2004 Safety Rankings

Though still very early, here is an initial look at the safety list for April of 2004, inclusive of all draft eligible prospects. This list will be worked throughout the summer as we make our way back into the film from the 2002 season.

Full Name School Year Comments
Sean Taylor Miami-Fl 4Jr Tremendous young prospect with unlimited potential.
Brandon Everage Oklahoma 5Sr Forceful centerfield effective against both he run or pass.
Stuart Schweigert Purdue 4Sr Good athlete with the brains to match.
Dexter Reid North Carolina 5Sr Best against the run and devastating at that.
Matt Ware UCLA 3Jr Struggled at corner last season and best as a head-hunting centerfielder.
Rashad Baker Tennessee 4Sr Disappointed with inconsistency in 2002 but could easily make his way towards the top of this list with a good campaign in 2003.
Madieu Williams Maryland 5Sr Possibly the best pure cover safety in the nation.

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