow my friend
tnvols4life:: Hello Camile, we all love Nick and think he is great!!
DrBill:: Ohhhhh! Sorry bout Jeffrey comment! Hello Camille.
Vol12:: I hear Camille is pretty great too....
GridOrange:: Yea, who is RTNStaff
raiderdj:: back, survived the Phoenix traffic once again... hehe
RockytopNewsStaff:: Hey guys..remember I work with him every day so don't make his head too big
DrBill:: Since the boss is not Jeffrey, we love Jeffrey also.
NickGrinnell:: glad you are back
me4ut:: Anybody care to speculate on DL signees????????
NickGrinnell:: i am hoping DeMario Pressley will jump on board... might be a reach though
DrBill:: raiderdj, we had one great year in Arizona and one miserable year. The great one was '99 and the horrible one was '00!
tnvols4life:: wish I knew, but I want lots of big, fast guys who don't like pot, love to study, have great attitudes off the field and lousy attitudes on the field
NickGrinnell:: that is in the recruiting packets word for word that they give prospects
NickGrinnell:: hehe
tnvols4life:: I loved the trip to zona in 99, stayed in Sedona before the game and enjoyed Pheonix for the event
me4ut:: Speaking of DL - Mondre gonna be a force????? Does he want to be??????
GridOrange:: It'd be nice to have a better feel for recruiting this year early. Last year was good but it came on too late to enjoy!
NickGrinnell:: he CAN be a force, not sure if he wants to or not
raiderdj:: yeah, wait 'til the new stadium opens in two years... Fiesta Bowl will finally have a state of the art facility
oneutvol:: Which player will come out of no where and be a star?
tnvols4life:: I would love for Mondre to finally play like it matters
DrBill:: Grid and Robin, Bert and I all went to Sedona the day after the '99 game. What a beautiful place.
NickGrinnell:: hey DJ im sure they are excited about those Cards
me4ut:: Bill Grimes! Just so I can so "told you so" to AV!
CHVol:: What about Cody Douglas? How much do you think he will play?
me4ut:: I think CD plays a LOT!
raiderdj:: hehe Cards? were still waiting to get a Pro team
NickGrinnell:: if Sean Young aint on the ball, Cody will start
NickGrinnell:: Emmitt played for a pro team
tnvols4life:: My father and I made the National Championship game a father son trip. Spend 3 days in Sedona before the event drinking beer, grilling out and hiking around the area, Sedona is almost as beautiful as E. Tennessee
me4ut:: Sean Young concerns me too!
DrBill:: Well, I would say you already have one at ASU but their fortunes haven't been too good lately.
NickGrinnell:: if Sean doesn't stand tall, Cody will
tnvols4life:: Oline has no excuse not to be awesome this year!
NickGrinnell:: i got a good question for you guys...
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NickGrinnell:: who overpaid for national championship gear right after the game
NickGrinnell:: dont be shy
DrBill:: The Oline had better be awesome this year. Casey can't stand another one like last year.
tnvols4life:: Hand raised!
DrBill:: I did!
CHVol:: I did and I would be happy to do it again.....SOON!
oneutvol:: Got A Hat
Vol12:: Easier question would be who didn't
raiderdj:: ASU will definitely be back up this year though... a shot at winning the Pac-10... kid Walter is a stud at QB... and Dirk Koeter knows how to coach
DrBill:: I still am. Whenever I see something with '98 on it, I buy it.
NickGrinnell:: Doc i bought a NC tie that is one of the ugliest i have ever seen
tnvols4life:: I have my ticket stub framed with a picture from the game, it is my prized possession
raiderdj:: following the local team is how i originally heard the most about Weyman... well, the team in Tucson anyway, U of A... Mackovic was early on him...
NickGrinnell:: i will sport it at some point thise season
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raiderdj:: but when things got ugly at the end of the year last year in Tucson i think lots of recruits decided to shy away from that situation
CHVol:: raider, what is the lastest from your buds on campus?
oneutvol:: What do you guys think about Poe at Full back?
DrBill:: I can remember when ASU was pretty doggone tough, but I can't ever remember UA being too much in the running for anything.
NickGrinnell:: Mackovic is in a bad spot
NickGrinnell:: i think Poe has to move if he wants to play
DrBill:: Nick, Mackovic is bad, period! He should have never left the Cowboys.
tnvols4life:: back to grids comment, I also would love a huge recuriting call and actually be able to work on signing day. I was so busy logging on to check our progress i was useless at the office
raiderdj:: well Arizona had their run with the "Desert Swarm" defense in the mid 90s... but never have had an offense.. .the Dick Thome era.
me4ut:: Nick - Do you not think Poe is LB material? Always heard he hits like a ton of bricks!?
raiderdj:: CHVol, im hoping to get an email or call tonight on Fridays and todays 7 on 7s... nothing since Peyton was on campus last Weds
raiderdj:: Mackovic would be gone if not for having three years left on his contract... no way they Board of Regents will vote to eat it
tnvols4life:: I would love to hear an update on the progress this summer, I am starved for real football news
DrBill:: Did anyone get a call from Peyton? I understand he was following up his letter with phone calls, but we didn't get one here in Memphis.
CHVol:: Got a phone call but not from Peyton, it was someone else in the office.
me4ut:: I haven't heard a peep since package from "Peyton" but did check with CPA and can run contribution through company instead of personally!
DrBill:: Well, after our increase this year, I can't come up with anything else:-)!
me4ut:: Dr Billl! Understand!!! That parking price was silly too!!!!!!!
raiderdj:: Does Peyton normally work out on the UT campus during this time off from the NFL camps?
CHVol:: Peyton is probably a little busy to make that many calls and would never get off the phone from most fans
DrBill:: I wonder how much those packets cost. They could have funded Step Ahead or Step Up with what it cost to produce those things.
me4ut:: Especially if he got on the phone with that guy in the ESPN commercial!
Vol12:: raider, Peyton and several other NFL Vols work out on campus during off season
DrBill:: Me4ut, I've already been squashed about my griping about the parking pass costs.
raiderdj:: Very cool Vol12... do the UT players work out with them?? Would be awesome experience i would think
CHVol:: Got to go guys, thanks for everything and congrats Grid
Huntmann1 left
DrBill:: Have Peyton & Archie had their qb camp yet?
me4ut:: Dr B - Yeah I remember that! It's worse for me! I'm out of stater with a "5th" year senior up there and you really get nailed if you are not instate on tuition!
Vol12:: Some do. Most of the players on campus have classes too, so they work out very early and the NFL guys usually later in the day
raiderdj:: The "Peyton Family Camp" is scheduled for like July 9-12 or such... have a link to info on Peytons website
tnvols4life:: gentlemen and Camille, thanks for the chat. I hope this becomes a regular event, I have enjoyed it. See you all next week. Adios.
NickGrinnell:: see ya
oneutvol:: Take care
raiderdj:: great to chat with you too CHVol, tnvols
oneutvol left
CHVol left
me4ut:: I'm out too! Hope all have a pleasant evening!
tnvols4life left
DrBill:: Thanks for the Manning info, raiderdj! Hmmm! If I wasn't going to be in St. Louis on those dates, I might consider riding down there.
raiderdj:: Pretty neat camp for kids ages 9-12... get to work out with Peyton, Archie, Eli and it says "other NFL players".

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