Recap of Monday Evening Chat

Read the recap from Monday night's chat with Smyrna quarterback David Wolke. He gave us the lowdown on camps, scholarship offers and many other various topics. Could this Middle Tennessee kid become a Cornhusker?

UTUTU:: Hey this is David Wolke

Huntmann1:: how are you doing, david

raiderdj:: hi ya David, welcome!

NickGrinnell:: hey bud sorry you had trouble

michiganvol:: hello david

CHVol:: Welcome David

UTUTU:: I"m good, How are you?

NickGrinnell:: great

NickGrinnell:: hows your summer been thus far

UTUTU:: busy, I've been to a lot of camps

NickGrinnell:: have we got an invite to Vegas yet

UTUTU:: not yet, but we're waiting

michiganvol:: where have you camped so far

Huntmann1:: david, my brother and sisters went to lavergne high school, a couple of years back, yall beat them pretty bad last year didnt you??

UTUTU:: Vandy, MTSU, Bama, Ole Miss, Tenn, elite 100 (in Vegas)

NickGrinnell:: guys just shoot with the questions

UTUTU:: Yea, we did

CHVol:: David, what would you consider some of your strengths as a QB?

UTUTU:: Drop back passer, also like to run

Huntmann1:: were you pretty impressed with ut's camp??

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UTUTU:: Yes, but all of the SEC schools i went to were impressive

michiganvol:: david are you a vols fan

UTUTU:: I have been all my life

NickGrinnell:: Dave who are some of the schools that have offered you thus far

UTUTU:: but doesnt change where i commit

Huntmann1:: michiganvol, where are u from in michigan

michiganvol:: roseville

Huntmann1:: i see, i have fam in tawas and saginaw

NickGrinnell:: the system is slow tonight guys, my apologies

UTUTU:: Syr., WForest, Michigan, Nebraska, Vandy, MTSU, Bama, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Boise St.

Huntmann1:: wow, all over the place

UTUTU:: ,etc.

UTUTU:: theres been more

NickGrinnell:: how appealing is that Nebraska offer right now

JefferyStewart:: David how did Las Vegas tryouts go? Who impressed you most among QBs?

UTUTU:: Nebraska is a big power house and i do like it

NickGrinnell:: will that be a visit in the fall or have you already been there

michiganvol:: well for me david i hope when the vols offer you join us

UTUTU:: i went well but it was hot.. 108 degrees

UTUTU:: I have'nt been there yet, but plan to

NickGrinnell:: is it hard to balance scouting potential colleges and preparing for a run at the state title

UTUTU:: Tenn would be a deffinite consideration in choosing schools

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raiderdj:: Is the style of offense UT runs something that fits your strengths David?

UTUTU:: yes deffinitely

NickGrinnell:: who do you feel you are comparable to as a QB

UTUTU:: what level of QB?

UTUTU:: pro? college?

NickGrinnell:: either one

UTUTU:: brett favre

JefferyStewart:: David's style, throwing motion and demeanor remind me some of Bret Farve

UTUTU:: lol

NickGrinnell:: nice

NickGrinnell:: which offer looks the most attractive to you right now

UTUTU:: im not really sure actually, I'm just leaving my options open

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NickGrinnell:: Do you prefer to stay in the SEC

raiderdj:: do you think your decision will go down to the last minute David or are you targetting a specific timeframe?

UTUTU:: yes..

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UTUTU:: I'm going to take my official five visits then make my decison

JefferyStewart:: David has great intangibles and solid skills. His best attributes can't be measured

raiderdj:: do you watch the other guys at camps to compare yourself or just try to do your thing?

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UTUTU:: i just do my own thing

NickGrinnell:: what is a typical day like at as a QB

NickGrinnell:: in a big time camp

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UTUTU:: well.. it can be stressful at times but not too much to handle

raiderdj:: anything you would have done differently at this point David?

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UTUTU:: more time for golf..j/k

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raiderdj:: hehe

JefferyStewart:: How is your arm holding up and will you take a break from throwing before start of the season?

UTUTU:: it holding up good, i really dont have time for a break

UTUTU:: its*

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NickGrinnell:: I apologize guys

CHVol:: David, do you know what you want to major in?

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UTUTU:: Human Resources, but im not competely sure yet

NickGrinnell:: nice

NickGrinnell:: how is UT's HR program -wink wink-

JefferyStewart:: How much will other QB commitments a school might have play into your decision

raiderdj:: Are you expecting to red shirt your first year David or are you hoping to go to a program where you can contribute right away?

UTUTU:: I've heard that is good

NickGrinnell:: David your dad told me the trip to Vegas was a little long, what all happened

UTUTU:: WEll it will put some b/c you have to look at all aspects when you sign with a college

JefferyStewart:: good answer

UTUTU:: I would'nt mind playing right away, but would wait

UTUTU:: well the plane ride was long..

