Who's on 'hot seat' in SEC?

There's an interesting piece on CBSsportsline.com called ''hot-seat ratings'' in which football analyst Dennis Dodd ranks all of the NCAA Div. 1-A coaches in terms of job security.

0-0.5 means ''can't be touched''

1-1.5 means ''very safe''

2-2.5 means ''solid position''

3-3.5 means ''on the bubble''

4-4.5 means ''warm seat''

5 means ''It's time to win now''

Being a diehard Southeastern Conference fan, I was most intrigued by Dodd's ratings of the SEC coaches. Those were as follows:

Mark Richt (Ga.) 0

Nick Saban (LSU) 1

Lou Holtz (SC) 1

Phil Fulmer (UT) 1.5

Tommy Tuberville (AU) 1.5

Rich Brooks (UK) 1.5

David Cutcliffe (UM) 2

Houston Nutt (Ark) 2

Mike Shula (Ala) 2.5

Ron Zook (Fla.) 2.5

Bobby Johnson (VU) 2.5

Jackie Sherrill (MSU) 4

I applaud Dodd's guts for undertaking such a challenging task but I think he seriously overestimates the patience level at SEC schools. Here's how I'd rate the job security of the league's coaches, using Dodd's point system:

Richt 1 (He's walking on water UNTIL he loses a game he's supposed to win)

Saban 1.5 (He's raised expectations; now he has to meet them)

Nutt 1.5 (He won the West last year with a so-so team)

Brooks 1.5 (He's expected to build on last year's 7-5 mark)

Fulmer 1.5 (He's OK unless Tennessee goes 8-5 again)

Johnson 2 (Vandy emphasizes academics, remember?)

Tuberville 2.5 (He's supposed to win big this fall ... he'd better not disappoint)

Holtz 2.5 (He's a charmer but the 'Cocks have lost five in a row)

Shula 2.5 (Franchione will be a tough act to follow)

Zook 3.5 (On thin ice from Day 1 ... recruiting skills may save him for a while)

Cutcliffe 3.5 (With a senior Manning at QB he'd better contend in SEC West)

Sherrill 5 (If his seat were any hotter it would be on fire)

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