UTUTU:: and we got there and it was really hectic..

UTUTU:: my dad lost his luggage and it was in las angeles

Huntmann1:: with being a qb and seeing the quality of recievers that ut just signed, that has got to be exciting for any qb that is considering ut, what do you think about last years recruiting class at ut with the big linemen they signed and the wide recievers??

UTUTU:: it took us 30 min to get a cab. and it was $40 from the airport to the hotel room

raiderdj:: ouch... yeah, those slot machines in the cabs get spendy... hehe

UTUTU:: lol

CHVol:: Is the recruiting process getting old yet or is it just getting interesting?

UTUTU:: we went to UNLV and it was 108 degrees and i hadnt ate in 24 hrs.

UTUTU:: Hunt Man hang on and i will answer your ques.

Huntmann1:: take your time bro

UTUTU:: after about 2 hrs i about passed out and one of the coaches took me out to the side and told my Dad that the #1 QB looked pale

UTUTU:: so i think i fizzled a little bit towards the end but sat. morning i was really strong

UTUTU:: i threw the deep ball reall well nd the outs were good also

UTUTU:: my foot wk. went real well and i believe i was in the top 3

JefferyStewart:: with which QBs

UTUTU:: i hope i get to go to the elite 11 but if not it was trying

UTUTU:: fun*

raiderdj:: considering your arrival sounds like a really solid performance for sure David

UTUTU:: huntmann-

UTUTU:: it sounds great, b/c i have been playing for a team that is pretty good but i've always wanted to have great recievers and a great line

UTUTU:: JefferyS-

JefferyStewart:: go ahead

UTUTU:: i don't know there names but there was one guy in particular that was 6'5 out of cali. and andother one that could flat throw from Texas

UTUTU:: raider-

UTUTU:: yea i feel pretty good we'll just have to see

UTUTU:: CHvol-

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Huntmann1:: nick, what do u know about this au linebacker that got arrested?

NickGrinnell:: not alot right now

UTUTU:: the recruiting process is getting very interesting

NickGrinnell:: just heard about it

Huntmann1:: waw he a starter?

NickGrinnell:: hey Dave what is interesting

Volluminati:: OK guys. What is up with the attitude on this year's team? I believe it is the critical factor.

UTUTU:: all of the publicity and the big colleges are nice

NickGrinnell:: lol to the publicity

UTUTU:: also the girls in

NickGrinnell:: by the way, David will be on the cover of our pre-recruiting issue that is going out next week

JefferyStewart:: It's only beginning David

UTUTU:: lol

Volluminati:: David- Is your caoach Robby Mullins?

NickGrinnell:: there are some very attractice hostessess out there David

UTUTU:: im very excited and honored to be on the front cover of Rockytop, you guys no i love TN very much, and who knows?

UTUTU:: Voll- no

Volluminati:: David- Thanks

NickGrinnell:: we will have the pic of the cover on tomorrow for everyone to see

Huntmann1:: David just wait til you see ALL the girls, i love college more and more every day, i can just walk around campus forever checking out the girls

UTUTU:: lol

CHVol:: How hard do you think it will be to keep your recruitment from becoming a distraction during your season?

JefferyStewart:: Huntmann you can do that at the mall too

Volluminati:: Huntmann- Try Amsterdam - WHOA!!!

JefferyStewart:: or so I've heard

Huntmann1:: yeah but at the mall they are all too young

UTUTU:: it is very hard in particularly during the season

NickGrinnell:: David did you get a chance to talk with Corey Russell

UTUTU:: no i have'nt

Volluminati:: David- What's the most unusual part of the recruiting process?

UTUTU:: umm.. the mixed feelings from all the colleges

Volluminati:: Mixed

raiderdj:: Do you feel like you get a "party line" sometimes David? "Your the man we want, you'll be our next starter..." etc?

JefferyStewart:: in recruiting the word game is always played and you learn to play it or you stay confused

UTUTU:: the feelings b/t the coaches and the palyers b/c a facility is just a facility and the people is what makes the program

Volluminati:: David- Thanks for the explanation

UTUTU:: rings one minute then rings again the next ..its like a circus

NickGrinnell:: we are going to have David on later on as his season gets started.. we have had some tech problems that have kept some people off this chat

Huntmann1:: personally what is the biggest factor in choosing the school that is right for you

Volluminati:: David- I grew up near Smyrna and know this is strong Vol Country. Does that influence you?

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UTUTU:: having a good relationship with the coaching staff and its football program

JefferyStewart:: Nissan is in

UTUTU:: absolutely..I am a Vol fan too

JefferyStewart:: Smyrna but I bet David doesn't drive one

UTUTU:: lol..nope, a Honda

Volluminati:: Ha Ha Ha Jeff. Drivin' a car and livin' a dream aren't the same thing.

JefferyStewart:: David I'm afraid I'

Volluminati:: Thanks for your answer David.

JefferyStewart:: going to be one of those callers I need to talk to you for story

Volluminati:: Jeff can't type complete sentences.

JefferyStewart:: not at all at once

UTUTU:: lol

Volluminati:: :_)

UTUTU:: Jeff_ when do you plan to call?

Volluminati:: David - What is your strongest throwing route?

JefferyStewart:: How about tonight?

UTUTU:: thats fine

JefferyStewart:: Get off this chat you're tying up the phone

Huntmann1:: haha

JefferyStewart:: just kidding I'll call when its over

UTUTU:: lol

NickGrinnell:: priorities, priorities

UTUTU:: Voll- fade

raiderdj:: How do you think the Vols will do this year David?

raiderdj:: any thoughts on their strengths and weaknesses?

UTUTU:: Go Vols

NickGrinnell:: David are you friends with any players on UTs roster thus far

UTUTU:: I'm not sure ive been tied up in this recruting process.

UTUTU:: nope

NickGrinnell:: tell some of these guys when and where they can see you play this fall

UTUTU:: I've met Wilhoit at the Smyrna-Hendersonville game when we beat them 24-14

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UTUTU:: My schedule will be posted on my webpage within the next few weeks

NickGrinnell:: for those interested

OrlandoVol:: real late from work - quick recap?

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NickGrinnell:: David is still on.. UTUTU

OrlandoVol:: hello david

JefferyStewart:: He just announced for the Gators

NickGrinnell:: second shift it here

CHVol:: David, got to go. Thanks for joining us and come back again

UTUTU:: Hi orlando

OrlandoVol:: LOL -

UTUTU:: you to..

OrlandoVol:: I'll fax him the playbook

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OrlandoVol:: Everybody in Orlando has it

JefferyStewart:: I hear they're leaving SEC

NickGrinnell:: David who are some of the powerhouse teams you know you are going to play this year

OrlandoVol:: David - I hope you get to choose from all the schools you'd like to see

UTUTU:: i hope so too

NickGrinnell:: no Alabama please

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raiderdj:: well David, best wishes here... i need to run, thanks for taking the time to join us tonight

UTUTU:: Brentwood, Hendersonville, RiverDale, Blackman, Gallitin, Lebanon

UTUTU:: thank you too

NickGrinnell:: Will the Brentwood game be in Smyrna

UTUTU:: not for sure yet

OrlandoVol:: Have you enjoyed the camp process so far?

raiderdj:: nite guys

raiderdj left

UTUTU:: yes its been fun

OrlandoVol:: what weight do you want to be in college?

UTUTU:: about 215-220

UTUTU:: now im at 200

UTUTU:: its hard trying to keep my weight up while going to all these camps

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UTUTU:: i try to spend as much time as i can in the gym

OrlandoVol:: I met JimBob Cooter a week or two ago - good sized boy

NickGrinnell:: especially if you go days without eating

UTUTU:: yea he is big

NickGrinnell:: David is Drew Brees another person who plays a lot like you

OrlandoVol:: Can't play golf very well yet tho. LOL

UTUTU:: yes the pretzels on the airplane werent very good for going all day in a camp that is108 degrees

DrBubba1One:: Just getting in from playing with my wife's horse , so David what do you do in your off/ relaxing time?

UTUTU:: what team does he play for

UTUTU:: i like to paly golf

DrBubba1One:: what is your hadicap?

OrlandoVol:: Break 99 - Beat JimBob before he learns a short game.

UTUTU:: i just started palying

OrlandoVol:: How exciting is it to be chosen to the Elite 11 camp?

UTUTU:: playing*

UTUTU:: i havent been chosen yet

UTUTU:: but would would be very exciting

DrBubba1One:: Besides playing sports what do you do in your spare time? Activities?

UTUTU:: I'm fixing to go eat and if n e one has n e ques you may ask now or e-mail and find my adres @

UTUTU:: work on my car, and hang out w/ freinds

UTUTU:: friends*

OrlandoVol:: Nice to get to meet you

UTUTU:: you too..

JefferyStewart:: I'll call after you eat David

Huntmann1:: take it easy david, it was nice talking to you

DrBubba1One:: what is the latest book that you have read?

UTUTU:: okay

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UTUTU:: Night

DrBubba1One:: Nick/Jeff, I got in late what did David have to say?????

UTUTU:: i read it in English class

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UTUTU:: well im about to go

UTUTU:: anymore ques?

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NickGrinnell:: Bubba ill post the whole chat later on so you can read it.. he covered a lot

NickGrinnell:: thanks David, ill talk to ya soon

UTUTU:: thanks everyone...

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